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Today is Giving Tuesday 


We are on a mission to care for caregivers.

Today kicks off a special month of storytelling from two family caregivers who received support from HFC this year. Jacquelyn and Sofia, both in their 30s and caring for a parent with dementia, are sharing the good, bad, ugly - and even hilarious - of caregiving to raise awareness and bring light to Alzheimer's.

Click the button below to meet and support J and Sofia and to learn more about the caregiving journey for young people. 




Winter is Coming


One good thing about 4:30 sunsets and dropping temperatures? Hearty winter meals! Warm your soul and your brain with this shakshuka - it's easy, healthy, and appropriate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! 




Last Chance to Win


Seth Rogen's Thanksgiving Break Challenge ends today! High school and college students who complete the appropriate course at HFCUniverse before midnight will be entered to win a $500 gift card. 


Good Anxiety? 


HFC Science Advisor, Dr. Wendy Suzuki, unpacks the cutting-edge science that allows us to channel anxiety into positive cognitive outcomes like accelerated focus and productivity, broadened compassion, and increased creativity.


HFC's Impact at a Glance


Improving the Quality of Care


HFC’s 23+ Online Support Groups are free and designed to help caregivers navigating their way through any stage of a loved one's experience of Alzheimer’s.




What Build Back Better Means for Caregivers


The House passed the Build Back Better Bill which now heads to the Senate. The plan provides funding for in-home health care and improved wages for providers.