What's In Store: Issue #4
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Issue 4: Mission Statement
So, I've received a ton of replies asking, "Who is Meg?!"
I'm Meg and I love burritos.
My team suggested an introduction, so here are 5 facts that tell The Meg Story: 

1. I love all things pens and stationery and even listen to a podcast called The Pen Addict
2. This isn't a font. It's my handwriting.
3. My lizard has an Instagram.
4. When I was 9 years old, I fell in love with Bruce Willis. 
5. I've worked at MailChimp for a little less than 3 years. I started at the front desk, and on my third day we had a party to celebrate the fact that we had 150 employees. Now we have 500, I'm on the marketing team working on this e-commerce store, and honestly, I'm not sure why anyone trusted me to do this.

On that note, let's dive in, shall we?
Last week, we realized that we needed to identify the mission of our store.
But first, what would we sell? Mark DiCristina, our Marketing Director, came up with the genius idea to partner with our users and collaborate with them on products.

For example, we love socks! And we love weird. So we reached out to MailChimp user Odd Pears to create exclusive-to-MailChimp socks to sell in our first collection.
We also love supporting organizations that support the people in our community, so we decided to pair each product partner with a nonprofit who could reap the benefits from the sales of the items. Lain, our Corporate Citizenship Manager, chose Lost-n-Found Youth as our first nonprofit partner. Atlanta has more than 750 homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth, and Lost-n-Found is the only organization in Atlanta exclusively dedicated to serving them and helping them transition to more permanent housing. Odd Pears + Lost-N-Found will be our first partnership.
Wait a second.
This store isn’t even really about MailChimp. It’s about our users. We’re selling their items, giving the money to great causes, and learning something along the way. 

It’s not The MailChimp Store or Freddie’s General Store. Freddie isn’t doing all the work here. It’s more about the company we keep.

It’s totally Freddie and Company!
Freddie and Company's mission statement: We collaborate with creative people to make fun, unique products for good causes.
Follow us here:
Twitter: @freddieandcomp
Instagram: @freddieandcompany
Facebook: Freddie and Co.
Website: freddieand.co
So, what's this store supposed to look like, anyway?

Oh, boy. Here we go again.
- meg
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