How'd that happen?
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As you may have noticed, you just received an unfinished email! I draft these newsletters inside my MailChimp account, and somehow, while I was writing, an incomplete What's in Store Issue #36 was sent. A coworker messaged me asking why the latest What's in Store looked unfinished (bless you, Neel) as I was working on it. We're still trying to figure it out, but we think someone who was testing inside the account sent my email by mistake.

Thanks to the nifty Stop Delivery feature that comes with MailChimp Pro, I was able to cancel the send before it went to the other 80% of the list. You, on the other hand, were in the lucky 20% that received my unedited draft before the button was pressed!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that the final draft of Issue #36 is still pending and should arrive in your inboxes next week. Most likely with an intro paragraph about this lovely experience :)

See you then.


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