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January 2016

Dear Friends of the Kafka Project,

We have so much news! Since the last newsletter in 2012, we’ve made significant advancements in the search for Franz Kafka’s missing literary treasure. In the past four years, Kafka’s Last Love has been published in new editions in Albania, Brazil, Germany and last year in Turkey, adding to translations in China, France, Russia, and Spain. The next edition is to be published by PRAH in the Czech Republic. We’ve celebrated Kafka and Dora’s life in international events in Mexico, Germany, Turkey and England. And sadly, we’ve lost dear friends whose lives and contributions we will always appreciate, acknowledge, and remember.

Our big news this year is the last Kafka Project Tour, September 9-18, 2016.
If you’ve ever considered joining the Magical Literary History Tour to Prague, Krakow and Berlin, THIS IS THE YEAR! The fourth and final tour will run September 9-18, 2016, so please join us!  For more information on the itinerary, hotels, and cost, please visit our tour website:


So much has happened that one newsletter can’t tell all. So here we present a timeline of highlights from the last four years, from 2012 to this brand new year, with links to learn more. Enjoy the ride!

Coming in 2016:

January: Coffee with Kafka, our bimonthly celebration of all things Kafka, discussing European art, literature, music, philosophy, and culture kicks off 4th year with “Meet Franz Kafka” event January 23 from 2-4 pm. Learn more and make your reservations at

September:   Last chance to travel with the Kafka Project to Prague, Krakow and Berlin! Only six seats left! Find out more at


February: Kafka’s Last Love (Kafka’nin Son Aski, Dora Diamant) published in Turkey by Dusulke in Istanbul.

March: Kafka Project Director Kathi Diamant delivers keynote at the First International Kafka Conference in Istanbul, attended by hundreds of Kafka fans throughout Europe.
german kafka picture german kafka picture

April: Kafka Project announces discovery of Third-Reich Era Archive in Berlin, which may contain Kafka’s missing papers.

May: Dora Diamant Day organized by the Jewish East End Celebration Society in London.

June-November: Kafka Project Archive organized and catalogued with help from wonderful Interns & Assistants, funded through proceeds from the Kafka Project Tour.


February: Kafka’s Last Love talk on Valentine’s Day: A tribute to Dora and Kafka at San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference & Literary Festival. Audio tapes of the talk available upon request.
Kathi Talk

March: Zvi Diamant, the beloved nephew of Dora Diamant, dies at age 66 in Holon, Israel. Watch a celebration of his life.

April: Kafka Project Research published in Journal of the Kafka Society of America

May: Kafka’s Last Love (Dashuria e fundit e Franc Kafkes) published in Albania. Watch a presentation (in Albanian!) here.

*New Archival Research conducted by Kafka Project in Berlin Archives reveals more about Nazi's approach to documenting German Communists.
*Kafka 24: a play about Kafka & Dora at Prague’s Dejvicke Divadlo with English subtitles sponsored by the US Embassy, with a discussion following.
*Kathi Diamant & Judita Matyasova present at the American Center of the US Embassy in Prague
*Twelve travelers join Third Magical Mystery Literary History Tour to Prague, Krakow, & Berlin September 19-28, 2014. Check out all the tour photos here:


April: Coffee with Kafka kicks off in Pan’s Garden, organized by Elizabeth Rohwer. Bimonthly event celebrates Kafka, discussing European art, literature, music, philosophy, and culture.

May: Kafka’s Last Love (O Ultimo Amor de Kafka: O Misterio de Dora Diamant) published in Brazil by Via Lettera.

August: Kafka’s Last Love (Dora Diamant: Kafkas letzte Liebe) published in Germany by Onomato. German book tour to Dusseldorf, Aachen, and Berlin.

September: Discovery of secret uncatalogued Third Reich-era archive returned from Russia, in Berlin.


January: Kafka Project research paper, The Ongoing Search for Kafka’s Lost Literary Treasure, presented at the Modern Language Association in Seattle.

February: Residency at Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington D.C., as Title VIII East Europe Scholar in Captured German Material after WWII.

March: Hanny Lichtenstern, Dora’s close friend and translator for Dora’s letters, diary and records from German, Hebrew and Yiddish, dies in London, England, at age 95. Internment at Hoop Lane, Golders Green. Read her obituary here.
Lichtenstern tombstone
April-June: “Kafka in Context” class at University of California San Diego Literature Department changes students’ lives. Read the final project (Franz Kafka: An Extended Life) that led to one student’s admission to USC School of Film.

June: Kafka Project’s Magical Mystery Literary History Tour June 29-July 8 recommended by the Los Angeles Times. Check out the tour photos here.

There is more, but this should keep you busy. If you have any questions at all, please let me know. I’m always happy to discuss Kafka and Dora at any time.

Hope your 2016 looks hopeful and promising, as does the future of the ongoing work of the Kafka Project. Again, if you’ve ever thought about joining the Magical Literary Tour to Prague, Krakow, and Berlin, this year will be the last (and best) one, so please join us! Since 2008, the Kafka Project main financial support has been the tour, but with the adoption of the Kafka Project by German scholars and universities, we won’t have to fund the research ourselves for much longer.

Thank you for all your longtime support of the Kafka Project, as we work together to solve one of the literary world’s enduring mysteries.

All the best,

Kathi Diamant
Director Kafka Project
Adjunct Professor San Diego State University
PO Box 16750, San Diego, CA

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