We’re kicking off a month of super fun partnerships because a worldwide team effort is exactly what we need to change the trajectory of this disease. 

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It's world alzheimer's month!


We’re kicking off a month of super fun partnerships because a worldwide team effort is exactly what we need to change the trajectory of this disease. This September, we’re going to move the needle on Alzheimer’s care, prevention, and research - and have some fun doing it! Make sure you’re following us on social for your chance to participate.


Partnership Preview


Best. Gift. Ever. 


For those with cognitive decline, Boombox can be a tool for recalling happy memories and making conversation. In honor of World Alzheimer's Month, every Sweet Green Deluxe Boombox sold in September will trigger a donation to HFC in support of our care programs. 


"The Boombox continues to be a treasure for my mom. Even as she remembers less and less of who the people are, or the specific details of each note, she reads them often and feels the emotions contained in those memories." - Susan's daughter, Ann


Jog Your Memory


It’s a 5K on a mission to run Alzheimer’s into the ground. You can run or walk —in person or virtually. This year, join Team HFC in raising awareness and funds, all while supporting your own brain health! 


Brain Health


Sprouts & Kraut


Dr. Will Bulsiewicz loves this dish so much, he eats it for breakfast. Naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut strengthen the trillions of microbes in the gut. Those microbes make chemicals that impact how our brains work. 


Speaking of Fiber...


Already known for “the healthiest hearts in the world,” the Tsimane, an indigenous people of Bolivia, exhibit age-related brain atrophy 70% slower than adults from industrialized nations. Their secret? Lots of physical activity and a diet rich in fiber and fish.


and the winners are...


You may have noticed, we’re on a mission to end the shame, secrecy and stigma associated with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD). Our annual intergenerational-storytelling contest, Humans of Dementia, encourages young people to share their personal stories of loss, fear, resilience, and hope in the face of ADRD. 

High school and college students submit photos or essays and winning submissions get posted across HFC’s channels to drive awareness and inspire change. Our sixteen winners joined Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen via Zoom to discuss the story behind each submission.


Thanks to our sponsors, AARP and Fujifilm, for their generous support!


Fiona Dority: 1st Place Essay, High School


"My grandmother is such a person. Julia Child cooked a meal for her. She hung out with Toni Morrison."


Asia Brody: 1st Place Photo, High School


"I’d say to him, 'Papa, you are home.' He would chuckle and continue to make his way out the front door."


Meryl Biju: 1st Place Essay, College


"My mother calls me 'molu'- sweetheart - because she is too embarrassed to admit that she does not remember my name."


Danielle Towers: 1st Place Photo, College


"This image represents my ache to see her as she once was and also honor a lifetime GG can no longer recall."