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Urban Forest
Urban Forest Supervisors Wister Dorta and Peter Provenzale, along with Tree Trimmers Sean Durkin and Mike Wood, teamed up with contractors to remove six tons of excess soil around a California sycamore tree on California Avenue. The work was necessary as excess soil around a tree's trunk flare can lead to decay. Once staff removed the excess soil, compost was added to improve soil composition around the roots. The work was completed in one day. 
Promenade Maintenance
In late January, Urban Forest Supervisor Peter Provenzale collaborated with Promenade Maintenance Supervisor Jose "Jay" Aguilar to complete the annual tree maintenance along the Third Street Promenade. Sixty-five Mexican fan palms and ninety-five jacaranda trees were pruned over three days. Promenade Maintenance staff assisted with the clean-up by sweeping, scrubbing and pressure washing. Staff completed the work during the early morning hours to lessen impact on the downtown district, which relies on tourism. Great team work!
"Who says we have to grow up?" - Walt Disney

On a chilly morning in February, Public Landscape Division staff learned about landscaping methods at Disneyland prior to the park's opening and returned promptly to share their newfound insights. 
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