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  • Made 100K Goal! We Did it Together!
  • E-Assist pakiT in testing and Available for pre-order
  • Win a Free 11 Speed pakiT
  • Only 6 Days Left to Join Kickstarter!

Hooray! We've hit 100K: 200% of our goal!

Thank you Bike Friday community, we could not have done it with out your help! To say thank you we've unlocked the Candy Apple color (deep, rich and sparkly) as a new option for all Kickstarter pakiT supporters: 

pakiT E-assist Kit Designed by Electric Assist Expert and now Available to Kickstarter  Backers!


Lots of people have been asking for Electric Assist so we searched for the right expert to partner with. We found a great one in Grin Technologies with ebike Canada. Their 10 years of experience with a wide range of electric assist kits allowed them to design a special kit for the pakiT. This retrofit option gives you a 2 in 1 opportunity. With 2 front wheels you can turn your ultra light pakiT into a light assist bike in 5 minutes. When you just want to ride your ultra light pakiT then you just take off the e-assist front wheel and battery in 5 minutes and viola!

Retail Price: $ 1050
Kickstarter Backer price: $890 (save $160)

This is how you can order the e-assist kit for Kickstarter:

Because Kickstarter only allows one item per backer we are offeringthe kit as an add on after kickstarter ends. When the campaign closes next Wednesday (9/21) we will send out a survey to all the backers to choose: Color, Sizing, Accessories, E-assist Upgrade Option, shipping address, contact info.

We will follow up with you to get payment directly for the e-assist kit and any other upgrades you want.

The special price for Kickstarter Backers won't be available beyond our campaign wrap-up, so claim yours by ordering a pakiT through the kickstarter and marking you want an e-assist kit on the finishing survey follow up.

Only 6 days left!

The pakiT Folding e-bike
Have two bikes in the space of one! In under 5 minutes the lightweight
folder converts to an electric boogie-woogie

Why Go Electric?

E-bikes are the fastest growing sector of the cycling industry; so what's all the buzz about? Adding e-assist to your bicycle can:

  • Extend the range and duration of your rides
  • Help you with those tough hills
  • Make loaded trips easier
  • Get you to the office on time without breaking a sweat!

Only the Best 

To develop the e-pakiT we teamed up with Canadian e-bike experts Grin Technologies with

Grin has 10 years of experience in a wide range of electric assist kits, which is why we chose to partner with them to make the e-pakiT a reality. Here are details of what we've cooked up:

  • Front hub motor, twist throttle
  • 20mph top speed
  • 25mile range
  • 12lbs weight for whole kit
  • Retail price $1050
  • And Grin Tech is working on a special battery that is legal to fly with! We will be one of the first get it.

The e-assist upgrade will be available shipping January 2017. 

New 8 speed Chain Drive pakiT

Available on Kickstarter for special price of $950! For people looking for more gears with less weight for a lower price. Comes with rear derraileur.


10 available on Kickstarter for 6 more days


Share for a Chance to Win! 

Here's how it works:

1. Share the pakiT Kickstarter campaign in your favorite way: email, social media, or good old fashioned word of mouth!

2. When someone you referred purchases a pakiT through Kickstarter, contact us* to let us know you referred them and you'll be entered to win!

This contest is open to anyone: You do not have to join the campaign, or even own a Bike Friday to be eligible to enter. You just need to find a friend to order a pakiT :)

Winner will receive an 11 speed pakiT in the color of your choice!

Winners will be announced after the Kickstarter ends September 21st!

Psst! Use this link for easy sharing:

* | 1-800-777-0258 U.S. | 541-687-0487 Int'l

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Only 6 Days Left to Join the Kickstarter!

Save up to $625 by ordering your pakiT through the Kickstarter.

There won't be another chance to save this much money on a brand new pakiT! 
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