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Park Maintenance
Irrigation Technicians Jose Correa (above right) and Gerardo Reynoso (above left) installed a new irrigation controller at San Vicente Boulevard and 7th Street in January. The installation was part of the final phase of a three-year project to update irrigation equipment citywide. One of the ways the new smart controllers support the City's water saving goals is by automatically adjusting run times for weather conditions such as rain and cool temperatures. At project completion, 63 new controllers will have been installed citywide.
Crew Leader Gerardo Garcia replaced a broken piece of playground equipment at Virginia Avenue Park in January. Park playgrounds are inspected daily, and any damaged equipment is immediately removed to secure the area for patrons. 
A warm welcome to Anthony Al-Russan, who recently joined the PLD team as the Beach Maintenance Supervisor! 

Correction to an item in the January 2019 edition of the Public Landscape Division newsletter: Maintenance was completed on the planters around the pond area at Douglas Park, not Reed Park.

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