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Sock It to Homelessness!
It's sock time again!  There will be a box in the Narthex for sock collection for Operation Nightwatch. You can leave socks there, or Nancy Daugherty and Suzanne Fry are always happy to have your cash to purchase socks on your behalf.  $15 will buy 20 pairs of new men's white athletic socks on Amazon or $10 will buy 6 pair at Costco.  You can bring socks until November 13th, the day they have to be dropped off. You can bring cash until November 6th so there is time to buy socks.  Please help save some wet and cold feet!!
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Information/Listening Session
Sunday, November 6
Fellowship Hall

Plan to stay after worship for another listening/info session regarding church building upgrades. See John Daugherty’s “Moderate Word” for a summary of the first session, held October 2.
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“Fall Back” on November 6!
Remember to set clocks back one hour as Daylight Saving Time ends. (But if you show up early to church, you can always join the choir!)
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1960s Dance Party
Saturday, November 19
5 to 9 PM
Prospect Fellowship Hall
All Prospect members and friends are invited to a
1960s Dance Party
hosted by Cora and Frank Trujillo.
Help Cora celebrate 2 major life events:
retirement and 60th birthday
This is a fund raiser for Prospect Church so in lieu of gifts, please consider a donation to Prospect.
(cash and check donations accepted). 
Please RSVP to Cora ( or 206-330-4201)
as this is a catered event and we want there to be enough
food and drink for everyone. 
In keeping with the 1960s theme, guests will be expected to dress for the decade and show us your best 1960s dance moves!  
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Holiday “Baskets”
A special offering will be collected in November to provide Safeway gift cards for 20 of our preschool families to enjoy a holiday meal. Please make checks payable to Prospect Congregational UCC and put “Holiday Baskets” in the memo line.  If giving cash, please use an offering envelope and write “Holiday Baskets” on the outside. Thank you for sharing your bounty with those in need!
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Minister’s Greeting
Showing up to Yes
Office Manager Karen Eisenbrey and I were recently filling out a survey about how Prospect addresses homelessness in our community. Does your church provide a day center where people experiencing homelessness can be? No, with the preschool here, there’s no good space. Do you provide showers? Nope, no showers in the building. Storage for people’s possessions? Huh-uh. Car camping? No parking lot. Host Tent City? No space.
Yikes! So many questions, so many nos!
But eventually there were questions to which we could answer yes. Yes, we hosted Mary’s Place families last summer, and we will do so again. Yes, we held two forums on homelessness last year and invited the neighbors to attend. Yes, we participate in Operation Nightwatch’s “Sock It to Homelessness” sock drive every year to provide socks for people who need them. Yes, some of you volunteer regularly with Community Lunch on Capitol Hill to feed people who are hungry, many of whom are also in need of housing. Yes, our Justice Leadership Program (JLP) interns last year and now are serving organizations that work on homelessness: the Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance and the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. Yes, some of us attended the Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day in Olympia last February and made sure our legislators knew we cared about this issue. Yes, we provide Christmas gifts for Mary’s Place clients every year. Yes, our Advent bake sale benefitted the Tutu’s Pantry weekend backpack food program for hungry and sometimes homeless kids at Stevens Elementary. Yes, yes, yes.
Some of us at Prospect experience housing insecurity now. Others have taken people into their homes or found accommodations for them, hired them or helped them find jobs, and cleared the path for people to get back on their feet in a variety of ways.
Homelessness is an issue that we as individuals and as a congregation have a heart to address. We don’t have all the answers, all the money, all the space, all the right connections. We just show up, as we are and with what we have, and we do what we can. It makes a difference.
Recently, a proposal arose at the Seattle City Council to shift $160 million from a mothballed North Precinct police station project to building 1,000 affordable homes. The Church Council of Greater Seattle put out a letter for people of faith to sign in support of this proposal. After church one Sunday, Abi Velasco brought her laptop to coffee hour, and a bunch of you signed the letter online. It was easy and only took a minute or two.
It turns out we had a significant number of signatures on this letter. As a result, the Church Council invited me to speak at the City Council budget hearings in support of this proposal for 1,000 affordable homes. Much as I love to preach in the comfort of our own sanctuary, the thought of speaking publicly to elected officials in a crowded room gave me pause. Surely there was somewhere else I needed to be? Something else I needed to be doing? Surely this was one of those times to say no? This was out of my comfort zone. But then, hosting Mary’s Place last summer was out of the comfort zone of many of us, and we did it anyway.
I took a deep breath and said yes. I showed up at City Hall, along with about half the city population, and waited a long time for space to open up in the hearing room so that I could even attend the meeting. Michael Ramos and JLP intern Anya McMurrer of the Church Council were there with an oversized version of the letter we had signed and had even written out a statement for me to read. (Our JLP intern Denise was there, too.) When our turn came, we stepped forward with signs and the oversized letter and, with the one-minute timer ticking down, I read our statement in support of 1,000 new affordable homes.
Phew! Not so difficult after all. As I turned to leave the crowded room (“Excuse me, pardon me”), multiple people thanked me. I didn’t do all that much. Mainly I just showed up. And that’s something that we at Prospect get to keep modelling for each other. I see it in you, and it helps me to say yes. You see it in me, and maybe that helps you to say yes too, when the occasion arises. We help each other take on this issue in whatever ways we can.
Thank you for your witness on homelessness. Our little congregation may not have all the space, showers, or money to solve this issue, but when we show up with what we have, we can make a difference. We already do.

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Meredith Moore Wedding Announcement
Suzanne Fry and Richard Moore
are pleased to announce that their daughter
Meredith Isabel Moore (23)

and Justin Walter Nugent (25)
were married in Prescott Valley, Arizona on
September 27, 2016,
Robyn Hutchison, Universal Life Minister Presiding.
Meredith attended Prospect in her youth

and was confirmed in 2008.
Justin is the son of Rick Nugent and the late Nina Nugent of Arizona.
The couple will reside in Mesa, Arizona.
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A Word from 350 Seattle
350 Seattle is delighted to have been so warmly welcomed into our new office space at Prospect Church. As we work to inspire serious and meaningful climate action in our state and beyond, we are excited to deepen our connections with Prospect and the UCC community.
Over the coming months we will be working on several exciting campaigns: pushing the City of Seattle to divest from fossil fuels, stopping the proposed Longview Coal terminal and the TPP trade deal, as well as continuing to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and pushing the big banks to stop funding fossil fuel projects.
Climate change is the moral crisis of our time. We have a deep moral duty to protect this Earth and all life in it. We look forward to deepening the connections between Prospect and 350 Seattle as we move forwards together.
The 350 Seattle Team
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Neighbors in Need
During the month of October, we collected $595 for the annual Neighbors in Need (NIN) UCC special mission offering. Thank you for your generosity!
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Moderate Word
On October 2, the church board held a listening session to hear your thoughts related to our developing plan to continue upgrading our church building.  This plan pursues our goals to make our church building both more inviting, useful, and responsive to church and local community needs, and to increase building revenues to support our operating budget.
Our plan at the time of our first listening session included improving our sanctuary sound system, and refurbishing our third floor, enabling us to rent out as many as two office spaces and the large meeting room.  Third floor improvements include moving all storage cabinets and miscellaneous office furniture from the large room, including choir music file cabinets.  The latest plan for this would be to bring the file cabinets down to the hallway off the north stairs to the third floor.     
We heard the following comments and questions at this session:
  1. Please clarify process for decision making, planned actions, and timeline.
  2. How will sound system improvements change the look of the sanctuary?
  3. What funding will pay for all these changes?
  4. Are new storage cabinets part of third floor improvements?
  5. Money remaining from sanctuary remodel ($5300) – can it fund sound system improvements?
  6. There have been other requests for surplus sanctuary remodel dollars, which should also be considered.
  7. Use of surface to sort music – would hallway allow for this?
  8. Upgrading sanctuary sound system raises the question of the need to improve sanctuary lighting.
At our October 9 meeting, the board discussed these comments and decided to make two changes to our tentative plan.  The most expensive aspect of this plan would be to consider replacing remaining second and third floor carpeting in the large rooms and in the halls and stairways.   The second change would be to explore inexpensive modifications to current sanctuary lighting that would better illuminate the stage area. 
The board also acknowledged that there were other projects that have been requested, such as upgrading the narthex and purchasing a better dishwasher.  At this point, these requests have not been developed and have not been included on our project list.  It is possible that they will be deferred until the next round of church building improvements, so champions of these projects are encouraged to attend the next listening session to make their case.         
We have scheduled our next listening meeting on the topic of church building upgrades for November 6.
John Daugherty, Moderator
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Church Board Minutes
September and October 2016
Sunday, September 18
Present:  Meighan, John, Louise, Terri, Adam, Jim, Suzanne, Denise     Absent:   Consi
Meighan opened with a prayer.
Aug. 28 meeting minutes approved
JLP Intern Update: The Board welcomed our new intern Denise Parry who will be working with Seattle King County Homeless Coalition. Denise and Meighan will meet weekly to develop project ideas.
Worship & Music will recruit additional ushers to assist Roland. Suzanne raised concern with Rick on Trustees about the preschool parking the school bus in the handicap zone on Sundays.
Financial Report: Jim reported no substantial changes since the August report. Pledges are ahead of budget; building use and loose offering are below budget. Clergy taxes - Meighan will submit a request to change her withholding. 
Third Floor Makeover Discussion: John began with a review of the conceptual plan as discussed at the August meeting.  Changes since then…Kia has moved out of the 3rd floor SE office thus making room for a preschool office. Seven file cabinets of music remain in the open space. Godly Play church school has moved to the parlor. 350 Seattle now occupies the NE office. The NW office space is currently being used as a holding area for miscellaneous furniture but will eventually become available rental space. 
Prospect goals of increasing membership, outreach and revenue have inspired a number of capital projects for congregational consideration. Dave K. has proposed a comprehensive program for upgrading and increasing capacity of our sound system. Example: Live streaming a service or performance. Total costs are estimated to be about $4000 with first phase costs estimated at $1400. The untapped potential of the 3rd floor center room has served as inspiration for creating a multi-purpose rental space with an open, professional and uncluttered aesthetic. The transformational vision includes upgrades of the color palette, new carpeting, lights, furnishings and low profile storage cabinets.
The board agreed to present current plans to the congregation for their information and comments. This will happen in two listening sessions about the potential church makeover. The sessions will help refine planning and identify any potential areas of conflict.
Listening Session Planning – The first session is scheduled for Sunday Oct. 2 following service. Discussion will center on sound system upgrades, third floor carpet replacement, and redesigning third floor space to present a professional atmosphere. A second session is planned, date and time TBA.  John will summarize the overall concept and issues. Denise will provide computer modeling of the 3rd floor space and Jim will make drawings as needed. Jim recommended that specific people should be designated to manage the redesign projects.
Committee to Advance Building Use Rentals: Louise attended a recent Trustees meeting and gave them an overview of our intentions to increase Prospect visibility and revenue. Trustees supported the concept.
Pastor Report: Regarding Real Good Church - Meighan reminded us it is time to schedule the next discussion session. Adam recommended three podcasts with the author on ITunes.
Due to scheduling issues, the proposed candidate forum may not happen this election cycle.
W&M – Kris Garratt inspired the team to consider visual enhancements in the Sanctuary with seasonal themes. Support wires will be needed for the banners. Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. The schedule will have one Christmas Eve service at 5pm and Christmas Day service at 10:30am.
Early 2017 service plans include a six week visual series based on parables, with each week featuring a different sculpture by artist Charles McCullough.
Meighan closed with a prayer.
Sunday, October 9
Present:  Meighan, John, Louise, Terri, Adam, Jim, Suzanne, Denise, Consi, Rick
Adam opened with a prayer.
Review September Minutes: Motion approved to move $100 from campership program to Centennial and Tutu’s Pantry funds. Both funds currently have a negative balance. September minutes approved.
Financial Report: Jim pointed out the $5300 surplus left from the Organ Repair and Chancel Fund. It requires a Congregational meeting to re-appropriate these funds. Motion approved to move $240 from Prospect Fellowship, which is inactive, to SF Camperships. Pledges continue to be ahead by 5K and we have received our first 350 Seattle rental payment. 
Church Board Goals 2016-2017: John requested we plan for a detailed discussion of CB goals at our next meeting with the caveat of keeping them simple, limited and doable. Pastor and board goals will be complementary.
Church Makeover Project:  Review - John began with feedback from the Oct 2 listening session. Louise commented on the inadequate sanctuary lighting and recommended upgrades. The CB agreed and added “improved sanctuary lighting” to the list of goals. Lighting upgrades will be a separate process. Richard M. will meet with Suzanne, Terri and Louise to discuss alternatives.
Timetable Priority:
  • Sound system upgrade: Dave K. has completed a design plan and cost estimate.
  • Third floor center room improvements: Includes painting, purchasing conference room furniture, low profile storage cabinets and carpet replacement. Suzanne will do a preliminary cost estimate of replacing 3rd floor carpet. Note: Carpeting option does not include the small north and south offices. 
  • Develop budget. Jim will set up spreadsheet
  • Get bids
  • Raise funds with the congregation
Ongoing Support:
  • Continue clearing out 3rd floor. Relocate music file cabinets from 3rd floor to the North stairwell. Due to space restrictions, some file cabinets will need to be replaced. Replace existing wooden stairwell cabinet with a more efficient model. Vestment cabinet will need to be moved.
  • Research marketing strategies – Is there room in the budget for a marketing consultation? Terri will meet with a marketing expert to get a sense of rates and specific services that may be beneficial in developing a long term planning approach. 
Listening Session #2: Tentatively scheduled for Sunday Nov 6. To be confirmed. There is more lead time in announcing this session to encourage a strong turnout. John and Meighan will present.
SOJO: Rick questioned if the OCWM budget was for the current fiscal year. Suzanne indicated Social Justice and Outreach has not yet determined the line item allocations in SOJO budget for the current year. She also pointed out that the JLP Intern expense has been added to the SOJO total budget.
JLP Update:  Denise reported they are currently preparing for the Ballot Initiatives Forum on 10/23/16 in Fellowship Hall. Denise will be leading the discussion.
Pastor Report: Regarding Real Good Church – the next discussion session will be scheduled in January, 2017. Meighan detailed a “Be the Church” contest currently in progress. Extracts from our church banner are selected each month. Participating churches would then submit ways in which their mission supports each concept. The White Privilege curriculum will be available for congregational involvement next year. Meighan is currently drafting pastor goals for 2016 – 2017 and will bring them to the next CB meeting. In the spirit of environmental awareness Meighan mentioned solar panels and rain cisterns as possible Prospect goals for the year. Meighan will research city funding.
Meighan closed with a prayer.
Next Meeting: November 20, 2016 
Submitted by Terri Dowling
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Days for Girls
Several Prospect members are active with Days for Girls, using their sewing skills to create colorful, durable, reusable feminine hygiene supplies for girls and women in developing countries. Mark your calendars for work parties on November 5, January 7 and February 25 at University Congregational. If you want to sew at home, please contact Lori Hardow,
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Ongoing Groups
Adult Education
meets on Sunday at noon in the Parlor. Current series: Richard Rohr's Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
For more information, contact Consi Javier, 206-440-9261

Beyond Fundamentalism Book Group meets monthly at the home of Jim & Mary Alice Power, 1107 22nd Ave E. All are welcome for soup supper and discussion.

Bible Study meets most Mondays in the Office to study the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. All are welcome; weekly attendance is not required!

Godly Play Sunday school is offered for children ages 3-10 during the worship service one Sunday per month on the 2nd Sunday.  Please contact Cora Trujillo with questions: or 206-330-4201.

Women’s Book Group usually meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Parlor. All Prospect ladies and their friends are invited to attend. Because the second Tuesday of November is Election Day, the next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 22. The book to be discussed is Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson. The group also plans to see the film A Man Called Ove at the Crest Cinema on a date to be determined.

For more information, contact Susan Reeb at 206-504-4511 or


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PNW Conference News

The latest Pacific Northwest Conference News is online at This issue includes stories on Faavae Fou Samoan church, camps, National Youth Event, faith and politics, Colville's 125th, men's retreat, extended family's commitment to N-Sid-Sen, global ministries ties and more. Hard copies are available in the Prospect office and Narthex.

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“On the Beat, Music Retreat”
Friday, November 4 - Saturday, November 5
Come and prepare for Christmas!
Bring a Christmas Music gem to share (bring 20 copies if possible)
Bring your instruments for jamming (voice, guitar, harp, trumpet, etc.). Handbells and djembes will be available.
$65 registration includes 4 meals, an overnight, great opportunities to develop skills and have fun!
Just come Saturday for $43!
Registration is at
If you have questions call Gen at (408)593-9556

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UCC Scholarship Application
The UCC has a wealth of scholarships for individuals in the denomination who are engaged in education, leadership, and ministry.
Scholarships are currently available in the following areas:
Ministry Education Scholarships
Scholarships for those preparing for ministry in the UCC and for support for ministers in financial or personal crisis.
Leadership Development Scholarships
Scholarships that help to support UCC undergraduate students, future seminary professors, African-American laywomen, and gifted persons with disabilities, among others.
The online scholarship application process is safe, secure, and user-friendly!
Important dates to remember:
December 1, 2016 at 12:01 a.m. - Scholarship application forms open
March 1, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. - Scholarship application forms close
For information or to apply, go to
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Alternative Christmas
What gift will you give this year?
Alternative Christmas at Global Ministries is an invitation for all to celebrate and to share globally the best gifts we have received, and the ones we cherish in a special way during the Christmas season.  These are the gifts of HopeJoy, Love, and Peace.  Giving an Alternative Christmas Gift is a meaningful way to honor your loved ones while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world living in difficult circumstances.  
You can give a themed gift this Alternative Christmas. These Alternative giving themes are: People in Mission, Peace with Justice, Water, Education, Child Sponsorship, Health, Microcredit, Church Capacity Building, and Where Needed Most. These gifts go directly to global partners with ministries and projects within these themes. To learn more about specific ministries or projects of global partners within these themes, go to
If you prefer, you are welcome to choose to give an Alternative Gift which supports a specific partner, special project, or person in mission. As always, 100% of your gift will be used as designated.
Learn more about alternative gifts and the alternative giving themes through the Global Ministries Alternative Giving Catalog. The catalog contains rich stories and photographs of the life-giving ministries of global partners, as well as information on how to participate in this global sharing of God’s abundant resources. View the catalog online or request a print copy at
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FAN Annual Dinner
Sunday, November 20
4:30 p.m.
Renton Pavilion Event Center
233 Burnett Ave S, Renton

Join Faith Action Network to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, highlight the diversity of voices in our partnership for the common good, and encourage each other after a long election season! Registration closes November 11. Register
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Fall Shredding and Electronic Recycling Event
Saturday, November 5, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Windermere, 1112 19th Ave E.
 Drop off your old paperwork and documents at Windermere, around the corner on 19th Ave. They will have Confidential Data Disposal to securely dispose of unwanted private documents. They will also have SBK Recycle present to take unwanted electronic items that you cannot simply throw away!
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Be Sure to VOTE
by Tuesday, November 8!
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November Volunteers

6 Roland Holloway
13 Roland Holloway
20 Roland Holloway
27 Roland Holloway

Coffee Hour
  6 Nancy Meier & Roy Hardman
13 Abi Velasco
20 Caitlin Jones & Phillip Maxwell
27 Louise Morehead

  6 TBD
13 TBD
20 TBD
27 TBD

If you would like to be a liturgist or host coffee hour, please sign up on the bulletin board in the Fellowship Hall.
If you are interested in membership at Prospect, please speak to Pastor Meighan Pritchard.
Food Bank: We are all encouraged to bring canned goods and non-perishables for St. Mary’s Food Bank.  See website for a list of suggested non-perishable items:
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November Birthdays
Jane Doggett.................................... 11/01
Carol Kinney................................... 11/03
Molly West Vandekieft................... 11/05
Kathy Mahan................................... 11/10
Sam Rennebohm............................. 11/14
Cora Trujillo.................................... 11/19
Rhubie Adrian-Mitchell.................. 11/23
Thomas Braziunas........................... 11/23
Kia Sams......................................... 11/25
Caitlin Jones.................................... 11/26
Jeff Mitchell.................................... 11/27
Julie Bowles-Pelz............................ 11/29

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