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Australian Chess Federation
No. 605 - 17 July 2021
Editor: Keong Ang
Published in the Second Week of Each Month
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by IA Keong Ang

Welcome to July 2021's ACF Newsletter. During production of this newsletter, COVID-19 lockdowns started again with the attendant disruption to scheduled plans and travel.

The conclusion of Melbourne's FIDE Arbiter's Seminar and exams brings to my mind FIDE's efforts on Hybrid chess. What is most senseless is the general conclusion that Hybrid chess events would not normally be FIDE rated and certainly will not be able to earn norms or direct titles. Considering the significant cost and effort to comply with FIDE's requirements for Hybrid events, it raises the basic question of "why bother?" when it cannot even be FIDE rated. The only Hybrid event that has been FIDE rated to date is the Oceania Zonal held earlier this year.

It looks like it is pointless to organise Hybrid chess events. Where usual over the board chess cannot be played due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, efforts are better directed towards pure Online chess. It would cost a lot less to organise and still achieve the same outcome of allowing players to have some chess activity.

ACF Notices


World Cups 2021

Round 1 of the 2021 FIDE (Open) and Women’s World Cup elimination tournaments ended in the early hours of this issue’s publication date, with the following results for Australia’s representatives.

Oceania Women’s Champion, WGM Julia Ryjanova (2299), drew her first game against Grecian WGM Stavroula Tsolakidou (2389), but was beaten in their second game, while the ACF’s nominee, Penny Drastik (1835), improved on her opening game loss to French GM Marie Sebag (2438) with a memorable draw in game two.

Having drawn both his classical-rate games against Turkish GM Vahap Sanal (2556), the ACF’s nominee in the ‘Open’ Cup, GM Bobby Cheng (2552), began a tiebreaking series of faster-rate games beginning with two games at 25 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move.

Game 1. White: Cheng. 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Bb4+ 4.Nbd2 0-0 5.a3 Be7 6.e4 d6 7.Be2 Nfd7 8.0-0 e5 9.Nb1 exd4 10.Nxd4 Nc5 11.Nc3 a5 12.Be3 Bf6 13.Qc2 Nc6 14.Nbd5 Bxc3 15.Nxc3 Re8 16.Rad1 b6 17.f4 Bb7 18.Bf3 Qc8 19.Rfe1 a4 20.Nd5 Na5 21.e5 dxe5 22.fxe5 Nc6 23.Bf4 Ne6 24.Bg4 Ne7 25.Rf1 Ng6 26.Bg3 b5 27.cxb5 Bxd5 28.Rxd5 Qb7 29.Qc4 Qa7+ 30.Kh1 Re7 31.Rd3 Rf8 32.h4 Rb8 33.h5 Ngf8 34.Rd5 h6 35.Kh2 Nh7 36.Rxf7 Kxf7 37.Bxe6+ Ke8 38.Bf5 Ng5 39.Rd8+ Kxd8 40.Qd5+ 1-0

Game 2. White: Sanal. 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 h6 5.Bxf6 Qxf6 6.a3 c6 7.Nf3 Qd8 8.Bd3 Nd7 9.Qe2 Be7 10.0-0 0-0 11.Rfe1 Re8 12.Qe3 Qc7 13.h4 b6 14.e5 c5 15.Qf4 Qd8 16.Rad1 a5 17.Bb5 Rf8 18.Qg3 Ba6 19.Bxa6 Rxa6 20.Nb5 Qc8 21.a4 Ra8 22.c4 Qc6 23.cxd5 exd5 24.Qh3 Qe6 25.Qxe6 fxe6 26.Nc7 Rac8 27.Nxe6 Rf5 28.dxc5 bxc5 29.Rc1 Nb6 30.Rc3 Kf7 31.g4 Rxf3 32.Rxf3+ Kxe6 33.Rb3 Nc4 34.Rb7 Rf8 35.Kg2 Bxh4 36.Re2 d4 37.Rb3 Nxe5 38.Rb5 d3 39.Rd2 c4 40.Rxa5 Nxg4 41.Ra6+ Ke5 42.Kh3 Rxf2 43.Rd1 Kf4 44.Rh1 g5 45.Rd6 Rf3+ 46.Kg2 Ne3+ 0-1

Bobby’s reward is to be paired in the next round against world No.5, GM Lev Aronian (2782).

Among several sites on which games can be followed from 11pm Australian Eastern time is World Cup - Live! | ChessBase and LIVE broadcast — FIDE World Cup 2021

Online Olympiad 2021

On 13 July, FIDE announced that a second on-line Olympiad is to be held between August 13 and September 15, 2021.

As in 2020, six team members will play on the following boards in each match: Boards 1 and 2 (Open) no limitations
Boards 3 and 4 (Women)
Board 5: (FIDE Junior) born 2001 or later
Board 6: (FIDE Girl) born 2001 or later.
Six reserves matching the above criteria may also be nominated.

Time controls: 15 minutes plus 5 seconds each per move.

After the receipt of entries, teams are to be allocated to divisions which will play in different time frames. In 2020, the Australian team was allocated to division two which, this year, is scheduled to be played on September 2, 3 and 4.

Regulations indicate that, to accommodate teams in different time zones, “playing sessions shall preferably start between 10 am and 8pm local time”.
The complete FIDE announcement may be seen here and the Online Olympiad Regulations here.

Applications for selection in the Australian team should be emailed on or before Tuesday 27 July 2021 to and must include the following information:
Family name
Given names
Email address
Postal address
Phone number
Birth date “nickname”
Applicants should phone 0409 525 963 or (03) 9787 7974 if an application has not been acknowledged within 24 hours of transmission.

Applications are also invited from persons who wish to be considered for appointment as Team Manager, with responsibility for overseeing the registration of the team, the coordination of players and reserves and the responsibilities assigned in the event Regulations to Team Captain.
Manager/Captain applications should be addressed to .

FIDE Calendar 2021

The following events continue to be listed for presentation during 2021:
FIDE World Cup (Sochi, Russia) Jul 10 to Aug 6
FIDE Women’s World Cup (Sochi, Russia) Jul 10 to Aug 3
Asian Schools C’p (Girls) (online) July 23 to 25
Asian Schools C’p (Boys) (online) July 29 to 31
FIDE Online Cadets & Youth Rapid World Cup (online) Aug 1 to 31
FIDE Online Olympiad 13 Aug to Sep 15
World Youth Mindsports Fair (online) Aug 14 to 28
Asian Youth C’ps (Bali, Indonesia) Sep 4 to 13
World Women’s Teams C’p (Sitges, Spain) 26 Sep to Oct 3
World Amateur C’p (Rhodes, Greece) [vaccination requirements] Oct 17 to 27
FIDE Grand Swiss & Women’s Grand Swiss (Isle of Man) 25 Oct to Nov 8
FIDE Online Cadets & Youth Grand Prix Series (online) Nov 1 to 24
31st Southeast Asian Games (Hanoi, Vietnam) 21 Nov to Dec 2
FIDE World Championship  Carlsen v Nepomniachtchi (Dubai, UAE) Nov 24 to Dec 16
FIDE Online Cadets & Youth Rapid Super Final (online) Dec 18 to 24

Although no additional information for several of these events has been posted recently, links from the FIDE Calendar remain likely places to find updates when available. A link to the FIDE Calendar is here.

FIDE & Asian Federation Events 2022

On 5 July, FIDE confirmed the postponement until 2022 of the following events, previously listed for 2021, reporting that “The decision was made following the recommendations of the World Health Organization, national sports authorities in the hosting countries, and concerns expressed by many participants and national federations. In some cases, the previously posted locations for these events have been changed.”

World School Individual C’ps – Panama City, Panama (previously Halkidiki, Greece)
World Youth u14, u16, u18 C’ps – Mamaia, Romania (previously Moscow, Russia)
World Cadet u8, u10, u12 C’ps – Batumi, Georgia (previously Egypt)
World Senior C’ps – Assisi, Italy (previously Sochi, Russia)
World Senior Teams C’p – Acqui Terme, Italy
World Youth u14, u16, u18 Rapid & Blitz C’ps – Greece (previously Batumi, Georgia)
World Cadet u8, u10, u12 Rapid & Blitz C’ps – Greece (previously Batumi, Georgia)
Fixtures for 2022 with locations and dates include:
Begum Laila Alam 11th International Rating Women’s T’t (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Feb 13 to 19
Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (Bangkok, Thailand) Mar 10 to 20
World Senior Team C’p 2022 (Acqui Terme, Italy) May 5 to 16
Other previously listed events that remain without dates are:
World Youth u16 Chess Olympiad
World Chess Olympiad (Moscow, Russia)
World Amateur C’p (Malta)
World Juniors u20 C’p (Olbia, Italy)

When available, potential participants can expect application details of these and other international events in future issues of this newsletter.


City of Adelaide Open (Adelaide, SA) 20 Jul to Sep 14
July Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA) Jul 22
ACT Winter Open / Minor (Campbell, ACT) Jul 23-25
Wendy Terry Memorial (Rothwell, Qld) Jul 24-25
Winter Rapid C'p (North Woodvale, WA) Jul 25
July Allegro #3 (Adelaide, SA) Jul 29
South-West Open (Everdon, WA) 31 Jul to Aug 1
August Quad (Adelaide, SA) Aug 5
Chocolate Chess (Latrobe, Tas) Aug 8
ACT u12 C'p (Campbell, ACT) Aug 8
August Blitz (Adelaide, SA) Aug 12
Queensland Open (Cairns, Qld) Aug 14 to 15
August Rapid #1 (Adelaide, SA) Aug 15
Swan Valley Winter Allegro (Swan Valley, WA) Aug 15
Melbourne Chess Club Semi-Open (Fitzroy, Vic) 16 Aug to Oct 11
August Allegro #1 (Adelaide, SA) Aug 19
Bundaberg Open (Kalkie, Qld) Aug 21 to 22
Tasmanian Lightning (Burnie, Tas) Aug 21
Tasmanian Rapid (Burnie, Tas) Aug 21 to 22
August Rapid #2 (Adelaide, SA) Aug 22
Harris Edwardes Interclub Comp (Leeming, WA) Aug 22 to 29
August Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA) Aug 26
ACT u14-u16 C'p (Campbell, ACT) Aug 28 to 29
South Australian Rapid C'p (Adelaide, SA) Aug 29
NSW Girls C’ps u18 & u12 (North Ryde, NSW) Sep 3 to 4
September Quad (Adelaide, SA) Sep 9
September Blitz (Adelaide, SA) Sep 16
Nell Van  de Graaff Classic (Gold Coast, Qld) Sep 18 to 19
Rhein-Donau Blitz (Myaree, WA) Sep 19
NSW Girls C’ps u18 & u12 (North Ryde, NSW)
September Allegro #1 (Adelaide, SA) Sep 23
AFL Grand Final Eve Blitz (Fitzroy, Vic) Sep 23
Leo Wilkinson Memorial (Rothwell, Qld) Sep 25 to 26
Chess Victoria Junior Masters (Melbourne, Vic) 27 Sep to Oct 1
City of Sydney Junior C’ps u18, u15, u12 (North Ryde, NSW) Sep 28 to 30
Junior Chess Camp (TBA, WA) Sep 28 to 29
ACT Junior C’ps (Campbell, ACT) 29 Sep to Oct 1
Queensland C’ps (TBA, Qld) 30 Sep to Oct 4)
September Allegro #2 (Adelaide, SA) Sep 30
West Australian Junior Rapidplay C’p (Leeming, WA) 30 Sep to Oct 2

2021 Australian Open & Junior Championships – Bids Invited

Because arrangements could not be made for the presentation in January of this year’s biennial Open Championship and the annual Australian Junior and Girls Championships, the ACF Council will consider bids from affiliated associations and others to present these events at more suitable times during the remainder of 2021.
Bids are also invited in respect of other Australian title events such as the Australian Rapid and Blitz championships in Open, Women’s, Senior and Junior categories. Although some of these events are held in conjunction with the Australian Open, they could be the subjects of separate bids with possible variations from the usual schedules and time controls.
Please address related inquiries to

2021 Oceania and Australian Seniors Championship Title Events

Additional information concerning the planned presentation of the 2021 Oceania Seniors Championship may be seen at .

The championship is the product of a three-way agreement with the Oceania Chess Confederation, the ACF and Queensland’s Noosa Shire Chess Club Inc, to present an international tournament for players who satisfy the FIDE and ACF definitions of “Senior”, which will limit participation this year to players born in or before 1971.

The event is to be held at the Tewantin-Noosa RSL from 13 to 20 November, with the highest-scoring Australian Senior being awarded the 2021 Australian Senior Championship title.

An entry pack produced by the Noosa Shire Chess Club is available with playing schedule, entry requirements, and accommodation and recreation possibilities.

ACF Funding Support Program

The deadline for activities commencing before 1 March 2022 has now passed.
Applications for activities to commencing between 1 March and 31 August 2022 is 31 December 2021.
Applications and reports must be endorsed by the ACF-affiliated State Association concerned and provide the information specified in the relevant form, including the schedule for the activity and statements of expected and actual income and expenditure.
Email for further information and forms.

Tournament Management Programs for Ratings Submissions

The ACF Council has resolved that from 1st June 2021 only tournaments that have been paired and submitted using either Vega or Orion will be accepted for FIDE or ACF rating.
Tournament organisers, chief arbiters and State ratings officers requiring additional information should contact ACF National Ratings Officers Bill Gletsos and/or Graham Saint via

Pending Vacancies

At the next meeting of the ACF Council, the Council will review the appointment of all Council-appointed positions as listed in the final pages of this newsletter.
Readers with an interest in assisting with the work of the federation are most welcome to seek details of related responsibilities by emailing or by phoning 0409 525 963 at any time.

News from the States / Territories

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory Chess Association Inc (ACTCA)
Upcoming Events
New South Wales
New South Wales Chess Association Inc (NSWCA)

Upcoming Events

Chess Association of Queensland Inc (CAQ)

Upcoming Events

Recent Events
South Australia

South Australian Chess Association Inc (SACA)

Upcoming Events
  • Various local events are published in SACA website.

Tasmanian Chess Association Inc (TCA)

Upcoming Events
  • 8 Aug Chocolate Chess 2021 (CANCELLED)
  • 21 Aug Tasmanian Lightning 2021
  • 21-22 Aug Tasmanian Rapid 2021
  • 30-31 Oct Launceston Cup 2021

Chess Victoria Inc (CV)

Upcoming Events
  • 28 Jun - 9 Aug MCC Edwin Malitis Memorials
  • 11 Jul - 12 Sep Victorian Championship
  • 19 Sep Victorian Junior Blitz
  • 26 Sep CV Rapid Play 1
  • 27 Sep - 1 Oct CV Junior Masters
  • 3 Oct CV Rapid Play 2
  • 10 Oct - 28 Nov CV Seniors and Womens Championship
  • 18 Oct - 6 Dec MCC Bob Brooking Round Robins
  • 29 Oct - 2 Nov MCC Greg Hjorth Open Weekender
  • 4-5 Nov Australian Schools Teams Championship (ASTC)
  • 20 Dec Victorian Blitz

Recent Events
  • 5-9 Jul Victorian Junior Championship
U18Open 1st: Ryder Testolin (Victorian Junior Open Champion)
U18Girls 1st: Chloe Fan (Victorian Junior Girls Champion)
U16Open 1st: Ruicheng Wang
U16Girls 1st: Jennifer Morrison
U14Open 1st: Rey Ding
U14Girls 1st: Angela Feng
U12 Open 1st: Tedric Li
U12Girls 1st: Vera Zeng
U10Open 1st: Billy Huang
U10Girls 1st: Vidushi Dissanayake
U8Open 1st: Rheyansh Reddy Annapureddy
U8Girls 1st: Amaya De Silva
Victorian Championship 2021
by Leonid Sandler, Tournament Director

Last year due to COVID-19 lockdowns in Victoria we were not able to conduct the 2020 Victorian Championship.

That is why our top players were extremely happy to sit down in front of chess boards and compete in the 2021 Victorian Championship.

3 International Masters and 3 FIDE Masters are amongst a very strong lineup of 24 players. This mixture of experience and youth promise many existing games.

It is pleasing to see two ladies in the field including the youngest girl (Cheng Chao Xin) ever participating in the history of Victorian Championships.

Details and games can be seen on Box Hill chess club website here
[Editor] Round 2 has been postponed due to COVID-19 lockdown.

Sally Yu
Sally Yu

Rating favorite IM Ari Dale
Rating favorite IM Ari Dale

Cheng Chao Xin won her first game!
Cheng Chao Xin won her first game!

Marcus Raine against four times Victorian Champion IM Igor Goldenberg.
Marcus Raine against four times Victorian Champion IM Igor Goldenberg.
Western Australia

Chess Association of Western Australia Inc (CAWA)

Upcoming Events
  • 25 Jul Winter Rapid Championship
  • 31 Jul - 1 Aug South-West Open
  • 15 Aug Swan Valley Winter Allegro
  • 19 Sep Rhein-Donau Blitz
  • 30 Sep - 1 Oct WA Junior Rapidplay Championship
  • 9-10 Oct Willetton Open
  • 24 Oct Swan Valley Allegro
  • 7-14 Nov Kingsley Open
  • 28 Nov Maccabi Blitz
  • 4-5 Dec Christmas Open
  • 12 Dec Christmas Blitz

Recent Events
2021 WA Chess Champion: Jamie Laubbacher (6.5/7)
2021 WA Women's Chess Champion: WFM Kathryn Hardegen (5.0/7)
2021 WA Seniors' Chess Champion: Craig Kinsman (5.0/7) 2021 WA Blitz Champion: FM Patrick Gong. (10.5/11)

FIDE Arbiters' Seminar in Melbourne, Australia.

by IA Peter Tsai, FIDE Lecturer

From 25th June to 4th July 2021, a FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar was organized in Melbourne, Australia, by Chess Victoria Inc (CV) and Australian Chess Federation, under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer was IA Tsai, Peter (AUS), FIDE Lecturer.

The language of the Seminar was English.

Fifteen (15) arbiters from three (3) Federations (AUS, NZL, and RUS) participated in the Seminar, and twelve (12) participated in the examination test, held after the end of the lectures.

The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a norm for the title (or direct title for AFG) of the FIDE Arbiter, after the approval of the next FIDE Council:

FIDE ID    FED  Name (as on FIDE Profile)
3203131 AUS  Nemeth, John
3220281 AUS  Yang, Ray
4302460 NZL  Gao, Hans
4123549 RUS  Khamatgaleev, Alexej
6000169 AUS  Broome, Tim
3217418 AUS  Harris, Anthony
3232220 AUS  Whitford, Matthew
3218015 AUS  Poberezovsky, Daniel
3219208 AUS  Lu, Lillian
3250717 AUS  Xu, Jialin

June 2021 FIDE Arbiter Seminar, Melbourne, Australia.

Problem of the Month - No.62

Selected by Peter Wong

Evgeny Umnov
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1945
Diagram of Problem of the Month - No.61
White to play and mate in 2

Visit for an introduction to chess composition (including a Glossary) and more problem examples.

Chess Designs T-shirts or Clothing

by Janie Chee

Please find attached the link to my chess design page for t-shirts/clothing. As you can see the t-shirts are all made of luxury soft cotton and are machine washable. Sizes come in small, medium, large or extra large. Feel free to ask me for a sample which I can order to show you. There are 6 designs featuring the King, Queen, Bishop, Castle & Pawn. There are also polo shirts, hoodies, beanies, crop tops and pants for sale. To find the kids t-shirts section, you can click on the product section and 'find kids t-shirts'. These are available from ages 1 - 13yrs. If your school has a newsletter or central forum on which you could advertise, it would be greatly appreciated if you can put my link on there for students to view and purchase from me online.

Please feel free to contact me via email on or by mobile on 0424 088 878 if you have any queries. Thank you again for this opportunity.

Recent International Events

New Zealand Chess News
New Zealand
  A Grade 1st equal: IM Anthony F Ker, IM Russell J Dive. (4.5/6)
B Grade 1st: Thomas Van der Hoorn. (5/6)
C Grade 1st: Ollie Archer. (5/6)
Junior Grade 1st equal: Lucas Qu, Adam Ord. (5/6) 2021 Auckland Girls Chess Champion: WCM Nadia Braganza. (6/6)
Under 12 1st equal: Sophia Feng, Sarah Sun. (5.5/6)
Under 10 1st equal: Tracy Tang, Lauren Ng. (6/6)

Upcoming International Events

New Zealand Chess News
New Zealand


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Chess Association of Queensland Inc (CAQ)

Brisbane Woolloongabba
Gold Coast Nerang
Logan City Springwood
City of Redcliffe Rothwell
Redlands Cleveland
Suncoast Buderim
The Gap
Townsville Pimlico

South Australia

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Adelaide University North Terrace
Ingle Farm Library
LeFevre Queenstown
Marion Cultural Oaklands Park
Modbury Modbury North
West Torrens North Plympton


Tasmanian Chess Association Inc (TCA)

Burnie Havenview  
Devonport East Devonport 
Hobart Sandy Bay
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Chess Victoria Inc (CV)

Bandicoot Craigieburn
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Serbian North Fitzroy

Western Australia

Chess Association of Western Australia Inc (CAWA)

Metropolitan Nedlands
Perth Woodvale
Southern Suburbs Leeming

ACF Personnel

The Australian Chess Federation is an incorporated association (number A 01325) under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the ACT. It is the governing chess organisation in Australia and is affiliated to FIDE (the Fédération Internationale des Échecs).


State Association Delegates

NSWCA Delegate: Richard Gastineau-Hills
CV Delegate: Leonid Sandler
CAQ Delegate: Shaun Curtis
SACA Delegate: Michael Caruso
TCA Delegate: Tom Saltmarsh
ACTCA Delegate: Cam Cunningham
CAWA Delegate: Andrew Hardegen

Executive Committee

President: Gary Wastell
Deputy President: Bill Gletsos
Vice-President: Kevin Bonham
Vice-President: Hughston Parle
Secretary: Rob Watson
Treasurer: Michael Caruso


Assistant Secretary: Mark Stokes
Assistant Treasurer: Bob Keast
FIDE Delegate & Admin Officer: Kevin Bonham
FIDE Trainers Contact: Leonid Sandler
FIDE Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer: Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer: Graham Saint
Junior Chess Coordinator: Hughston Parle
Selections Director (acting): Tom Saltmarsh
Medals & Awards Convenor: Gary Wastell
Equipment Coordinator: Bob Keast
Newsletter Editor: Keong Ang
Webmaster: David Esmonde
Assistant Webmaster: Dave Thomas
Public Officer (incorporation): Cam Cunningham


Information concerning the following positions which the Council has sought to fill in recent times can be obtained by email to or by phoning 0409 525 963.

Archives Director
Grand Prix Director
Government Relations Director
Publicity Director
Trophies Officer

The term of office for all Council-appointed officers ends each year at the first Council meeting after 30 June.

Solution to Problem of the Month - No.62

Evgeny Umnov
Shakhmaty v SSSR 1945
Diagram of Problem of the Month No.61
White to play and mate in 2

Key: 1.Bg2! (threat: 2.Qh3). 1…Bxg2 2.Bh2, 1…Rxg2 2.Rf3, 1…Kxg2 2.Qh2, 1…Qh4 2.Qf3, 1…Qg4 2.Qh2, 1…Qxf8 2.Qg5.

Visit for an introduction to chess composition (including a Glossary) and more problem examples.
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Please submit article contributions by Monday 9th August 2021 for publication in the 2nd week of August 2021 newsletter.
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