Love your clients. No matter how difficult.

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There's this joke if you work in the retail industry: it'd be the perfect job ... if it wasn't for the customers.

The thing is, we had that joke in the marketing agencies I worked in. It'd be the perfect job...if it wasn't for the clients.

I have a feeling every industry has a joke like that. 

Some days, your customers and clients feel like the hardest people to please. Whatever you've got, they want it in a different colour. Or cheaper. Or quicker. Or with icing on top.

They want something you can't give them, and that makes you feel either:

a) really frustrated with them
b) really frustrated with yourself.

The education of your clients - whether that's about the time it takes to make something, the hard work they need to put in to find out what they want, the investment they'll have to make to really change - often feels like it never ends. And the pleasure of your customers may often feel like it never appears.

But this is an unreal thought

Every day you will be changing and affecting the lives of your clients in pleasurable ways. And the opposite is true: they are affecting your life in pleasurable ways too.

They bring you income, of course. But they bring you so much more.

They try their best. They work hard. They actually do the things you suggest. They sometimes even do all of the things you suggest. They recommend you to others. They send you thank you emails. They give you love.

That is what makes the effort worth it.


When you're having a day where your clients feel like the hardest people to please, try one of the following so you can keep loving them:

  • Dig out an old yet brilliant review of your product or service, and read it - twice
  • Search your inbox for your favourite customer, and see what they've said
  • Look at what you're doing online, and the positive engagement and comments you're getting
  • Think back to the last show, appointment or event you had: remember the smiles on their faces
  • Just ask them: "Does what I do make a difference to your life?" (I promise it does)

The world and our creative work would be a terrible place if it wasn't for our clients. Don't forget that, even when it feels difficult.

Yours, looking up,


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