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In the March 25 newsletter:
Prepare for Hollywood's biggest night of the year with podcasts and articles from our Oscar experts.
People assume a rookie won’t make a big impact during the playoffs, but then they shock the entire league with a stellar performance off the bench, clinching big wins for their team. It’s like when people assume they can’t afford great insurance, but then they discover that State Farm has surprisingly great rates. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Get a quote today

Do the Oscars Need to Be Saved?


Join Matthew Belloni and author Mark Harris as they discuss the Academy’s decision to cut eight categories from the live Oscar broadcast and debate whether the ceremony needs to be changed.

[Listen to the latest episode of The Town With Matthew Belloni.]

The 2022 Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win and Who Should


Ahead of Sunday's ceremony, Sean Fennessey and Joanna Robinson make their picks in all 23 categories of the 94th Academy Awards.

[Listen to the latest episode of The Big Picture.]

The Most Egregious Best Picture Snub Ever


Which movie will Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson, and Neil Miller dub the most egregious Best Picture snub ever?

[Listen to the latest episode of Trial by Content.]

How Drive My Car Is Changing the Definition of Best Picture

C&I Entertainment/Ringer illustration

Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s film is the first from Japan to ever land in the Oscars’ most prestigious category—the next step to making sure the Academy Awards don’t feel so local. 

[Miles Surrey looks at the significance of Drive My Car as one of this year's 10 Best Picture nominees.]

The Night The Silence of the Lambs Devoured the Oscars

Orion Pictures/Ringer illustration

On March 30, 1992, Jonathan Demme’s cannibalistic thriller became just the third movie to sweep the Academy Awards’ big five categories. Since then, no other movie has done it.

[Keith Phipps remembers the big night for The Silence of the Lambs, 30 years ago.]
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