Brain-saving recipes, dementia-battling tips, The “Three Ps,” Knitting NFTs... and much more!

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HFC’s Inaugural Impact Report


We’re proud to announce that a rigorous measurement and evaluation process determined HFC’s programs to be extremely unique, highly coveted, and incredibly impactful!


The Good News: HFC’s work makes a HUGE difference in the lives of caregivers. The Bad News: We only have the grant capacity to support about one fifth of the caregivers who need us. The (Other) Good News: You can help make up the difference with just one click.




Beeting Dementia


No, that’s not a typo, beets may increase blood flow to the brain and ward off Alzheimer's. Not a borscht buff? No problem—Culinary Scientist Jessica Gavin’s got four fabulous ways to prep these little red wonders.






An Ounce (or Two) of Prevention


“Four out of 10 Alzheimer's cases can be attributed to modifiable risk factors. Neurological diseases don't happen overnight,” says Dr. Isaacson in his newest paper. We couldn’t agree more.


The “Three P’s” of Brain Health


Puberty, pregnancy, and perimenopause are the most critical life stages during which women should tend to their brain health, according to Dr. Mosconi.




Head to Head is Back! 


On November 10, we’re returning with America’s favorite 80’s-themed game show starring Seth Rogen & celeb friends! Streaming live worldwide! Save the date and stay tuned for your chance to secure a spot, win prizes, and support HFC!


Seth on a Pretzel (Hold the Mustard)


We've teamed up with Shappy Pretzel Co. and Celebs on Sandwiches to create an amazing limited edition print—on sale now with all proceeds benefiting HFC! 


Music for the Mind


Orpheus Reflections brings the healing power of music to people living with dementia and their caregivers. Join us on Thursday, October 21 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET for a free, virtual concert.



A Symposium for Caregivers


Rothkoff Law Group’s 4th Annual Elder Care Symposium will feature leading elder care experts and dozens of senior care vendors to an audience of elder care professionals, caregivers, and family members. 


Announcing HFC’s Photoville Debut


Highlighting our Humans of Dementia photo contest winners, our Photoville exhibit brings light to Alzheimer's as part of the the festival's 10-Year Anniversary. Now through December 1, 2021 in Brooklyn. 




In-Home Care 101


Two Executive Directors in discussion: HFC’s Bonnie Wattles and LEAD Coalition’s Ian Kremer got together to talk costs and benefits of respite care in partnership with Home Instead.


We're Knot Over It


We had so much fun honoring World Alzheimer’s Month with our friends at Shappy Pretzel Co. From our “Cumin Get It” brain healthy pretzel to a spectacular pop up event in LA. 




Coffee Break


Can coffee fight Alzheimers? It can—when proceeds from your beans go to support caregivers. Which is exactly what coffee from Josh Crane’s The Coffee Ride does. Pick up a bag today!


How the Rogens Are Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease With Laughter


“Humor is good for your brain and we don’t just say that because we’re comedians.” - Seth Rogen