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From this place... Our mission at Bibelseminar Bonn is to equip ministers to go out from this place into the world to bring change through and for Christ. We are starting a new update letter to share what God is doing here in Germany in this ministry, and to give information to guide your prayers for BSB. If you are uninterested in receiving further updates of what's happening here, at the bottom of this page you can find a link to unsubscribe. We are grateful for you support and prayers, and would be thrilled to keep you involved in God's great mission.

1st year students at Bibelseminar Bonn. They have a heart for the lost people in Germany and the world. Please pray that God will use them mightily in HIS kingdom!
refugee map
Pictures: (right) Student Peter Isaak ministering to local refugees near the campus. (left) map of the refugee-trail & journey from Turkey to Germany.
A month of transitions, anticipation, activity, and change. The first semester of the 2015-2016 study year here at Bibelseminar Bonn is successfully finished, and we are moving to prepare for the second semester. This month of February is a time when the faculty can ready themselves for another semester of ministry and when the students are given the opportunity for internships. The potential for ministry and learning is incredible, and we are excited to see what God will do through and in our students at this time. Students are busy building relationships and ministering to refugees, working with youth groups, evangelizing internationally, preaching, serving practically here on our campus, and assisting in church planting. Prayer is a definite must in order to support our students during some of their first experiences in ministry. 
Proclaiming Jesus Christ in public! After almost 30,000 clicks on Youtube and many positive feedbacks our students are planning to do another flash mob in downtown Bonn in order to proclaim the name of the Lord, to unite Christians and churches in a single purpose, and to live out their faith. We look forward to the potential of several hundred people working together in this endeavor!   
For the first time we have a large number of students starting their studies at BSB in the month of March. This is an answer to prayer, as it is a constant desire that we reach more students and therefore increase the potential to build the kingdom of God. We would ask for your prayers for these new students, that there is a smooth transition and assimilation of them into our community and that God will work through BSB to develop them into who He wants them to be and to prepare them for HIS ministry.
The beginning of February was a special time when BSB President Dr. Heinrich Derksen and Dean of Students Andy Wiebe had the opportunity to travel to America. They met with faithful supporters and encouragers of BSB, attended a preachers' conference in the FBC Jacksonville, FL. We are thankful for the close partnership with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminar, especially with President Dr. Paige Patterson, Provost Dr. Craig Blaising, and many others whom God has led to come along with us in ministry.
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