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Dearly Beloved
Brush Arbor Worship Service
Capital Campaign Update
Parents Night Out
Bibletimes Marketplace
Sunday School Teachers Needed
Member Spotlight
Congratulations Kelsey
Outreach Mission Statement
Our Concerns
In Memoriam
Thank You
Session Members and Deacons
EACM Need of the Week
Dearly Beloved,
While looking for something else, I ran across an old article by New York Times columnist David Brooks. I enjoy David Brooks, a conservative who appreciates the contributions of liberalsˡ. I also enjoy liberals who appreciate the contributions of conservatives. His article is on the topic of happiness. It was based on a long-term longitudinal study that began in the late 1930’s, on a group of 268 promising young men, sophomores at Harvard College. From affluent families, they were bright, ambitious, sophisticated, well liked, well adjusted, and well placed. “By any normal measure,” Brooks wrote, “they had it made.”
The group included John F. Kennedy, Ben Bradlee, (The Washington Post) and others who would become war heroes and later movers and shakers in post-war America. This study, funded by W.T. Grant, sought to uncover the ingredients of a successful and fulfilling life. It followed these men into their eighties, compiling an amazing amount of data concerning them, -- their health, careers, family dynamics, intelligence, body type, and, as they occurred, their manner of death.  
Their lives played out in ways few would predict. One third of the men suffered episodes of mental illness. Alcoholism would stalk many of them. The most dull among them often enjoyed the greatest success. One man was in his seventies before he could admit to himself that he was gay.
One man seemed particularly gifted. He grew-up in a city mansion, the son of a rich doctor and an artistic mother. He played sports, was good to his sisters, loved church, and helped poor families in his neighborhood. At Harvard, he shined. While there, he was described as having a superior personality, intelligence, high purpose and ideals. By 31, he was captive to feelings of hostility toward his family and the world. He dropped out, drank a lot of booze and smoked a lot of dope, wandered around aimlessly, dated a psychotic girlfriend, and died young and suddenly. He was in one circle of apparent happiness, but for him, that circle was certainly broken. Isn’t it hard to know how people are going to wind up?
So now, you and I have it made. But are we happy? Or, better yet, and closer to the purposes of God: are we joyful? Do we know God so that we might enjoy God forever?
The Harvard-based Grant study made some interesting correlations between potential and actual outcomes of the group of 268 men. The longer the men lived, the better they coped with the kind of problems that fall to everyone. The ones who suffered from depression by age 50 were much more likely to die by age 63. The men who had remained close with their siblings were much healthier in old age than those who had not.
George Vaillant led the Grant longitudinal study for 42 years. Vaillant’s overall conclusion is both familiar and profound, simple and true. Relationships are the keys to happiness. “Happiness is love. Full stop,” he says in a video.
In his professional life, Vaillant lived his conviction, as a good, loyal, trusted colleague. But in his personal life, not so much. When he was 10, his father went out by the pool of his Main Line Philadelphia home and shot himself. His mother covered up the event’s effects. There was no funeral service and George never saw that house again. He’s been through three marriages to two women. His children tell of a “civil war” at home and long periods when they wouldn’t even speak to him. His oldest friend says that he has a problem with intimacy.
“Relationships are key.” Easy to say, hard to do. Our relationships will always be less than what they could be because we are imperfect people. Even when something is known for sure, it is difficult to put into practice. As David Brooks says, “There is a complexity to human affairs before which science and analysis simply stands mute.” Part of that complexity comes from deeply embedded human sin. But the other part, the best part, praise the Lord, comes from the grace of God.  
As Ever,
ˡDavid Brooks, “They Had it Made,” New York Times, 12 May 2009, which draws from an article in the Atlantic Monthly, June 2009, by Joshua Wolf Shenk, “What Makes Us Happy?” 

Pentecost Celebration and Potluck

       On May 20th, the celebration of Pentecost marks the end of the 50 Days of Easter and rejoices in the gift of the Holy Spirit to the church. The color of Pentecost is RED, for flames of fire and for the enlivening power of the Holy Spirit. Please wear red and join us for this festive occasion! 

       After the 11 am service, will celebrate Pentecost Sunday with a Spring Fried Chicken & Pot Luck Congregational Lunch. Please bring your favorite spring vegetable, salad or dessert dishes. We will enjoy this delicious meal and the always present conviviality with the other members of our wonderful church. 

The Spring Brush Arbor Meeting - May 27, 2018

Anchorage Presbyterian Church will worship under the trees on the banks of Goose Creek in the Amphitheatre just off the Anchorage Trail. Worship al fresco, in a spot of simple, natural beauty which offers an awesome experience.
Service begins at 11:00 a.m. Gather at the church at 10:30 a.m.
Golf carts will be available to transport worshipers to the Amphitheatre. 

Capital Campaign Update

The Master Plan Building Committee and Session have been busy preparing for our upcoming capital campaign. We recently secured a new architect for this phase of our building project, and have met several times with our Capital Campaign consultant. Many of you may be invited to weekly meetings with our architect in June and July to decide on floor plans and final designs with finishes for the nursery, youth space, and other areas of focus. Rick Anderson has agreed to serve as our Campaign Coordinator and we will spend the summer - in proper Presbyterian form - putting together committees for the campaign. The Outreach Committee has recommended 4 charities as the beneficiaries of the campaign (a 10% tithe on all monies raised) and the Session has approved them. Please mark your calendars for Rally Day, September 9th, when we will kick off the Sunday school year as well as our Capital Campaign. We have exciting plans in store as we live into the future that - we pray - God will bless and prepare us for “such a time as this.”
(Esther 4:14)

Our next Parents Night Out will be on June 9th at 6PM at the home of Maggi and Daniel Donnell. Free childcare is available at the church. Please let Tara know by May 29th if you can attend. 

Bibletimes Marketplace Volunteers Needed

Bibletimes, our unique version of Vacation Bible School, will be held at
Epiphany Catholic Church, 914 Old Harrods Creek Rd.
July 9th - July 13th, from 9am - noon.
Youth and adult volunteers are needed for Bibletimes Marketplace in the areas of kitchen, arts and crafts, storytelling and as a tent parent (or grandparent) or tent aide (youth). Please sign up here if you are able to help.
To sign up a child or grandchild for Bibletimes, please go here.
Congratulations Kelsey Doughten!

Despite battling Cystic Fibrosis, 14 hospital stays, 2 major changes, 3 internships and Kelsey Doughten graduated Magna Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky this past weekend. Way to go Kelsey! 


Sunday School Teachers Needed

With the completion of Sunday School classes a few short weeks away, we want to offer our sincere thanks to and appreciation for our dedicated Sunday School teachers. It is no small thing to volunteer your time each week to ensure that all get the best Christian education we can provide. We will recognize our teachers during our Pentecost service on May 20th. 

As our thoughts turn toward the fall and the beginning of the next Sunday School year, additional Sunday School teachers will be needed to teach an average of one Sunday a month in the PreK/K class, 4/5th grade class, and our Middle School (6-8th grade) Class.  Please consider sharing your time and faith with those who are the future of our church. Contact Christian Education Chair Judy Robbins at or Tara Reck if you are willing to serve. 

Member Spotlight

Each month we will highlight one of our older adults in our congregation. This month we highlight Carlene Clay, who has been a member of our church since 1967. Here is how Carlene responded to some questions we asked about her life and faith. 

1. If you had to describe your best qualities, what would they be?
Loyal, friendly, kind, honest, defender of the underdog.

2. Do you have a philosophy on life? What is your best piece of advice for living?
I have had the best in life. Parents who loved me, a husband who loved me truly. More than many have. The best is behind me, and I know I have had the best.

3. What kinds of things bring you the most pleasure now?
Visitors!!!! Good food, good movies, special times arranged by Oaklawn, especially watching children at activities like Trick or Treat Night. I also get pleasure from being a mother-figure to two of my young friends who lost their mothers too early.

4. How has being a member of Anchorage Presbyterian Church impacted your life?
I have felt at home at APC. We are a family. I enjoyed my work with the Women of the Church. I especially enjoyed Dee’s leadership in Bible study. I still remember how wonderful that was.

5. What part of your faith would you like to pass on to younger people?
Trust that the Lord is guiding your life. When something seems insurmountable, trust the Lord!

Outreach Mission Statement

The Outreach Committee has recently adopted the following Mission Statement:
Through prayer, study, and practice, the Anchorage Presbyterian Church seeks to live out the vision of Matthew 25:31 and following:
feeding the hungry,
insuring that the thirsty have good, clean water to drink,
welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked,
taking care of the sick,
visiting those in prison,
and in other ways loving the Lord our God
with all we have and all we are,
loving our neighbors as we love ourselves
whether they be men or women, girls or boys,
including those of all races, religions and ethnic groups,
ministering to their physical, social, and spiritual need,
treating all with respect and dignity, learning from them
and receiving the gifts they offer us as well,
thereby demonstrating the gracious commonwealth of God
even now coming to earth as it is in heaven.  

Our Concerns

From our Church Family: Jo Galloway, Terry McMahon, Kelsey Doughton, Brian Rublein, Dotty Hockenbury, Carlene Clay, Mary Dan Haney, Herb Bell, Dick Pollock, Judy Pearsall
Extended Family and Friends: Family of Kirsten Perkins (friend of Kristen Smither), Mathew Geevarghefe (friend of Rachel & Suraj Alexander), Peggy Byrne (friend of Kathie Carman), Craig Heuser (cousin of Kathy Revell), Holt Alexander (grandson of Jane & Brooks Alexander), Erik Wolf (friend of Terry & Nina McMahon), Bellewood Children, Presbyterian Missionaries Worldwide
Active Military: Erin Jewell Brown, Michael Gaar, David McGarvey, Tyler Ross, Alexander Vestal
The people of Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, and Sulmi, the 15-year-old we are sponsoring in Belize 

In Memoriam

Nicki St. Ledger
July 20, 1926 - April 14, 2018
Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.
Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live.” (John 11:25)

Click here to read her obituary.

We will hold a service of witness to the resurrection from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm on Monday, May 7, in the chapel to remember the life of Nikki St. Ledger. 
The Morris and Hopmann family would like to express our appreciation for the outpouring of love and support from our many church friends. Dee, Tara, elders and hospitality ladies all worked to make Hume's service so very special. We are very fortunate to be part of the Anchorage Presbyterian community. 

Session Members

Class of 2018                  Class of 2019               Class of 2020
Kathy Doughten              Catie Bayne                  Larry Cashen
George Hoge                   Mary Jo Davis              John Harryman
Bill Jessee                       Patricia Tague               Becky Smither
Jimmy Nicholson             Don Walker                   Pat Wetherton
                                                                              Alice Ensign-George


Class of 2018               Class of 2019         Class of 2020
Chris Boone                 Rick Ary                  Brooks Alexander
Sylvia Hagy                  Judy Robbins         Rachel Alexander
Judy Long                    Susan Tucker         Don Cunningham
Dodie McKenzie                                          Leslie Kral
                                                                    George Lunger
Faith Community Nurse Pat Welsh             Sue Russell
                                                                    Katherine Trentham

May Greeters

May 6          Judy Long
May 13        Barbara & Matt Isbell
May 20        Helen & Rich Wade
May 27        Sue Russell

EACM Need of the week

May 6         Peanut butter & jelly
May 13       Condiments
May 20       Powdered milk
May 27       Instant potatoes

May Birthdays

3    Jim Carman
4    Will Edwards
7    Rich Revell, Catherine Werner
9    Ronnie Galloway, Lynn Henkenmeier, Anne Werner
11  Nancy Johnston, Susan Mitchell, Rylan Robertson
14  Sara Wiles
16  Connie Knepshield, Jeff Waring
19  Chloe Ritter
20  Thomas Knepshield, Dylan Phelps
21  James Ritter
23  Barbara Cunningham, Hanns Reck
26  David Ary, Hailey Clark
22  Stacey Waring
27  Rick Ary, Lelia Sublett, Nolan Williams
30  Mildred Ewen
31  Stephanie Kaebnick
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