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In the March 3 newsletter:
It's Batman Week at The Ringer! Ahead of Friday's release of the much-anticipated The Batman, we rank the Caped Crusader's best villains, look at the history of Gotham's design on screen, and hear from Matt Reeves himself.

The 25 Best Batman Villains, Ranked

Harrison Freeman

Every superhero needs a nemesis—these are the ones who have given the Dark Knight his best fights.

[Our staff analyzed, debated, and decided the 25 best Batman villains who've graced the silver screen.]

The Long and Twisted History of Designing Gotham City

Jonathan Bartlett

Batman and his city are inextricably linked, and in developing their Dark Knight movies, filmmakers from Tim Burton to Matt Reeves have always paid special attention to how that city looks.

[Jake Kring-Schreifels investigates the history of how Gotham has appeared across films.]

What Makes The Batman Different, With Director Matt Reeves

The Ringer's Sean Fennessey is joined by The Batman director and cowriter Matt Reeves to talk about how and why he made the film.

The State of the DC Extended Universe’s Batman, Heading Into the Reboot

Jay Torres

The Batman's box office success should be a foregone conclusion, but the real question is what fans want out of a Batman movie in 2022, and whether a multipronged approach to the character can be successful for Warner Bros.

[Miles Surrey takes stock of Batman, the character, across the DCEU.]

The Batman Franchise Had to Adopt the Dark. Will It Ever See the Light Again?

Jarett Sitter

After being panned by critics and rejected by filmgoers, Joel Schumacher’s cheery, campy Batman & Robin had the unintentional effect of forcing later installments to become darker and moodier. 

[Charles Holmes asks the question: Will every future movie look like this week’s ultra-gritty The Batman?]

Robert Pattinson Has Been Lying to You for Years

Getty Images/Ringer illustration

Over the past 15 years, the newest Batman has been telling stories about befriending elephants, selling pornography, and watching clowns die. None of them is true.

[Join Carrie Wittmer as she explores the entertaining lies of the latest actor to don the cowl.]
“I'm vengeance.”
—Batman, The Batman
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