November Newsletter 2016
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Thank you for helping us to Focus on Our Seas!

On November 18th Plastic Free Seas held a fundraising evening to 'Focus on Our Seas'. The event was to support the development of an exciting bilingual education programme in 2017 which includes digital media, as well as story books and lesson plans to teach and inspire Hong Kong children to connect and care for our seas.

With almost 100 people filling the room, it was a lively evening despite the 45-minute blackout at the start! One of the
highlights which brought many people to tears was a speech given by 7-year old Charles who has been an avid Plastic Free Seas advocate for a couple of years. Here are a few excerpts from his speech:

"My name is Charles. I love the ocean, but I don’t like a plastic ocean! I love to swim in the sea, but I don’t like to swim with rubbish. I wonder where all the rubbish comes from? I learnt a lot from the beach clean ups, it is like a treasure hunt for me, and I have collected many samples to show my friends to make them aware of the plastic problem."
"I measured how much plastic we use at home, to understand our plastic footprint. In 9 months, we collected 13 kilograms of plastic waste. The most is plastic bags and packaging. So mum now buys food with less packaging and we do not buy take-away meals as much as possible and daddy stopped using products with microbeads. We also told our friends not to play with light tubes in mid-autumn festival. We don’t buy bottle drinks, we bring a metal straw when we go out. On my birthday, next week, I will have a plastic-free birthday celebration (no plastic forks and plates)." 

"When I grow up, I want to be a marine biologist. I want to go help dolphins and whales. I hope they will be healthy. Plastic Free Seas has inspired me to care for our environment, and I want to make more people to change their habits. If I can do it, so can YOU!"

We were also very fortunate to be able to connect with Captain Charles Moore, the man who discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. He rang us from his boat in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere near the Galapagos Islands, where he is conducting more plastic marine pollution research. Although his tidings were grim on the state of the seas, his calls for a concerted effort from every sector of the community to address this issue as a priority were well received.

When we all join together to come up with ambitious yet achievable personal, community and city-wide solutions, the impact of the tidal wave of efforts will result in cleaner seas for everyone to enjoy.
Plastic Free Seas in action:

To see all events for November click here

On land
To bring the school talks to life for the students, we show them interesting finds from the ocean and the land. This month we included the stomach contents of an albatross (including a clothes peg!), microplastics from the beach and sea surface, a sample of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and microbeads from face scrubs. The students also had fun with handheld signs displaying personal solutions.
On the beach
Over the years we have found 'litter-ally' anything and everything washed up on the beach. Our best find of course has been a now partially restored carousel horse but we have also found chairs, television sets, bed heads, a ceramic rooster, teeth (both plastic and real), printer cartridges, Lego, construction helmets, life sized dolls heads, stiletto heels ... our beach cleanups are never dull!
Out at sea
Part of the experience on the PFS Sea Classroom is seeing Hong Kong from a new perspective. Not many people see the working waterways so we start off most trips with a harbour observation on the way out of the Aberdeen typhoon shelter. It is rich with activity and life, with fishing boats, restaurant boats, the fish market and junk boats all surrounded by soaring tower blocks!
Back to School!
Would you like Plastic Free Seas to come in to your school for a talk? If you are a parent and would like to introduce PFS to your child's school or teacher we would be grateful for the introduction. Please get in touch with Dana to discuss.  The PFS Sea Classroom program is also open for new bookings and Julia will be very happy to answer your questions.
Plastic Ocean Book
A prominent seafaring environmentalist and researcher shares his shocking discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and inspires a fundamental rethinking of the Plastic Age. Each book has been personally signed by Captain Charles Moore.

A great gift for yourself or an ocean loving friend. Every purchase also supports the education programs of Plastic Free Seas.

On sale now for $120 
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Little Wins Campaign:
What can one person do to make a difference? Our response is always - a lot! What started as a University project has become a life full of 'Little Wins' for many HKU students during their 'Breaking Plastic Habit Campaigns'.

Their Facebook page and websites are fun and inspiring places to see a lot of little wins and a lot of 'oh no' moments. There are many great photos and video posts showing the progression to living without single-use plastics by finding solutions to HK problems!  Read more

November Eco-tip:
The festive muzak can be heard playing all over Hong Kong, decorations are up, lists are being made, end of year parties are being held ... it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Make your gift receiving easier for overseas loved ones by creating a Twopresents Christmas Gift Fund.  It is an easy way to give to charity at the same time as receiving a gift. Plastic Free Seas has benefitted greatly by the generosity of Twopresents supporters throughout 2016.

Our friends at Bizzie Bee have created unique and awesome craft sets (without plastic packaging!) that make fabulous gifts in themselves but also support students with learning difficulties in Hong Kong.

Or what about sending Christmas cards that make a real difference to the cardboard collectors of Hong Kong. The Second Box turns the cardboard purchased from elderly scavengers into special Christmas Cards. Each of them is hand-made and unique and every card you purchase is contributing higher incomes to the elderly.

And for cutting back on waste during the festive season, choose reusable over disposable:

  • Fabric wrapping or sacks instead of paper
  • Gifts sealed with ribbons instead of plastic sticky tape
  • Washable dining ware instead of disposable
  • Festive cloth napkins instead of paper
  • A potted Christmas tree instead of a traditional (cut) or plastic tree
  • Using rechargeable batteries for toys instead of disposable
  • Make homemade Christmas crackers instead of packaged crackers
  • Give homemade edible treats in a reusable jar as gifts
  • Give 'Experience' gifts instead of physical gifts

Pledge to Knock Plastic Out Of The Ocean 
Sign the petition to Implement Laws on Refundable Plastic Drink Containers
Sign the petition to Ban Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products in Hong Kong

2017 Ocean Awareness Student Contest - Ocean Pollution: Challenges & Solutions 

Upcoming Events:  

Community Beach Cleanup - December 3, Discovery Bay (Nim Shue Wan), 9am-11am

In the News:

Plastic Free Seas is grateful for the generosity and support from individuals, companies, schools and foundations to fund our education programs.  If you want to contribute, your donation large or small will help continue to run the PFS land, beach and sea activities.
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