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Ooohhhhhh and sigh...
Just got back from the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin 2016
To summarize in one word: Amazing! But, I guess you want to hear some more, other than Amazing. 

First day: (2 days before the show)
We got our badges and some free goodies from Reverb (Clip on tuner, cloth for cleaning and some stickers)
and then, we started the EGB (European Guitar Builders) Symposium. It was two days of great lectures and debates with some of the biggest luthiers in the industry like  Ulrich Teuffel, Nick Huber  and more. We talked about the future of the Luthier now days, how to be Happy as a Luthier and also some technical subjects like the use of a CNC in guitar designing. 

Second day: 
We continued with some lectures and in the same time dealers of tonewoods, guitar parts and even T.V Jones himself placed tables in an open market for the luthiers. I bought some really nice pale moon ebony fingerboards and some cool tops ;) 
Day ended with a luthier's dinner with so much food and beer, it was just great, good times! 

3rd day: Setting up my table, getting my son and wife ready and we are open for visitors.
10:00 am and the doors are opened for public. 
I think the most coolest thing that happened is that I finally met some people who follows me on Instagram and Facebook for a long time, meeting them was so great, not just a nickname in my phone. Others knew my brand and came from far away to try out some of the beasts on my table and some who didn't know me at all, so we made an introduction and fixed that ;)
To be honest, not a lot of 7 string players came to the show, so I had to convince the 6s players to play a 7 string guitars, that was a first for them and I think some of them actually liked it, so I got some requests for 6 strings guitars which is great! 

4th day: Almost lost my voice completely, met the guys from Bare knuckle pickups, Ben and Chris who are absolutely cool guys, really nice to talk too, wish everyone would have that kind of customer service. met some other dealers as well.

End of the 4th day and last for the show, we (luthiers) had some time to appreciate each other's work and even try out some of it. 

The show ended, I'm honored to be a "Holy Grailer", got my certificate! packed our stuff, and went back to the hotel to relax a little bit.

Now I'm back at home, taking care of the emails that are waiting in my mailbox and continue building some guitars ;)   

The night before the Show
My son with his own Asteria multiscale 7 strings and its fretless :) 
The EGB panel, discussing about how to be a successful luthier 
Mike Sankey from Sankey Guitars
Danijel Kopjar from Wreck Guitars 
Ben And Chris from Bare Knuckle Pickups 
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