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Australian Chess Federation
No. 611 - 3 August 2022
Editor: Keong Ang
Usually Published in the Second Week of Each Month
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by IA Keong Ang

Welcome to the third ACF Newsletter of a series spanning the 44th Chess Olympiad. This series would collate and publish contributions from those who are on the ground at the Olympiad in Chennai, India.

Live games on Chess24 for round 7
Open, Iran vs Australia
Women, Latvia vs Australia

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Official website

44th FIDE Chess Olympiad, Chennai, India.

Chess Results

Australian Open team
Australian Womens team

New Zealand Open team
New Zealand Womens team

Olympiad Report

by Paul Power

Day 6 of Olympiad
Olympiad competition day 6 for Australia was one of excitement and success.

Anton Smirnov found himself facing World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Anton went all out to beat Carlsen but over-sacrificed and was ground down and conceded after 40 moves. Temur Kuybokarov pressured the Norwegian number 2 until Tari Aryan cracked. Temur has now scored 4.5/5. (No wonder Temur and Dad were looking pleased and happy at the Bermudan party last night!) Bobby Cheng kept the game so complicated that Hammer lost on time in an unclear position. Bobby has also scored 4.5/5. There was much anticipation in the Australian camp over the remaining game between Justin Tan and Johan-Sebastian Christiansen. Justin had a Queen for two Rooks and was eventually able to secure a draw and a match win for Australia against the number three seeded Norway. 2.5 - 1.5

Australia now sits in number 21 position out of 188 teams, having been seeded 29. Australia faces thirteenth seed Iran in round 7 Friday. Thursday is a rest day.

Australian Women were paired with India 3 and, although outrated on all boards, scored draws for Julia Ryjanova on board 1 and Heather Richards on board 2. Julia has played very solidly for 4.5/6. Chi Phan on board 3 and Giang Nguyen board 4 showed great resilience, but some positions were just too passive to hold. 1 - 3

Australia plays Latvia round 7.

The Open leader board sees Armenia with 12 match points (2 for a win 1 for a draw) on top ahead of USA on 11 points. India, India 2 and eight other teams are on 10. Australia are on 9 and Norway on 7.

The Women’s table is headed by India on 12 and Azerbaijan and Romania on 11. Australia is on 7.

Kiwi's view of Olympiad

by John Stark

Update - 4 August
Been a few days since my last update.

Today is the rest day, so I will fill you in on what’s been happening the last few days.

Let’s go back to after my last update, where we had succumbed to Oman 🇴🇲 in the third round.
The fourth round we were paired with Barbados 🇧🇧 a fairly decent team with a strong board 1 & 2.

Barbados $1 coin

We arrived at the venue after our morning routine which was covered in update 3 ~ breakfast,prep,lunch,bus etc…. My opponent gifted me a Barbados coin as a token gift. It’s not uncommon for players to exchange a memorial gift that represents one’s country. Unfortunately I did not bring anything, but the following day I found my opponent from today’s game and gave him a NZ 50cent coin.

We won the match against Barbados 3-1. I won along with Daniel on board 1 and young Felix on board 3.

The following day, in round 5 we played Hong Kong 🇭🇰 and also won 3-1. I was the one who lost, I built a completely winning position, then messed up the endgame to get a drawing position from a winning one, to then proceed to lose. I need to calculate forcing variations better towards the end of the game and convert these wining positions I have been getting into victories!

I rested round 6 against a stronger Ecuador 🇪🇨 Team. We went down 4nil losing on every board. Daniel’s first loss of the event. I went to the mall with Jasmine Zhang from the Woman’s team she was resting also.

WIM Jasmine Zhang (NZL) crushing life!

After round 6 there was the famous Bermuda 🇧🇲 Party. I’m not sure how it got it’s name, maybe someone can explain in the comments. The Bermuda party is traditionally on the eve of the rest day. 4 of us from the NZ delegation attended. It was a big event, at a resort hotel near the venue , most of the top tier teams were staying there. I arrived at the venue then got driven across the property on a golf cart to see my good friend Grandmaster David Howell. Was nice to see him in the flesh rather than digitally. I was also able to meet world champion Magnus Carlsen! and exchange a few words with him. I was to embarrassed to ask him for a selfie or sign my board as he never gets a break from it. When we joined the party , he was mobbed resentlessly for selfies etc…. But being the good sport he is and an excellent role model for chess and success, he is obliging. He is also having a great tournament individually, but Norway is struggling and have been relegated to the lower playing hall for tomorrows game. So I will actually be able to watch his game as it’s happening. Unless the organisers deem this unsafe and potentially put him back in the first (smaller) playing hall.

Back to the party, it was big, loud and very humid. You could either go into the disco hall to escape the heat, which was air conditioned but loud as f, or outside to the grass area which was a humid sauna for the likes of me from Auckland.

I went between both, but was probably outside more often. The party is a great for meeting new faces or seeing faces from the past. I caught up with a few people that have come to NZ or I’ve met in tournaments overseas. I also made new acquaintances. I arrived back to the hotel at 4am and rested all day. Ordered some KFC tonight, decided to take a break from the hotel food. I regret ordering the KFC, the idea of KFC is always better than the reality of it.

I’ve added a variety of photos from the past few days.
Tomorrow is round 7 we play a low rated team St Lucia. Hope I’ll play all the remaining games. If I’m able to score at least 6/9 I’ll get an automatic FM title.
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