Issue 6 - February 2017
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Happy Winter!  Well, at least that is the season we are in but the weather hasn't shown evidence of it too much so far.  Our "Wear White because we are wishing for a snow day" on Monday did bring us some flurries and snow squalls, but nothing significant yet!  I love snow, but it would be nice to have that long spring break in April and not have to make-up any snow days!

Just a reminder that children will be going out for recess during the winter months unless the playground is covered with snow, raining, or the temperature is below 32 degrees.  Children should wear a winter coat, gloves and a hat to keep warm at the bus stop and recess.
The first half of the year has come to an end and report cards went home Friday, January 27, 2017.  Requested parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for the evenings of February 15th and 16th.  Now is the time we encourage our students to become the independent learners we know they are capable of being.  While we all continue to support and meet the needs of our students, it is also important to show them we believe they are capable individuals who demonstrate grade level proficiencies.
Please continue to support your child by checking homework, reading daily, practicing math facts, encouraging daily attendance and following school rules.  Positive school/bus behavior has a positive effect on academic success. Also, continue to foster with your child an “I can” attitude.”  Students learn in many different ways, but we strongly believe that all students can learn.  Thank you for your help in a successful first semester.  Let us all work together to make the second half of the year even better!

Beth M. Koontz, Principal

Student Council created a "100 reasons we love" heart for each grade level with the help of all students and faculty.  We think they turned out great!

We have been learning for a while.
In fact, 100 days!
We can spell, read, and write.
We can count in many ways.
We've had fun and made good friends.
But it's not over yet, don't you know?
Let's keep going, going, going...
and see how much we grow

Congratulations to our winners in the 2017 Geography Bee
(pictured left to right):
1st Place - Theodore Hill - Gr. 5
2nd Place - Lachlan Gemmill-Edwards - Gr. 4
3rd Place - Mackenzie Dryden - Gr. 5


Feb. 9 - Beginner Orchestra Winter
             Concert - 7 pm

Feb. 9 - Battle of Buildings T-shirt
              orders due

Feb. 15 and 16 - Parent Teacher
             Conferences - evening              
Feb. 17 - School Closed -
             In-service Day

Feb. 20 - President's Day -
             School Closed

Feb. 21 - Spring Picture Day
Feb. 21 - PTO Meeting - 7 pm
Feb. 22 - School Board Recognition
             Night - 7 pm

Feb. 23 - Battle of the Buildings
             at SHS - 6:30 pm -
wear yellow
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We are still looking for help in our new Innovation Lab. Please contact         Mrs. Boyer for information at

Click on link below for all information and requirements to volunteer at FES.
Volunteer Information

Tech Management For Children

By: Kelly Miller, School Counselor

    As I have been talking to parents, the topic of technology  and how to manage it keeps coming up.  I googled the topic and discovered some common themes.  Most information I read emphasized having a tech free zone, where families could have time to converse and do activities together.  Of course, one time is having meals together.  This creates socialization and family bond.  Another theme was for adults to be good role models with tech usage.  

      Another recommendation is to establish set time limits for tech usage.  Even if the tech usage is educational, it seems like it is still a good idea to put limits on it.   Keeping technology in a central location is a good idea, and not in children’s bedrooms, so they are not tempted to play video games or watch movies at night.  Of course being aware of what your child is doing on the internet is very important.

    Have a plan, if your child throws a fit when tech time is over, it is suggested that you warn your child that he or she has 5 minutes left and then tech time is over.  If your child still tantrums, treat this like other tantrums.  Set firm limits and follow through.  Teach your child safe, appropriate ways to deal with disappointment and anger, throw a soft ball against the wall, write about or draw their feelings, use their words “I am angry!” , scream into a pillow, or punch a stuffed animal. (never themselves or another person)    After a time,  your child will learn how to manage these emotions.  It may not happen overnight.  Compliment them for doing better handling their anger, as this is part of growing up.  

    The good and bad of technology is just like anything else, it needs to be managed by parents, boundaries set and then carried out.  These basic parenting tips will help children be well balanced in a tech friendly world.  Many articles I read on-line suggested beginning to set boundaries with children as soon as they handle a device, so very young.  I hope this helps, and if you want to learn more, just google it.  There is so much information out there!

2017 LIU Summer Academy Re-opens!
  • One week enrichment courses for students in current grades 3-8 
  • Courses run daily from 9-3 
  • Tuition: $230 
  • No before/after school care 
  • Application process 
  • Eligibility for Academic courses – no eligibility for Art classes 
  • Academic eligibility can be any one of the following criteria:
    * Identified gifted/minimum 125 on most recent evaluation
    *PSSA/minimum 1500 most recent math/reading assessment
    *Achievement test/minimum 85% core on most recent test
    *Participant in Act 89 enrichment or gifted program 

  • Locations are:    Gettysburg HACC July 10-14                 York HACC July 24-28 
  • Application Link:             
  • Deadline March 1st
    • (We will accept applications past that date for those classes where openings exist.  Parents can call our hotline number     (624-6509) to determine class availability.

We are still on the lookout for neat materials for our lab.  Items needed include but are not limited to...
duct tape                  play dough
fabric                        lids
springs                     twist ties
nuts and bolts         screws
string                        Velcro
toothpicks                metal washers
screwdrivers            pliers
  Thanks to all who joined us for Family Game Night! We had a great time!

Our spring fundraiser is Gertrude Hawk and SYC Warrier logo Tervis cups. This will run February 3rd through February 16th. 

 The spring box top collection runs Feb. 3rd through Feb. 16th. Start counting those box tops!

 The PTO winter carnival will be held on March 3rd from 6-8 p.m. throughout the school. Key highlights to include face painting, balloon animals, cotton candy, games, and more! Information to come home soon.

  Please join us on Tuesday, February 21st at 7:00 pm in the PTO room (room 107) for the next regularly scheduled PTO meeting.  

  As always, feel free to reach out via email to our PTO President, Stacy Guess at -

Friendship Elementary School :: 3457 Sticks Rd. :: Glen Rock, PA 17327 :: Ph 717-235-4811 :: Fax 717-235-0302
Mrs. Beth M. Koontz, Principal -
Mrs. Lisa A. Boyer, Assistant Principal -

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