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Australian Chess Federation
No. 609 - 30 January 2022
Editor: Keong Ang
Usually Published in the Second Week of Each Month
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by IA Keong Ang

Welcome to January 2022's ACF Newsletter.

Just made it to be a January newsletter! Publication schedule in recent months have been thrown off, with December 2021's issue cancelled. Fortunately the ACF Newsletter is free of charge and delivered by email and so lends itself to a more flexible publicaton schedule.

The main purpose of the ACF Newsletter is to be the official communication of the ACF. Primarily done through publishing ACF Notices. Newsletter publication can be delayed if there may be more up to date notices.

Hopefully we can return to the usual publication schedule in future months.

ACF Notices

FIDE & Asian Federation Events 2022

2022 Olympiad

On 18 January 2022, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich, distributed the following message to all national federations, jointly signed by Olympiad Director Mark Glukhovsky:
“We are delighted to inform you that the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad, organized by the International Chess Federation and the Chess Federation of Russia, will take place in Khanty-Mansiysk from the 19th of July till the 26th of July, 2022, and in Moscow from the 25th of July till the 8th of August, 2022. The 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad consists of two parts: the first one will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk and the second in Moscow. Khanty-Mansiysk will host the inaugural competition for people with disabilities.”

Schedule for the events in Khanty-Mansiysk:
19 July - Arrival
20 July – Opening Ceremony
20-25 July – Match days
26 July - Departure

Schedule for the events in Moscow:
25 July - Arrival
26 July – Opening Ceremony in Moscow
27 July – 1 August – Match days
02 August – Rest Day
03 August – 07 August – Match days
8 August - Departure

The FIDE President’s letter concludes:
“The competitions will be held in compliance with all the medical safety and anti-COVID measures. Please kindly stay focused on the updates and any possible changes. We will be happy to see you at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad!”

At the ACF Council’s meeting on 23 April, the Council confirmed its previous decision to dispense with the usual requirement that applicants for team membership must have recorded a minimum number of rated games prior to application.
Potential applicants should register interest by email
 – addressed to; and,
 – sent so as to be received on or before 22 April 2022.

The Council also noted the reactivation of the Federation’s Olympiad Appeal, thanks to the ongoing commitment of many times Appeal Coordinator Ian Murray, whose website dedicated to the cause at ACF Olympiad Appeal ( enables online contributions and acknowledgement of donations via PayPal and other online banking services.

Other Scheduled International Events:

Dates for some other previously undated fixtures on the FIDE Calendar for 2022 are now available.

FIDE Grand Prix Series (Berlin, Germany) Feb 3-17
FIDE Grand Prix Series (Belgrade, Serbia) Feb 28 to Mar 14
FIDE Grand Prix Series (Berlin, Germany) Mar 21 to Apr 4
Begum Laila Alam 11th International Women’s T’t (Bangladesh) Feb 13-19
Djenovici-Mix (5) GM-IM T’t (Herceg Novi, Crna Gora) Mar 2-10
Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (Bangkok, Thailand) Mar 10-20
* World Youth u14, u16, u18 Rapid & Blitz C’ps (Greece) Apr 30 to May 4
* World Cadet u8, u10, u12 Rapid & Blitz C’ps (Greece) Apr 30 to May 4
World School Individual C’ps (Panama) Jun 10-17
World Senior Teams C’p (Acqui Terme, Italy) Jun 16-27
World Youth u14, u16, u18 C’ps (Mamaia, Romania) Sep 5-18
World Junior u20 C’ps (Olbia, Italy) Oct 11-23
World Amateur C’p (Malta) Oct 20-30
World Senior C’p (Assisi, Italy) Nov 15-28

* Regulations for events marked * can now be seen here.
Applications for appointment as Manager of ACF-endorsed participants, combining responsibility for the registration of participants and matters assigned by the organisers to the Chief of Delegation must be sent to by 21 February 2022. Please phone 0409 525 963 if an expression of interest is not acknowledged within 24 hours of transmission.

Other FIDE-listed but Unscheduled Events:

The following events continue to be listed without dates on the FIDE calendar for 2022:

FIDE Women’s Candidates T’t “planned first half 2022”
FIDE World Team C’p (Jerusalem, Israel) “planned April”
FIDE Candidates T’t (Madrid, Spain) “will be June”
FIDE Women’s Grand Prix Series “Tournament 1 -August-September”
FIDE Women’s Grand Prix Series “Tournament 2 -October-December”
World Youth u16 Olympiad (Nakhchivan,Azerbaijan)
World Cadet u8,u10, u12 C’ps (Batumi, Georgia)

Australian Events 2022

Australian Championships 2022 & 2023

No offers to present the 2022 Australian Championship or the 2022 Australian Junior Championships have been received since the CAWA was compelled to cancel these events in response to the West Australian State Government’s pandemic precautionary measures.

Although potential applicants wishing to present these events will be unable to do so in this, the usual month of January, the Council remains open to proposals that might enable these historic titles to be awarded later in 2022 in events that might not follow the traditional format and/or structure of previous championships.

At present, the only ACF-recognised national championship scheduled is the traditional Australian Allegro Championship, to be held in the Adelaide suburb of Glenelg on 26 December. This is likely to change on April 24 when the ACF Council will choose the State to host the 2022 Australian Schools Teams Championships, normally held in early December, and the 2023 Australian Junior and Girls Championships, normally in the following month.

All State Associations and affiliates are also welcome to register interest in presenting the biennial Australian Open Championship, normally held during the first week of January and, when last presented, was conducted very successfully over the final five days of 2019. If an expression of interest in running the Open is received before April 24, the opportunity to apply after that date may cease to be available.

Forthcoming Local Events

Despite the lingering uncertainties caused by the current pandemic, local club and Association organisers have contributed to a lengthy list of local events. The following extract from the current ACF national calendar comprises events due to begin before May.
Start    Ends  
29 Jan-Jan 30  Australia Day Weekender (Cammeray, NSW)
30 Jan-Jan 30  West Australia State Library Blitz (Perth, WA)

 1 Feb-Mar 29  South Australian State C'p & Candidates T't (Adelaide, SA)
 6 Feb-Feb 6   SACA Annual General Meeting (Adelaide, SA)
10 Feb-Feb 10  SACA February Allegro (Adelaide, SA)
12 Feb-Feb 13  Perth Open (North Woodvale, WA)
13 Feb-Feb 13  SACA February Booster (Adelaide, SA)
17 Feb-Feb 17  SACA February Blitz (Adelaide, SA)
24 Feb-Feb 24  SACA February Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA)
27 Feb-Feb 27  Wollongong Summer One-day T't (Fairy Meadow, NSW)
27 Feb-Feb 27  CAWA Summer Rapid T't (North Woodvale, WA)

 3 Mar-Mar 3   SACA March Rapid (Adelaide, SA)
 3 Mar-Mar 3   SAJCL Annual General Meeting (Adelaide, SA)
 6 Mar-Mar 6   CAWA SCL North Zonal T't (Kingsway, WA)
10 Mar-Mar 10  SACA March Allegro #1 (Adelaide, SA)
12 Mar-Mar 14  56th Begonia Open (Ballarat, Vic)
13 Mar-Mar 13  SACA March Booster (Adelaide, SA)
13 Mar-Mar 13  West Australian Allegro C'p (Leeming, WA)
17 Mar-Mar 17  SACA March Blitz (Adelaide, SA)
25 Mar-Mar 25  SACA March Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA)
27 Mar-Mar 27  University of Western Australia Blitz T't (Crawley, WA)
31 Mar-Mar 31  SACA March Bullet (Adelaide, SA)

 2 Apr-Apr 3   Dubbo Open (Dubbo, NSW)
 5 Apr-Apr 7   SACA Autumn Rapid (Adelaide, SA)
10 Apr-Apr 10  SACA April Booster (Adelaide, SA)
12 Apr-Apr 12  SACA Blitz C'p Warm-up (Adelaide, SA)
13 Apr-Apr 13  Sydney Holiday Coaching Clinic (North Ryde, NSW)
13 Apr-Apr 14  West Australian Junior Rapid C'p (Leeming, WA)
14 Apr-Apr 14  Sydney Autumn One-day T't (North Ryde, NSW)
14 Apr-Apr 18  Doeberl Cup (Canberra, ACT)
14 Apr-Apr 14  SACA April Allegro #1 (Adelaide, SA)
17 Apr-Apr 18  CAWA Gufeld Cup (Leeming, WA)
19 Apr-Apr 19  South Australian Blitz C'p (Adelaide, SA)
20 Apr-Apr 21  Sydney Autumn Two-day T't (North Ryde, NSW)
20 Apr-Apr 20  NSWJCL Annual General Meeting (North Ryde, NSW)
20 Apr-Apr 22  City of Adelaide Junior C'p (Adelaide, SA)
21 Apr-Apr 21  SACA April Bullet (Adelaide, SA)
23 Apr-Apr 23  Orange Autumn One-day T't (Orange, NSW)
24 Apr-Apr 24  CAWA SCL Central Zonal T't (Subiaco, WA)
26 Apr-Jun 21  SACA Inter-club Teams Grades (Adelaide, SA)
28 Apr-Apr 28  SACA April Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA)
29 Apr-May 2   Gold Cup FIDE Open (Mermaid Waters, Qld)
29 Apr-        SACA Inter-school Matches Begin (Adelaide, SA)


Players of the Year 2021

Although there were certainly fewer opportunities for Australian players to make the “impact” required under the term of reference for the medals and awards for 2021, there was enough to give most selectors cause for some serious thought.
The criterion, applicable to each of the three medals, is simply “the player who has made the greatest impact, not necessarily the highest rated – for the most notable achievement of the year.”

Steiner Medal – Australian Player of the Year 2021
Awarded to West Australian Grandmaster, Australian Champion, Temur Kuybokarov – although ineligible by rating to compete in the FIDE Grand Swiss in Latvia in October-November, Temur was one of four players selected to compete at the discretion of FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich. Although seeded 101 in a field of 108, Temur finished with a break-even score after 11 games against opponents with an average rating approximately 100 points higher. Players on the same scoreline included former FIDE World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov, many times Russian national champion Peter Svidler, Czech champion David Navara and former World Championship challenger Boris Gelfand.

Arlauskas Medal – Australian Under-16 Player of the Year 2021
Awarded to West Australian Junior, Yihe (‘Rebo’) Fu – winner of seven adult and three junior tournaments in Western Australia and winner of the CAWA’s 2021 Grand Prix series of events, 75 points clear of the runner-up.

Viner Medal – Australian Senior Player of the Year 2021
Awarded to six-times Australian Champion, Grandmaster Darryl Johansen, who returned to the winners list at the 2021 Begonia Open in Ballarat by matching or bettering the score of the many of Australia’s top players.
Of the now 14 occasions when Darryl has been on the receiving end of a winners’ cheque in this event, the first was in 1980.

Koshnitsky Medal - Paul Glissan


Koshnitsky Medallist 2022 PAUL GLISSAN (right)
2022 Koshnitsky Medal winner and former ACF Secretary, Paul Glissan (right), and former ACF President, Robert Colquhoun – as published in the January 1988 issue of Australian Chess Magazine while training for the annual Barrister v Solicitors match.
Recipient of the federation’s annual lifetime achievement medal for services to chess as an administrator is former ACF Secretary, former Norths Chess Club President and leading organiser of numerous major chess events, including two Australian Championships, two Australian Open Championships and Oceania Zonal and Seniors championships at the Norths club between 2008 and 2018.

Under Paul’s presidency at Norths, several club members represented Australia in a variety of international events, won Australian championship titles and achieved two grandmaster and several other FIDE titles.

Paul also served as Secretary of the ACF when the Council was based in Sydney in 1998.

Honorary Live Membership of the ACF
- Alan Goldsmith

At the ACF National Conference on 9 January 2022, the Conference unreservedly accepted and approved the following recommendation made by the Council at its previous meeting:
“That, in recognition of his contribution to the work of the Federation through his sustained service to the South Australian Chess Association Inc and to Australian chess generally, Alan Goldsmith be granted Honorary Life Membership of the Federation.”

Because the usual arrangements for presentation of the above medals and awards could not be made this year, separate arrangements for local presentations are being made, thanks to the cooperation of the Associations concerned.

ACF Recurring Notices

ACF Funding Support Program

The deadline for applications in respect of activities to commencing between 1 September 2022 and 28 February 2023 is 30 June 2022.
Applications and reports must be endorsed by the ACF-affiliated State Association concerned and provide the information specified in the relevant form, including the schedule for the activity and statements of expected and actual income and expenditure.
Email for further information and forms.

Tournament Management Programs for Ratings Submissions

Organisers planning to present forthcoming ACF- and FIDE-rated events are reminded that only results from tournaments paired and submitted using either Vega or Orion programs will be accepted for FIDE or ACF rating.
Organisers, arbiters and ratings officers may obtain additional information from ACF National Ratings Officers Bill Gletsos and/or Graham Saint via

FIDE ID Number Registration

FIDE has issued a warning that they will not accept tournaments for FIDE rating where those tournaments contain players who do not have FIDE ID numbers. Although new Australian players can be registered by the ACF FIDE Ratings Officer, this does not apply to new players from overseas. Therefore, organisers should not immediately accept the entries of overseas players who lack FIDE ID numbers to FIDE rated tournaments; instead, those players should be required to first obtain a FIDE ID from their own national federation.

Tournaments submitted that include foreign players who do not have ID numbers end up not being FIDE rated.
Organisers need to confirm prior to the start of the tournament that all players without a FIDE ID number are either Australian citizens or have a permanent residency visa.

Players without ID numbers should only be submitted as Australian if they are citizens or are a permanent residency visa holder; if a player is registered under the wrong country they may incur transfer costs later. For further information/clarification contact the ACF FIDE Ratings Officer Bill Gletsos via

Personnel Changes & Vacancies

The Personnel lists in the final pages of this newsletter include currently vacant positions that the Council has sought to fill in recent times.

News from the States / Territories

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Chess Association Inc (ACTCA)
Upcoming Events
New South Wales
New South Wales Chess Association Inc (NSWCA)
Upcoming Events

Chess Association of Queensland Inc (CAQ)

Upcoming Events
South Australia

South Australian Chess Association Inc (SACA)

Upcoming Events
  • Various local events are published in SACA website.

Tasmanian Chess Association Inc (TCA)

Upcoming Events
  • Various local events are published in TCA website.

Chess Victoria Inc (CV)
Upcoming Events
  • Various local events are published in CV website.
Western Australia

Chess Association of Western Australia Inc (CAWA)

Upcoming Events
  • Various local events are published in CAWA website

Problem of the Month - No.67

Selected by Peter Wong

Philip Williams
Christmas Greetings, 1904
Diagram of Problem of the Month - No.61
White to play and mate in 3

Visit for an introduction to chess composition (including a Glossary) and more problem examples.

Collecting - Plusses and Minuses

by Bob Meadley

I always admired Mikhail Botvinnik and when C.H. O’D Alexander’s book “Chess” came out post war I bought a copy with Mikhail’s fine photo next to the title page. It was my first chess book. A ‘friend’ at work in Elcar Chullora wanted to learn chess and reluctantly I lent it to him and never saw it again. MINUS
Illustration 1
1. “CHESS” by C.H.O’D Alexander was the first book in my collection. It came from Beechworth Bookshop 31 Camp Street Beechworth Vic. 3747
Is the shop still there 21 years later I hope so? Alexander was not sure that books would help one become a better player. Constant practice against stronger players was his belief. (p.192)

In 2001 we were on holiday in Beechworth Victoria and called into a nice old bookshop and there it was! Not my copy but the same edition (1954) and it came back with the next. PLUS

I had been told by a librarian one day in Nyngan that Arturo Perez-Reverte’s book “The Flanders Panel” 1997 was a great read and it proved to be just that and is my favourite chess murder novel. I wrote a review of it and sent the devious chess position to friend Andy Sag of SA, one of Australia’s best solvers and he unravelled it. A great chess sleuthing novel. PLUS
Illustration 2
2.'The Flanders Panel' position is white to play (12x10) there is a movie called 'Uncovered' 1994 starring Kate Beckinsale. There is a lot of retrograde analysis in the position and some consider it almost equal to 'The Royal Game' by Stefan Zweig. But this one is real murder whilst debate could be had on the 1471 date it is close enough to the modern chess date of 1475 to be accepted. His other book "The Dumas Club" was made into a film 'The Nine Gates' starring Johnny Depp in 1999. No chess in this but plenty to ponder on unscrupulous rare book dealers and what happens to them.

Returning to the late 1950s, chess was by then an obsession and Znosky-Borovsky, and Alekhine’s books came my way as I wanted to be a GM and play in all those fabulous places in Europe and become an Australian knight-errant using the Scheveningen in San Sebastian? Pity the brains weren’t there. MINUS

In the mid 60s work took me to Coonabarabran and thanks to the gift by Frank Ravenscroft of some of his chess problem books I had plenty to study. The best was “Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems” 1914, a labour of love by Sam’s younger friend Alain White. A nice hardback but by then I had bought the 1963 reprint and loved White’s descriptions of chess in the early USA and Sam’s problems few of which I could solve. The Dover soon became battered  and was always handy to pick up. It is my favourite chess book and so I repaired it making it a solid book but ugly. It had just been overused. PLUS

I joined the British Chess Problem Society in 1966 and their octogenarian secretary and chess book dealer Guy Chandler soon had many problem books coming my way. The best was Alexandre’s 1846 collection bound by Kaufmann. A truly magnificent book and the best I own. My letters to Mr Chandler were always hurried as I expected him to pass on and be unable to reply to my wants letters but he did not and made 90 before departing. PLUS

Illustration 4
WHAT A GREAT COVER! The book was almost disbound but solid now. The author? George Hatfeild Dingley Gossip. Book date 1875. GHDG was not liked here. He looked down on us as colonials. Try by all means to solve the problem. I could not. The book weighs 1.4kg.

Baruch Wood of ‘Chess’ the magazine was kind and my best buy was “The Chess Amateur” and most of the magazine 1906-30 came from him in 1967 as did “American Chess Nuts” by Cook, Henry & Gilberg 1868 and many other problem books. I was on my way. They don’t make books or magazines like these any more. PLUS

I had a spell in my early 30s changing jobs in 1972 and the family came to Narromine where we still are. Soon 50 years and our two grown-up children are long gone. In 1974 Alex Sharpe of the UK gave me Dale Brandreth’s address in Delaware USA and that led to Fred Wilson in New York and treasures started to flow in. The best from Fred was the First Series of Chess Player’s Chronicle 1841+ Whilst Dale sent me the 1634 double Salvio in vellum. They were not cheap but have held their value. The Carrera 1617 originally came from Lothar Schmid to Jim Gates then Fred Wilson and finally a lay by to me. I can’t read them but I love the previous owners and the Berliner Schachgesellschaft’s name is well noted in that book. To think Lothar let this book leave Germany- amazing, and perhaps ‘one day’ it may go back to Berlin. PLUS

Dr. Niemeijer of Holland sent me Forbes 1860 “History of Chess” and it has a Melbourne Chess Club dedication to a player but the name has been sadly erased . It was a well travelled book coming from England where it was published to Melbourne and then back to Holland when the MCC sold it and back to Australia again. It needed some minor repairs but is good to use now. The good Dr. was keen on swapping to build up the Royal Library but still sold many to me. Another was the Ringheiri bound in vellum. PLUS

There was a halt in the early 80’s when we decided to buy our old home and eradicate the 9.5% loan interest rate but the ‘surge’ was over for me. I enjoyed dealing with Michael MacDonald Ross, George Campbell, Barrie Ellen and Mike Sheahan and books were bought but in lesser numbers. A change to writing rather than buying took over. It was great to deal with the State Library of Victoria and its chess librarian Ken Fraser  and many Australian chess rarities in photocopy came from them including a 16mm film of ‘The Austral’ which is easy to use on a projector. I did get an original Bignold’s ‘Australian Chess Annual’ 1896 and the Australian Championship Tourney Adelaide 1887/8 from Fred W in the USA. PLUS

My son John, is an old wares dealer in his free time from mechanical work and often buys a cheap chess set at garage sales and also chess book shelving ends in the shape of Knights. I went to the Dubbo swap meet and bought there a Xiang-Qi Chinese chess set that the dealer had owned for 2/3 years but no-one knew what it was. It was made by Shanghai Handicrafts ca 1960s and started an interest in Chinese Chess and the reading of David Li’s “The Genealogy of Chess” 1998.
Illustration 3
Xiangqi set bought at Dubbo Swap Meet in August 2016. The pieces all play on the lines not the squares. The River is where the board hinges are noted by the two black Chinese characters. There are 16 pieces a side-32 in all and they play on a 9x10 grid. The Kings or Generals  can only move inside the 3x3 grid fortress at the centre rear and the 2 Mandarins or Queens also. The  2 elephants cannot cross the river and there are 2 horses, 2 chariots, 2 cannons and 5 soldiers per side. The object is to checkmate or stalemate the enemy. Both mates are a win. The open board measures 43cms long x 34 cms wide. Did the game come from India? Most chess history say it did but China has its claims. Bob Meadley 26 Nov 2021

Collectors like contacting one another and I have files of letters from the ‘good old days’ graduating to emails for my small wants these days. Moravian Chess run by Vlastimil Fiala in the Czech Republic has reprinted many of the above works which can be bought at reasonable prices. This great game has kept me happy in Western NSW and the library is why.

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The Australian Chess Federation Inc is incorporated under the Australian Capital Territory Associations Incorporation Act 1991 and recognised by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs as the federation representing Australia.


State Association Delegates

NSWCA Delegate: Richard Gastineau-Hills
CV Delegate: Leonid Sandler
CAQ Delegate: Mark Stokes
SACA Delegate: Misheck Muza
TCA Delegate: Tom Saltmarsh
ACTCA Delegate: Cam Cunningham
CAWA Delegate: Andrew Hardegen

Executive Committee

President: Gary Wastell
Deputy President: Bill Gletsos
Vice-President: Kevin Bonham
Vice-President: Hughston Parle
Secretary: Rob Watson
Treasurer: Bob Keast


Assistant Treasurer: Misheck Muza
FIDE Delegate: Kevin Bonham
FIDE Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer: Graham Saint
Juniors Coordinator: Hughston Parle
Selections Director: Tom Saltmarsh
Medals & Awards Convenor: Gary Wastell
Equipment Coordinator: Bob Keast
Newsletter Editor: Keong Ang
Webmaster: David Esmonde
Public Officer: Cam Cunningham


Currently vacant positions which the Council has sought to fill in recent times:

Archives Director
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Webmaster
Grand Prix Director
Government Relations Director
Publicity Director

Readers with an interest in assisting with the work of the federation are welcome to seek details of related responsibilities by emailing or by phoning 0409 525 963 at any time.

The term of office for all Council-appointed officers ends each year at the first Council meeting after 30 June.

Solution to Problem of the Month - No.67

Philip Williams
Christmas Greetings, 1904
Diagram of Problem of the Month No.61
White to play and mate in 3

Key: 1.Kb2! (waiting). 1…a1=Q+ 2.Rxa1 h1=Q 3.Qxh1.

Visit for an introduction to chess composition (including a Glossary) and more problem examples.
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