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October 28, 2021  |  Volume 6, Issue 43
We've updated our look!
Hello and welcome!

Earlier this year, we asked In the Region readers and ARC partners for feedback to help us refresh our newsletter for its five-year anniversary.   

Using those insights, we've streamlined our layout to help you quickly and easily receive valuable content about Appalachian community and economic development. 

Over the next few issues, you'll likely recognize updated versions of old favorites, encounter new sections, and notice other small adjustments. Look for the italicized notes for more details on what you can expect. 

Thank you to everyone who provided input and helped make this possible! We hope you enjoy and take inspiration from ARC's new(ish) newsletter.

Happy reading,
The ARC Communications Team
Federal Co-Chair Gives Remarks Throughout the Region
You'll likely recognize this section! ARC News is exactly what it sounds like - big announcements re: POWER or the Appalachian Leadership Institute, recent happenings with our Federal Co-Chair, exciting news from our state partners, and stories or updates of Regional relevance. 
Federal Co-Chair Gayle Manchin made multiple virtual visits across the Region this week.

She spoke at the North Central West Virginia Business Summit, followed by remarks at the Community Colleges of Appalachia Fall Conference in New York, where she shared how her own experiences as an educator increase her awareness of the important role community colleges play in workforces.

During remarks at the 2021 Rural Resilience Summit in Southwest Virginia, which focused on creating equitable systems for tomorrow's workforce, Manchin reminded the audience "at the end of the day, it's not about our past or even where we are now, but about the ways we can carry Appalachia's resilience into the future together.
Communities across the Region are embracing local legends as part of their tourism and economic development efforts. In the spirit of spooky season, here are three interesting approaches to leveraging the creepier aspects of culture.
Point Pleasant, WV's Mothman

The Mothman - a “large flying man with ten-foot wings” - has prompted a movie, statue, local festival, and case study in ARC's recent report on Appalachian tourism.  
Norton, VA's Woodbooger

The Legend of the Woodbooger, a Bigfoot-like creature, has evolved into a designated Sanctuary and "Woodbooger Festival." 
Sutton, WV's Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods Monster appears as a tall creature with glowing eyes- learn more about the sightings and the monster museum!
Preserving and Promoting Appalachia's Nature and Culture
One of the five refreshed investment priorities in ARC's new strategic plan is Building Regional Culture and Tourism.

Appalachian communities of any size can find economic opportunity in the outdoors.
Watch this panel discussion from ARC's Annual Conference, Appalachia Envisioned, to learn more about how communities are using outdoor recreation planning to create jobs and attract new businesses.
Highlights and Updates from Around the Region
Each week, the Community section will feature curated digital content, inspiring ideas and interesting updates from ARC partners and their communities. 
WV Hub Virtual Learning Tool

Check out a new tool for exploring how partnerships play an important role in moving forward community-building work. 
Local's Guide to Mountain Bike Trails

Huntsville created an interactive guide for locals (and visitors!) highlighting the best mountain biking trails in Alabama.

Interagency Working Group Webinar November 3
This section highlights opportunities that allow readers to apply for a grant or RFP, register for a workshop, learn from a helpful webinar, and more. 
The Interagency Working Group on Coal & Power Plant Communities & Economic Revitalization is hosting a free, virtual workshop tailored to help communities address industrial change.

The virtual event, titled "Where to Start? Webinar for Energy Communities Starting a Transformation" will be held on Wednesday, November 3 at 1 p.m. EST.

Viewers will receive guidance and a step-by-step guide to engaging on this topic within your community. Takeaways you can expect include:
  • Expert advice on a range of relevant and related issues, including guiding principles and challenges addressing change, leaders and partnerships, issues and questions to consider, and lessons learned.
  • A checklist of necessary activities and case studies.
  • A task list for developing a plan that addresses financial, employment, and social disruptions.
  • Where to find capacity assistance, locally, state level, and federally.

Click here to register for the webinar. 

Interagency Working Group Webinar
November 3, 2021

Small Communities, Big Solutions Conference
November 15-18, 2021

November 17, 2021

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