May 13, 2016

This Week in "We Love Dreams"

Snakes in Dreams

Snakes. They provoke strong reactions and are an enigmatic dream symbol ranging in meaning from fear and loathing to fascination and worship. I wrote a post to guide you through interpreting the meaning of snakes in your dreams.

Analyzing Snakes in Dreams

Anxiety Dreams about Children

At Reddit Dreams, where I've been a moderator for the past five years, young mothers frequently share dreams about their children that are frightening and even terrifying. Quite often the dreams relate to anxiety about the care and development of their children. Use the next link to see an example. It's enlightening. The young mom said she woke up from the dream and ran to hug her baby!

Mom's Anxiety Dream about Her Child


Tornadoes. The image of fury and destruction. As dream symbols they have a surprising variety of meanings. My colleague Ryan Hurd wrote a fascinating take on the subject based on his experience with it.

Hurd: Facing the Tornado That's been Chasing Me all my Life

And for a different take on the subject, read my analysis of a dream about two tornadoes:

Two Tornadoes, One Author

Get to Know Carl Jung's Teachings about Myth

Finally, check out Jungian expert Drs. Susanne Van Doorn's Q&A with the reddit Jung community. She discusses the relationship between myth and dreams.

Van Doorn AMA

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