ETP4HPC Newsletter - October - December 2017
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October - December 2017

Dear ETP4HPC Partners,

We have come to the end of another year in which we have made a lot of progress.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you an excellent 2018, hoping that this coming year will bring you much success and happiness in your personal and professional lives.

I would like to thank all ETP4HPC members for their continuing support. 2017 has been a huge success and it would have been impossible it to achieve without your commitment.

The most important milestone within our ecosystem has been the signing of the EuroHPC declaration by seven countries in March. The main objective of EuroHPC is to secure European leadership in the area of the delivery of HPC systems. Since then the number of countries collaborating has nearly doubled and – as we speak – the EuroHPC initiative is building its governance and work structures. ETP4HPC will play a pivotal role in its work as the source of technology expertise.

We have issued our Strategic Research Agenda (SRA 3), which is available at Any project consortium submitting a proposal with the FET-HPC or Extreme-Scale Demonstrators parts of the EC programme should use this document as a reference. Also, the Public Call for Comments on SRA 3 has been opened and we encourage all external (non-ETP4HPC) experts to let us know what they think about our roadmap.

We have put a lot of work into the understanding of the needs of HPC users, in particular the Big Data community. We have held joint workshops together with the Big Data Value Association organisation in order to synchronise our research models. SRA 3 /and the currently opened calls for proposals/ reflects this effort and we will continue working with BDVA in 2018.

We have developed the concept of Extreme-Scaled Demonstrators, included in SRA 3 and in an EC call for proposals. We are looking forward to project consortia implementing this idea of HPC system prototypes. We are also very excited about the new HPC technology projects in the co-design area and the progress made towards the design of a European low-power processor - these initiatives together with other running or expected projects will enhance our capabilities to compete in this complex and competitive market.

The continual growth in ETP4HPC’s membership (88 members at the end of 2017 increased from 80 in 2016) and activity has enhanced its collaboration within the HPC value chain.

During 2018, ETP4HPC will continue to work closely with the HPC ecosystem, to strengthen the links between all actors of the HPC value chain and to continue working at the same level of excellence during previous years. As in the past years, we will be putting an emphasis on SME sector and our SME Working Group will continue strengthening this vital part of our ecosystem. Within a few weeks, we will hold our 8th General Assembly on 13th March 2018 in at Intel in Leixlip (near Dublin), which will see the election of our next Steering Board.

Once again, we will need to call on you as members of ETP4HPC to put your energy into achieving our objectives and we have the greatest confidence in our community being capable of achieving this work during 2018.

We wish you all an excellent year 2018 and look forward to working on achieving the above objectives with you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jean-Pierre Panziera

The EuroHPC initiative is defining its governance as we speak. We do not have any details of the future EuroHPC structure but our organisation is positioned to play an important advisory role by delivering expertise related to HPC technology in the roadmapping processes of the initiative. As of now, EuroHPC has 12 members ( France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Greece) ... [+]
The EC has opened the next round of the ICT (Innovation and Communication Technologies) programme. Among the topics announced, there is a call for HPC and Big Data enabled Large-scale Test-beds and Applications and a call for Extreme-Scale Demonstrators, both of interest to our (and Big Data) community... [+]
WE HAVE PUBLISHED SRA 3 - the second fully-updated version of our Strategic Research Agenda
SRA 3 follows SRA 2, which was an update on SRA 1, the first edition of our roadmap from 2013. SRA 3 is the work of over 230 ETP4HPC experts, organised in eight working groups reflecting our focal areas. We have submitted the SRA to the EC and it will serve as an assessment basis for projects submitted to the current HPC part of the EC work programme (i.e. H2020-FETHPC-2018-2020 and LEIT-ICT /e.g. Extreme-Scale Demonstrators/). Any project submitted should reflect the milestones identified in SRA 3. We have also opened a Public Call for Comments on its latest version. We encourage all external experts to read our roadmap and send us their feedback... [+]
While SRA 3 is the work of ETP4HPC experts (i.e. the members of ETP4HPC), we value the opinion of external experts. We have opened a Public Call for Comments on its latest version. We encourage all external experts to read our roadmap and send us their feedback... [+]
This was yet another event in the series of workshops with an aim to sunchronise our efforts with those of BDVA. The emphasis was placed on use cases reflecting joint Big Data and HPC application... [+]
8th cPPP Partnership Board Meeting - 25 Oct 2017
The EC, the ETP4HPC Steering Board and the Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications took part in a cPPP Partnership Board Meeting, whose focus was on an update of the European HPC strategy as presented by the EC, including such elements as EuroHPC and the European Processor Initiative...[+]
cPPP Mid-term Review
Our cPPP (the HPC contractual Public-Private Partnership) has been subject to a mid-term review. The report contains six main recommendations on how to improve this instrument further in the short and long term perspectives...[+]
The following new members have joined in Q4 2017:
NEC (Associated Member), Heidelberg University (Research Centres - Full Member) and Iceotope (Associated Member - an SME)... [+]
European HPC Birds-of-a-Feather Session at Supercomputing 17 - Tuesday 14 November 2017, Denver, Colorado
We delivered a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session at this year's Supercomputing Conference (SC), an event that has become a tradition in the global HPC landscape. We presented the current European HPC strategy, three selected projects ( BioExcel, SAGE and Mont-Blanc), a holistic view of European HPC and we faciliatated a discussion on international collaboration involving European projects. We also distributed a European HPC Handbook - available on our website (now including all HPC technology projects, the two recently launched co-design projects /EuroExa and DEEP-EST/ and the centres of excellence in computing applications). We will be applying for a similar event at next year's SC... [+]
8TH ETP4HPC GENERAL ASSEMBLY - 13th March 2018, Leixlip, Co. Kildare (near Dublin), Ireland (with a dinner on 12th March 2018 and technical programme in the morning of 13th).
It is a pleasure for us to confirm that we have agreed on the date and location of our next (8th) General Assembly (GA). It will take place on 13th March 2018 at the Intel facility in Leixip (Leim an Bhradain) near Dublin, Ireland. There will be a dinner for all members on in the evening of 12th March (the night before) and a technical workshop for all members in the morning of the same day (Tue, 13th March) before the GA.

It will be a key ETP4HPC event in 2018 as elections to the ETP4HPC Steering Board will be held. The Office will approach all members with more details in the first weeks of the new year.
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