Books, workshops, studies, apps...! This month's Care News is jam-packed with tools and resources for YOU, the ever-stretched caregiver. 

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Care News

Your virtual bookstore


Welcome to the HFC Bookstore! #HFCReads featured books can be found on the shelves of our cozy online shop in addition to many amazing books related to Alzheimer’s and caregiving. Grab your virtual canvas bag, a cup of Joe, and mosey on over. We take suggestions too!




Find Your People


Activate your village with easy and helpful ways others can support you in your caregiving. From grocery shopping and meal prep to outings and resource gathering, coming together helps everyone stay afloat.


Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice


Too soon? Anyway, this comprehensive and handy guide from our friends at AARP outlines all the things family caregivers need to make caregiving more manageable.




There's an App for That


Funded by the National Institutes of Health, CareVirtue is an online tool to help caregivers organize, communicate, and document care needs. Currently in beta testing, our partnership enables you access to a limited-time, free account - personal tour included!


Follow Your Intuition


Changes in brain health may occur normally as we age, while others could be an early indicator of dementia. The Intuition Study aims to identify digital biomarkers to help measure thinking and memory in adults. 




Funded by the National Institutes of Health and Eisai Inc., this study will test an investigational treatment aimed at delaying memory loss before noticeable signs of Alzheimer’s disease begin.


LEAF Before You Leap


Life Enhancing Activities for Family Caregivers. Researchers are testing a program for family caregivers designed to increase levels of positive emotion, which in turn can help lower stress and support ways of coping with caregiving.


Wellness Wednesday


Our friends at Renewal are hosting a 10-week series of free 30-minute midday workshops in gentle movement and mindfulness. Think of it as a refreshing self-care break in the day! 




Still Time to Join


HFC’s Caregiver Tips Workshops cover in-home tasks like meal time, bathing, and transportation. They are designed to allow you to ask questions and engage with student facilitators. Weekly through November. 




"I found that the funny things that happened to us when we were taking care of my mom when she had Alzheimer's, (yes, it's possible), made me laugh, like the time she wanted to tell someone that she had pounded the pavement, looking for a job (accounting) in NY after college, but what she said was, 'I walked the streets of NY, if you know what I mean.' My mom might have been a sweet talker, but she wasn't a street walker.
I shared the above anecdote in a book I wrote about taking care of her during this time called, 'My Mother Has Alzheimer's and My Dog Has Tapeworms: A Caregiver's Tale.'"

- R. Lynn Barnett


Want to be Featured? 


At HFC, we're determined to bring light to a dark disease. Sometimes, you just have to laugh! If you're a caregiver with a sense of humor, tell us what brings you and your loved ones comic relief in your day-to-day.