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New Feature Highlights
Software Update: Version 21.1 has been released as Stable, implementing many exciting features including seven features requested by our users. 
For the full list of new features by version, please visit the versions page in our manual.
New Features in Stable Version 21.1 include the following.

Major Features:

New Discount Plan Features

  • Frequency limitations can now be set for Discount Plans.
  • Set an Annual Maximum to cap the discount a patient can receive annually.
  • Enter Discount Plan Notes and Subscriber Notes.
  • Appointment Module Net Production can take Discount Plan Adjustments into account, giving your practice an even better picture of your daily production.
    Select 'Add daily adjustments to net production' in Appointment Module Preferences.

Reports added to Open Dental Mobile

  • Select Reports from the Open Dental Mobile main menu, then choose from available options to verify information and manage your practice on the go.


Treatment Plan includes SalesTax estimates

  • When you have set up requirements for Sales Tax, patient balances for procedures that are marked “Is Taxed” will now automatically include the tax estimate.
    If you would like to show this tax estimate in the Treatment Plan, you add the Tax Estimate Display Field from Setup> Display Fields> Treatment Plan Module. Once added, the Tax Estimate will show in a separate column on the Treatment Plan.

New eServices Features

Web Sched Recall

Mass Email 

eConfirmations generate an AutoReply if they fail 

  • When sending eConfirmation messages, if AutoReply is enabled in eConfirmation setup, patients will now receive a text message if their appointment fails to confirm. The message will say “There was an error confirming your appointment with [OfficeName]. Please call [OfficePhone] to confirm.”

eService Activity Log 

  • A new eService Activity Log tracks all eServices actions by the patient or the system. Some examples of tracked actions include:
    • A patient logged into the Patient Portal
    • An appointment was confirmed
    • A form was created within eClipboard
    • A patient scheduled an appointment via Web Sched

Other New Features

  • Account Module
    • Dynamic Payment Plans can include treatment planned procedures. Determine whether you want to await completion or handle treatment planned procedures as complete - this determines how treatment planned procedures are handled and how the account will look.
  • Manage Module
    • More right-click options have been added to tasks. Now, in addition to the ability to link to things like wiki pages and external web links, you can also go to a patient or to another task.

Sheets-Related Features

  • The Static Text Field apptProcs can now be added to patient and referral letters. When added, this field will display the procedures associated with the selected appointment along with the description and surfaces.
     See our Introduction to Sheets Webinar for more on customizing sheets.
  • If you are a multi-location practice and use customized Treatment Plan Sheets, you can set a specific Treatment Plan sheet per clinic in Setup> Sheets> Defaults.

Integration-Related Features

Here are a few new features that were introduced for integrated software products.
  • DoseSpot
    • Patient information updated within Open Dental also updates the patient in DoseSpot.
  • CareCredit
    • A new Batch Transactions tab shows the status of batch Quickscreen transactions in a date range.
  • TSI Collections 
    • The Account Receivable Manager grid can now be printed or exported.
    • If you are a multi-location practice using the Clinics feature, use the Clinics button in the upper left to see the list for that Clinic.
In Beta Version 21.2
  • Pay Periods can be set up as semi-monthly.
  • Send automated post-appointment follow-up emails/texts (for reviews, etc.).
  • Two new phone number fields in the Edit Practice Info window (one for Billing, one for Pay To) also show on claims.
Stable vs. Beta Version - which is right for you?
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Tips & Tricks
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Get to Know Us
As our eServices options have expanded, so has the team that helps you implement them for your practice. From Web Sched to Texting to eClipboard and more, this expert team is here to help you communicate more effectively with your patients, automate appointment reminders and confirmations, and streamline your patient intake process.
Not pictured: Leanne and Ryan

Laugh with Friends - It's Good for You!

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