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Dearly Beloved 
Thank You from Dee and Tara
Brushes for Belize
Parents Night Out
Rides for Home-bound Members
Children's Sermon & Ready, Set, Worship
In Memoriam
Memorial Service for Bill Gaar
Nominating Committee
Finance Committee
Habitat for Humanity
Members Doing Mission
Our Concerns
Sessions Members and Deacons
February Greeters
EACM Need of the Week
February Birthdays

Dearly Beloved,

Through your great generosity, in all senses of the term,
 our round trip transportation has been paid
and we have been set down in the land of snow and slopes.
The skis are waxed, the ski fashions are sported,
(I kind of remind people of Jean-Claude Killy, I must say,
he of the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France).
The other member of this partnership of equals
is more than mildly irritated
as she appears from the ski-shop dressing room,
and I greet her, “Well good morning, Lindsey Vonn!”
The lift tickets have been secured,
and we have already conquered the bunny slopes —
though that eight-year-old girl who pulled in front of me, laughing,
ought to be disciplined for causing me to miss that mogul
and to finish the course with a series of unintended somersaults
mercifully ended with one big body plant,
and the crowd that stopped to watch could have been kinder
with less applause and more discretion about their commentary
describing how high-pitched were my screams as I accidently “caught air.” 
Now we approach the blue square (intermediate) slope.
It looks like it could swallow us whole before it sends us on to H-e- double ‘L’ ski poles,
our broken bundles of bones to be found only after the spring thaw.
But Tara and I, dauntless, are going give this co-pastor thing a go.
Our pairs of ski-tips make little wedges in the fine white powder.
They are pointed downhill. 
Look, Ma, no hands!
As Ever,
A Thank You from Tara and Dee
We are very grateful for all who worked made our installation service a special occasion for us and for our church family. We thank the hospitality committee who brought food for the reception, Lea Fischbach who mopped and tidied the chancel before the service, Mel Underhill who operated the sound system, and the 13 ministers and elders who helped to lead the service, including representatives from our covenant partners of Church of the Epiphany, St. Luke’s Episcopal and Anchorage First Baptist Churches. We also thank those who showed their love and support through their presence, and those who sent prayers and messages of support if they were only able to be there in spirit.  It was a meaningful service and moment that was important for us to ritualize and celebrate as we live into this new relationship. We are thankful for this opportunity to serve as your co-pastors, and look forward to seeing what God has in store for our church in the future. Below is our Co-Pastorate Vision and Covenant which we pledged to abide by during the installation service.

Co-Pastorate Vision and Covenant
I. The co-pastorate for which we pray is one based on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit. We hope that our co-pastorate will prove beneficial to the health and vitality of Anchorage Presbyterian Church. We trust that our relationship will be one of mutual respect and supportive collaboration as we become a vibrant, if small, koinonia, sharing a common purpose while appreciating our individual gifts. In practicing the virtues of love, compassion, and care for one another, we aspire to create a partnership of equals for the greater glory of God.
II. I, Tara Reck, accept the position of co-pastor with Dee Wade. I, Dee Wade, accept the position of co-pastor with Tara Reck
Together, we do promise and covenant:
>To communicate with one another as honestly and completely as possible;
>To monitor conflicts between us as they arise and attempt to resolve them in a timely manner;
>To support one another in the practices of teaching, preaching and pastoral care by sharing both affirmation and constructive criticism.
>To keep no secrets from one another that would compromise our team work;
>To consult with one another for any decision that impacts the health of the congregation or its governance;
>To repel triangulation and other attempts to use one of us against the other of us;
>To show appreciation for one another, which exhibits an attitude of gratitude;
>To stick up for one another, protecting each other from destructive criticism;
>To establish appropriate boundaries which aid our relationship and help each other to maintain healthy work and home life balances;
>To co-operate rather than compete with one another,
thus showing appreciation for our different gifts for effective leadership;
> To be accountable to one another in the performance of our work in and for the church;
>To establish and refine our shared position as co-moderators of the session
and provide a wise and efficient support for the various committees of the Session;
>To meet with one another at least quarterly to discuss the state of our co-pastorate, which would include reviewing this document and making changes as necessary. 

Brushes for Belize

The Tarr family is headed to Belize for mission work with children with the organization, Pathlight. They will distribute toothbrushes at an elementary school and demonstrate proper brushing techniques and oral hygiene.
They will be collecting new, soft bristled, youth and adult toothbrushes and travel-sized toothpaste until February 7th. A collection box will be located at the Anchorage Presbyterian Church or you can also bring them to the Tarr’s house at 702 Shady Lane or contact Skye at 384-3192  and she will pick them up.
The Tarr’s are looking forward to sharing pictures from their trip to Belize so you can see the children’s smiling faces. 

Parents Night Out

The next Parents Night Out will be a gathering on Saturday, February 25, at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Leslie & Jake Wenz.
Free childcare will be available at the church but reservations are essential.
Please contact Tara at if you would like to attend. 

Rides for Home-bound Members

If you would be willing to take our home-bound members to doctors appointments, etc., please let the church office know at 245-5818 so that you can be added to our list of possible volunteers. Thank you in advance for your help. 

Children's Sermon and Ready, Set,
Worship Leaders Needed

If you would be willing to help with Children's sermons or with the 1-3rd graders during our Ready, Set, Worship time during the 11am worship service, please contact Tara Reck at

In Memoriam

Joyce Burger
March 4, 1929 – January 28, 2017
Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.
Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live.” (John 11:25) 

In Memoriam

William Medcalf Gaar, Sr.
June 8, 1928 - January 22, 2017
“In my Father’s house are many mansions”  (John 14:2) 

Memorial Service for Bill Gaar

A memorial service for Bill Gaar, a member of our church since 1937, will be held on Wednesday, February 1, at 1 pm, at Stoess Funeral Home in Crestwood (6534 State Hwy 22).  Click here to read Bill's obituary.

From your Nominating Committee

The 2017 Nominating Committee will convene soon to identify elders, deacons, and EACM Representatives to serve in these roles. Nomination forms can be picked up from the church office and should be turned into the church office by Wednesday, February 1st.

The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is in need of additional volunteers who can help with the Sundaycollection after 11:00 service. No experience necessary. Able to count helpful…no missing fingers also helpful. Contact Kathie at the church office if interested

Habitat for Humanity: In Partnership with Anchorage Presbyterian Church

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope through housing solutions of home ownership, community development and home repair.  Together, Habitat allows us to work to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter. 

As a community of faith, we are called to “Love our neighbor as ourselves”, to be mindful of where we store our treasures, and to live out our faith in Christ through service to “least of these.”  We ask you as members of this faith community to make this a matter of conscience and purpose; to place in the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere that poverty level housing is unacceptable. 

You are invited to come hear about opportunities for service and involvement for every member of your family regardless of their age.  Certainly, hands on hammer-and-nail construction events are the best known ways to help, but there are other ways to make a difference too.  Some of those may be:  painting, landscaping, homebuyer engagement, mentoring, preparing meals for volunteers, and other projects. 
Friday, March 10th
5:30pm to 7:00pm
APC Fellowship Hall
Individuals, families and children are welcome.
We will share a simple meal, hear some updates about Habitat, learn about ways to get involved, and then together, we will prepare a meal that will be served the following day to volunteers at Habitat!
If you have additional questions, you may contact:  Bill Jewell

Please RSVP to or call the church office at 245-5818.

Members Doing Mission: Coalition for the Homeless Census Project

by Hal Miller
I had recruited my friend Tony Burger to join me on the street count adventure. Tony, who I have known for nearly fifty years, is an enthusiastic volunteer who regularly has worked with Habitat. Both Tony and I were rookie participants in the census taking activity sponsored by the Coalition of the Homeless Louisville, and more curious than apprehensive about wandering Louisville streets in the early morning of last Thursday to discover a population that finds itself sleeping outdoors. We knew not what to expect as we headed for the training meeting Wednesday evening. At Hotel Louisville, 100 block of West Broadway, we encountered 200-300 plus volunteers, 20 year olds to 70 year olds, male and female ready to get the basics of the next morning's canvas. The approximately one hour presentation covered who to count, what questions we should try to get answered, what to wear, how to approach sleeping persons, bring flashlights, hand out socks, work in teams of four, and personal safety. We met two young men, Dave and Dave, to comprise our four person team. The team acquired a clipboard with a map of our search area and forms to tabulate the collected demographic data. Dave #1 became our default team leader since he had participated in this activity previously, not only last year in Louisville, but also in Lexington and in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Teams were set to rendezvous the next morning at 3:45 am to venture forth with our people counting.
Tony was ready at a little after 3:00 am when I picked him up at his Highlands home. We then collected Dave #1 at the Speedway at Grindstead and Bardstown Road and proceeded to Hotel Louisville. Dave #2 must have slept in (a no-show), so our team added Terry and Henry. The search area that we had been given the evening prior was changed to a section along South First St. between Broadway and Oak, and a block or half block to the east of First along this downtown route. We walked to the start of our area beginning at 4:00 am.
One block from Broadway, on East Jacob, a hole in the chain link fence allowed access to the sheltered, underneath area of Interstate 65. The highway structure was the large, outdoor bedroom for three young (younger than forty I suspect) men who were at least trying to rest. It was dark enough, but the banging noise of overhead traffic passing over the steel expansion joints of the road was loud. Dave #1 interviewed the first homeless man who was dressed in a warm coat over a hooded sweatshirt. Dave and I sat near the second homeless man as we went through the 6-7 questions on our forms. This guy was laying on a thin blanket that was spread on the sloped concrete floor of the highway overpass shelter, and had another thin blanket over him with a coat and hoodie adding protection from the cold. Our other team members supported by holding flashlights, etc. I spoke with the third homeless man who was much more "established" at this site. He reported he had been homeless for the last five years. He had a plastic bag or two of possessions close by and books stacked about the steel highway girders. All three of these homeless men were calm and cooperative, and presented as "matter-of-fact" regarding their circumstance.
The fourth homeless man encountered was just a block further along, also under I-65. He was not asleep and had only just been on the street scene for a day or two. He stated that he was "going home." For the next four blocks of South First Street our team did not discover other persons that we could add to our count. Unrelated to the street count situation, at around 5:30 am, we helped a young women move a chest of drawers two blocks to an address just west of First on St. Catherine. She was by herself on a residential porch and called out to us as we were finishing our canvas. Luckily, I had my truck a half block away.
Upon reporting back to Hotel Louisville the volunteers were provided a nice breakfast. I then dropped off Dave #1 and Tony before returning to my warm, St. Matthews dwelling.
The experience for me was rewarding. Tony and I reflected on the blessing that we enjoy. It was difficult for us to imagine the variety of circumstances that lead to coping on the streets. 

Our Concerns

From our Church Family: Katherine Trentham, Lindy Estep, Rich Revell, Brian Rublein, Dotty Hockenbury, Carlene Clay, Mary Dan Haney, Herb & Mary Bell, Sue & Dick Pollock, Starr Kaiser, Nicki St. Ledger, Judy Pearsall
Extended Family and Friends: Cindy Terwiske (sister of Darla Talbert), Jim Sprague (brother of Pat Welsh), Judy Farmer (sister of Mary Jo Davis), Bill and Celia Haynes (friends of Mary Witherspoon), Erik Wolf (friend of Terry & Nina McMahon), Bellewood Children, Presbyterian Missionaries Worldwide
Active Military: Erin Jewell Brown, Hunter Wagner, Michael Gaar, David McGarvey, Tyler Ross, Alexander Vestal
The people of Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, and Iraq

Session Members

Class of 2017                  Class of 2018               Class of 2019
Larry Cashen                   Kathy Doughten           Catie Bayne
John Harryman                George Hoge               Mary Jo Davis
Pat Wetherton                  Bill Jessee                   Patricia Tague
Luke Purnell                    Jimmy Nicholson          Don Walker
Edward Trentham


Class of 2017                  Class of 2018               Class of 2019
Brooks Alexander           Chris Boone                  Rick Ary
Rachel Alexander           Sylvia Hagy                   Judy Robbins
Don Cunningham           Judy Long                     Susan Tucker
Jo Galloway                    Dodie McKenzie
Sue Russell       
Katherine Trentham 

February Greeters

February 5            Pat & Don Welsh
February 12          Mary & Bill Witherspoon
February 19          The Purnell Family
February 26          Joyce Ann & Donnie Walker

EACM Need of the week

February 5           Peanut butter & jelly
February 12         Condiments
February 19         Powdered milk
February 26         Instant potatoes 

February Birthdays

1    Mel Underhill
2    Ellen Guthrie
5    Pat Wetherton
6    Bonnie Morel
9    Mollie McMahon, Don Welsh
10  Jeff McKenzie
11   Ella Yunker
12   Hal Miller
13  Mike Houston
15  Ava Donnell, Christopher Harryman, Kristen Holcomb, Julia Werner
18  Kelly Wetherton
19  Kim Phelps
20  Jane Benner
21  Corinne Clark
22  Pam Cooley
23  Jackie Walthall
24  Alexander Asher, Samuel Asher
27  Sally Smedley
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