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Dear Lisa,

I’m going to be your personal guide through this month of fun as you put this game of creating fun moments into your life. You’ll begin to see how easy it is and how it elevates every day that you do it.

With a year of Covid times under the belt, fun has maybe been a little more elusive than before.
I’ve been working at this idea of fun, off and on, for a few months.
Actually writing it out, looking into the day ahead, coming up with things in the ‘that was fun’ column.

This idea of fun started with a conversation I had with my daughter. 
She pointed out to me how little most humans actually plan for fun in our lives.
Daily fun.
Fun moments.
Incorporating fun into our daily routine.
Looking for fun.
In short, making a habit of doing at least one fun thing a day.

Note: She has a 2-year-old son who helps her see these things a little more clearly.
Children are our best teachers on what fun looks like, in case we need a visual reminder.

It sounds rather silly when put here in print. That we would live our lives, working hard, doing the right things, being responsible….and leave little tiny corners of our lives, here and there, often time weeks/months apart….for what we would call ‘fun.’

What I hope to do this month is help each of us (me included) make a new habit of making room for fun in our lives, every day, in the most routine and ordinary moments. The tools you’ll learn doing our month together can be returned to again and again.

Thanks for jumping in at the idea of fun. I can’t wait for us to get started.
Let’s do this!


Here’s How to Get the Most Out of February Fun

Every other day you’ll receive an email from me with a new piece of fun to engage in. Carve out time (as little as 5 minutes is all you need on many and not much more than 15 on others).

If you are in any of my FB groups (Flow, DreamLovePaint, Timeless Tuscany, Provence, or Postcards from Paris), feel free to share your experience inside the group.

Joy is my favorite color to paint!

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