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It's A Breakthrough!

It has been secret until now. We wanted to tell you, the Bike Friday community, first! Be the first to own one.

Hanna & Alan Scholz will tell you about it in the video below:
Hello from Hanna and Alan,

We're super excited to share a significant breakthrough with you. The World's First Backpack Bike (and it is under 20lbs!).

For 24 years we have been designing bikes with a mission to support your personal freedom, health, and adventure, while building community and protecting the environment. Our previous world's first was the suitcase bike.

The next generation of improvement: a truly mobile-friendly bike to fit a mobile-friendly life in a mobile-friendly world.

This bike is an industry first weighing as little as 15 lbs. with the same excellent ride quality and sizing options of other Bike Fridays.

As a Bike Friday customer you are part of the Bike Friday family. You are very special to us: you have believed in us, supported us, and helped us become who we are. Join us in birthing this breakthrough innovation.

We need your feedback. Please fill out the survey below after you have watched the video and tell us what you think!

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Pre-release Special:  Limited Signature Edition and Price for Bike Friday Community Members Only.

Would this bike be valuable in your life?

We are planning a Kickstarter on this bike in August. As a community member you can now pre-order a bike before the Kickstarter promotion and be riding your new backpack bike this fall (with out the wait associated with Kickstarter).

Only 200 signature bikes will be sold. Order yours today!!

Designer Alan Scholz signature bikes:

Fixed gear:

Bike Weight: 15lbs (without saddle and pedals)
Rider weight limit - 190lbs
Chromoly Frame with Titanium Seat Mast
$2,600 - est. Retail price
$2,300 est. Kickstarter price

$2,000 Your special pre-order price - save $600


Single Speed:

Bike weight - 16lbs (without saddle and pedals)
Rider weight limit- 190lbs
Full Chromoly Frame
$2,300 Est. Retail price
$2,000 Est. Kickstarter price
Now Only $1,700 Your special pre-order price - you save $600


Hanna Scholz Signature bikes

Single Speed:

Bike weight - 18lbs (without saddle and pedals, 19.7 lbs with basic saddle and pedals)
Rider weight limit - 220lbs
Frame- Chomoly and high tensile steel
$1,500 Est. Retail price
$1,300 Est. Kickstarter price
Now Only $990  Your Special Pre-order price - you save $510


3 Speed:

Bike weight - 17lbs (with out saddle and pedals)
Rider weight limit - 190lbs
Frame - Full Chromoly
$1,850 Est. Retail price
$1,500 Est. Kickstarter price
Now Only $1,300 Your special pre-order price - you save $550


Contact Us Right Now To Order Your Signature Backpack Bike

Call 1-800-777-0258 Or Email



  • The Backpack: The basic backpack is $175 retail (pre-order price $110).

  • Sizing: Options fit people 4ft to 6ft 2inch (122 to 188cm) (3 main frame sizes) and weight up to 220lbs (100kg).

  • Alan or Hanna's Signature will be on your bike in special appreciation for supporting and believing in Bike Friday over the years.

  • Delivery timing: First 20 spots start in September, 50 in October, 75 in November.

  • Payment: To secure your early production slot you must pay at time of order. Delivery spots are first come, first served.

    We believe this bike will change the playing field for commuters around the world around. Carry the bike under your arm or in the backpack. Goes right on the train, bus, Uber, or Lyft with you. No locks or special racks necessary. Store it easily in a corner of the office or break room.

    Let us know any thoughts you have about what it would take to make this bike even more fantastic to fit into your life. We truly value your insights.

Excited to hear your feedback,

Hanna and Alan Scholz,
President & Co-founder/Designer

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