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New Feature Highlights
Software Update: Version 22.1 has been released as Stable, implementing many exciting features including 15 features requested by our users. 
For the full list of new features by version, please visit the versions page in our manual.
Explore the New Features in our Feature Highlights Webinar

New Features in this version include the following:


New Open Dental Mobile Features
  • General Message added to Automated Messaging Advanced Settings.
    This allows you to choose which appointment statuses receive these messages.
  • Set frequencies for images on eClipboard.
    If you saw a patient last week, you likely don’t need another selfie of them for their patient picture. Set frequencies for how often an image is requested upon eClipboard check-in.
    Set the frequency in eClipboard Images for Photo ID, Insurance Cards, Self Portraits, or any additional custom images you may request. For example, set 365 days so a patient is only prompted for a photo once a year.
  • New Open Dental Mobile features
  • Show the doctor's Preferred Name instead of their full name.
    Protect your doctor's privacy by entering a Preferred Name in the Edit Provider window like the example shown below. This name will then be displayed when patients check in via eClipboard, view their appointments in the Patient Portal, and schedule appointments online via Web Sched.
  • Secure Email allows attachments in replies
    Attachments can now be added when replying to a Secure Email.
Insurance & Discount Plan Features
  • Override a frequency limitation only for a specific patient on the plan
    This may be necessary for patients enrolled in special insurance programs due to higher oral health risks. In an insurance plan, create an Other Benefits entry using the setup below.
  • Account Module Preference to remove the "Do Nothing" option from the Secondary Claim Prompt
    This preference helps require that action is taken on all secondary claims. This preference is only necessary if the Prompt for Secondary Claims preference is enabled.
  • Prompt to create a commlog when dropping a Discount Plan that has a Subscriber Note
    When dropping a Discount Plan for a patient, a prompt will display asking if you'd like to retain the subscriber notes in a commlog.

    If you answer Yes, a commlog noting the action will be saved in the patient's record.
Other New Features
  • Go To Patient option added to User Queries
    When running a query that includes a Patnum (Pat#) column, right-click on a patient to go to their account in Open Dental.
  • Acknowledge or delete multiple alerts at once
    Highlight one or more alerts, then click Acknowledge. Depending on the available actions, selected alerts will be marked as read or deleted.
  • Sched Patient and Sched Family buttons in Recall List jump to Recall due date
    The Sched Patient and Sched Family buttons in the Recall List will now place the recall appointment(s) on the Pinboard.

    When scheduling recall appointments for a family, it jumps to one day past the latest due date in the family. In this example, Susan’s recall due date is 6/21, and Bob’s is 6/28. Bob’s due date is later, so the calendar will jump to one day beyond that, 6/29/2022. See more in our manual.
    TECH TIP: Recall scheduling will search using the patient’s secondary provider. If no secondary provider is assigned, it will use the primary provider for scheduling. Provider schedules must be set up for this to work properly.

    Copy new fields to language translations on sheets
    When editing fields in the default of a sheet with language translations, the fields will be copied to all languages. When editing a sheet, check Synch matched fields, then enter the translation for those changes in each language version.
  • New billing option: Exclude if insurance pending __ days or less
    This billing option allows users to determine the number of days a family is excluded from the billing list after a claim has been created and is still outstanding (any status other than received) for any family member. 
  • Set up and create a Perio Chart with default probe measurements
    Click Setup in the Perio Chart and enter default probing depths. Once set up, you can click +Default to generate a Perio Chart showing these default depths.

In Beta Version 22.2

  • Ortho charting is here! Switch between the Enter Treatment tab (normal nomenclature) and the Ortho tab (Palmer nomenclature) to quickly and easily chart ortho treatment. The tooth chart shows wires, brackets, bands, and elastics - and colors can be customized.

    *Appearance may vary due to product enhancement
  • Other option added to Patient Gender. Use a dropdown to select the patient's pronouns.
  • More ways to control Setup permissions.
Please note: eServices features are currently under maintenance in the beta version. If you are currently using eServices, do not update to beta at this time.
Stable Version? New Build? Beta Version?
Find out which software update option is best for you.
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