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Biweekly newsletter #8

With these newsletters we want to bring you all a bit closer to the game’s development. We hope you’ll enjoy this closer view of what we’re doing.
A new world has been started at 2016-05-11 14:00 (UTC) with government support, sellable buildings, automated worker units, unlimited work queue length subscription, performance improvements and bug fixes. A new world will be start at 2016-05-25 14:00 (UTC) with player profile, unit upgrade, simple space race, overview of the cities, some GUI and performance improvements! This server will be two weeks long. Stay tuned! :)

Table of contents

Finished new features


There are several forms of government with which you can rule your civilization, but none offers complete control. The standard forms of government are: Despotism, Monarchy, Communism, Republic and Democracy.

Under autocratic regimes (Despotism, Monarchy and Communism) your citizens readily support the military, as military units stationed in a city can prevent unhappiness by enforcing order, but reduce your trade income through corruption. When granted representative government (Republic and Democracy) they are efficient and productive, but demonstrate against the use of military force by becoming unhappy, the only effect is negative — citizens become unhappy when their city is supporting military units which have been deployed into an aggressive stance.

More information about the Government rules on our Wiki page: Government

Sell buildings

You could sell buildings as the units and the game engine can sell buildings too when your treasury is going to negative.

Automated Workers and Engineers unit

You can command various works (build roads or railroads, irrigating, etc) to your Workers or Engineers unit. You will use the Auto command to order a unit to make these improvements on the tiles around the unit's home city.

Select the Workers or Engineers unit, touch the icon of the new (Auto) icon. This tells the game engine to automate the selected Workers or Engineers unit. Thereafter it will build roads, railroads, irrigations, farmlands and mines on the bound tiles of the unit's home city and after that build roads and railroads the area around the unit's home city.

Unlimited work queue length subscription

You can subscribe to the unlimited work queue length feature, so that you can add unlimited items to the work queue of your every cities instead of maximum 3 items.

Balance of the game

You can suggest any ideas about the balance of the game!

Performance improvements

We've made some performance improvements based on the value of response times.

Planned features

Player profile

We will create a rudimentary profile of the players, so that you will be can upload an avatar and specify a tagline as a description. Later this profile will remain permanent, with achievements and private messages.

Unit upgrade

We will implement the upgrade of obsoleted units and the Leonardo's Workshop wonder will be upgrade one unit per hour.

Space race

As described in the overview with our Wiki opened, the game may be won peacefully by building a spacecraft and becoming the first civilization to finish it. Every spaceship has 40 Space structural, 16 Space components (8 fuel- and 8 propulsion components) and 8 Space modules (4 solar panel-, 3 habitation- and one life support modules).

The skeleton of your spacecraft consists of Space structural, each of which can hold in place either a component or module. Components provide fuel and propulsion systems; you can install sixteen, though they must be installed in pairs. Modules themselves come in three flavors: a habitation module provides living space for ten thousand colonists; a life support module can keep colonists alive; and a solar panel provides the power required by any two other modules.

Overview of the cities

Overview table of the cities information and summarized economy of your empire including the total income of gold and science.

Performance improvements

We will make some performance improvements based on the value of response times.

Beta testing

Do you want to participate in our new desktop client beta testing program? If you want to participate, please contact us using the email and we'll give you access and documentation to the new client!

Feature requests

You can find more feature requests on our portal, please submit your feature requests and vote on the existing requests!

History & reward

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all again in two weeks, please feel free to reply us!

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