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December, 2016

Sorella End of Year Celebration a Success

Amazing Time, Fantastic Turnout

sorella cycling end of the year party at eventide brewery

By Beverly Yearack, Events Coordinator

What an amazing time and fantastic turnout by Sorella’s, fella’s and friends at the recent End-of-Year celebration hosted by our incredible sponsor, Eventide Brewing, with food catered by Community BBQ!  81 members, 32 guests and 3 sponsors in attendance for a grand total of 116… all who came ready to socialize, share stories and make new friends.

Eventide continues to be an incredible sponsor, providing flowing “free” beer, a venue that is more than adequate with the perfect space for socializing and dining as well as A/V capabilities to accommodate any type of program.  A huge shout out to Taylor Martin of Eventide who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of each and every Sorella event!

A heartfelt thank you to our tremendous sponsor Atlanta Cycling (Todd Melton) for their continued support that now includes the extension of discounts at the two Cycleworks (Mark Gernazian) locations in Roswell and Duluth!  

Sorella is blessed to have so many new, friendly, enthusiastic and passionate members and an awesome BOD that is making every effort to ensure that Sorella keeps evolving and growing!

Join Us for the Annual Christmas Lights Ride

Wednesday, December 14, Atlanta Cycling Vinings

Meet us at 6:30 on the 14th to ride a slow 12 miles to see some holiday lights. Please front and rear lights for your bike so that we can see each other.  Optional - Bring an unwrapped toy which we'll deliver to a local children's home in time for Christmas. Dinner following for riders and non-riders at NY Pizza Exchange in Vinings on the railroad tracks, 2810 Paces Ferry Rd. Non-riders meet the riders just before 8:00.

Meet the 2017 Board of Directors

Looking for a Sponsorship Director!

President …  Brittany Montgomery

Vice President… Emily Burrows

Treasurer… Suzanne Brockway

Secretary… Sharon Andersson

Membership Director… Kim Nelson

Race Team Director… Jean Miller

Sponsorship Director… Open

Communications Director… Jennifer Klein

Clothier… Kristie Preston

Newsletter Editor… Mary Jo Falvey

Information Technology… Precia Caraway  

Events Coordinator… Beverly Yearack

Graphic Artist… Bonnie Supplee

Ride Coordinator… Angela Barros

Have a question for one of us? Contact us at  

We are looking for a volunteer (s) to act as Sponsorship Director. You will work under the guidance of past Sponsorship Director, Brittany Mixon.  Contact Brittany Montgomery if interested.

Rider Development 

Tips for the Beginner Rider

By Amy Plummer, Road Rider Development 

Here are some helpful tips for those new to riding. To learn more about the Sorella Cycling Rider Development program, contact me, Amy Plummer, by email.

1. Choose the Right Bike
This first step all depends on where you plan to ride. (Mountain or Road). We will get into other bikes in a later discussion but for now, these two types will make the path for your decision. Things like suspension, gears, and brakes determine how the well the bike performs.

2. Get a Proper Bike Fit at Your Local Shop
Proper fit can make the difference between a great ride and one that leaves you in pain.  A bike fit will adjust your bike to fit your body measurements. This will make make your ride much easier and efficient.

3. Purchase Proper Attire and Gear
Helmets, cycling shoes, gloves, sunglasses, and attire (winter and summer). Your local bike shop can help with all necessary gear.

4. Get the Right Saddle 
You may have to try a few to see what fits you for your body. Read reviews online and find what others like, then test a few.

5. Clip in with Cycling Shoes
Clipless pedals will increase your overall performance and efficiency. When first clipping in, practice on a trainer,  on a spin bike at the gym, or stabilized by a wall to grab onto. This will help you get a feel for how the shoe operate, clip in, and just get you comfortable before heading out on the road or trails.

6. Test Your New Bike and Gear on a safe trail or parking lot.

7. Know the Rules of the Road 
Sorella Cycling recommends that all members know the Georgia Rules.

8.  Join Us the Winter at the Atlanta Winter Bike League
New riders are encouraged to join the Atlanta Winter Bike League "C" group rides.  We ride every other Saturday and the next rides are scheduled for December 3 and 17 (more information in the "Rides" section of this email)

Note: Our Sponsor, Atlanta Cycling (and also all Cycleworks stores), provides a discount for all your cycling needs.  Mention that you are a Sorella cycling member for special pricing.

Mountain Bike Clinic Participants Inspired 


"It was the most successful clinic we've held!"

sorella cycling mountain bike clinic with stefanie gore and ali lecraw
By Stefanie Gore, Mountain Bike Rider Development

Sorella Cycling held a mountain bike skills clinic on November 20.  We were a bit worried that the cold would keep folks away and all the warnings about trails being closed due to forest fire smoke. Despite our fears, we had eight ladies participate.


This small number helped us give more individual instruction to each participant. Ladies who came out ranged from beginners to strong intermediate and everyone learned something new and left with more confidence in their abilities.

We started the clinic with a "where am I assessment". Are you a novice or advanced rider? Then we discussed gearing, bike fit, safety and position on the bike (It's all about balance).

We then did a few keys skills like cornering and climbing before hitting the trails for a fun ride.  On one section the ride we the group worked on climbing, cornering, and riding skinnys. Ali Martinez and I coached the ladies around corners, down descents and over bridges. The ladies even rode a log ride that they never had done before! "Hey, people actually ride over those logs?" Yes! 

And we did!

Note: New mountain bike riders are welcome to contact Stefanie with questions about getting started.

Featured Sorella

Krissy Giles

Tell us about yourself:

I am a CPA, currently recovering from 10 tax seasons and now working in the healthcare industry for Piedmont Healthcare.  I live with my boyfriend, Cam, just off Marietta Square.  We are the parents of two rescued furbabies – Kaplan and Beckham, both long-haired Dachshunds.  When I’m not working (I do that a lot, sadly), I’m either playing with my dogs, riding my bike, or taking/editing pictures!  Photography is something I’ve always wanted to become good at, so I took the plunge recently and bought my first DSLR.  

Do you do Road, Mountain, or Cyclocross?

Right now, I only ride road.  I aspire to race cyclocross but just haven’t made it there yet.  

Types of bike you ride?

My road bike has a great name – Stella, A Road Bike Named Desire.  Stella is a 2015 Specialized Ruby Comp, full carbon, in matte charcoal, hot pink, and white.  I’m also the girl with the “weird saddle” from Infinity Bike Seat.

Favorite place to ride:

The area around my house is a great place to ride.  I’m a very short distance from Kennesaw Mountain, the Noonday Trail, and Marietta Square.  Riding around my neighborhood is also a great workout – we have a ton of short, steep hills.  Perfect for improving those climbing skills!

My dream ride:

I have a goal of doing some extended road rides in Switzerland, hopefully in the next couple of years.  My beau spent a lot of time riding there and I’m super excited to experience that with him one of these days.  

Biggest accomplishment on my bike:

I completed my 1st metric century this July!  My cycling besties (Emily, Liz, and Jeff) and I did the Half Ironman loop out of Chattanooga, with a few miles down the Riverwalk added to round out the metric.  We had perfect weather, a great support system, and accomplished an amazing goal together!

Why I love Sorella:

I’ve met some incredible women who share a passion for cycling, health, and encouraging other women to join this sport.  I may not get to join in as many rides as I’d like (thank you crazy work hours!) but when I do, I have a blast, feel supported & motivated, and love showing off our beautiful kit!

2017 Race Team Announced

By Jean Miller, Sorella Race Team Director

Sorella Cycling will be sponsoring 27 racers in 2017 (composed of 11 road, 11 mountain bike, and 5 cyclocross racers). Our club continues to sponsor one of the largest and most diverse women’s race teams in the United States. In addition to racing, team members volunteer, set up rides and clinics, and promote the club, our sponsors, and women’s cycling.  The team proudly wears our distinctive kits at many local races as well as at national and international level. 

We would like to introduce to you the 2017 Sorella Cycling Race Team:

2017 TEAM
Jean Miller Cyclocross Team Director/
Jennifer Klein Road Veloce
Lara Richards Mountain Veloce
Kim Nelson Road Veloce
Chloe Murdock Road Veloce
Angela Barros Road Veloce
Brittney Montgomery Cyclocross Veloce
Carolyn Baldwin Cyclocross Veloce
Trish Albert Cyclocross Veloce
Laina Hamilton Mountain Veloce
Cambrie Epperson Cyclocross Veloce
Alexandra Martinez Mountain Veloce
Kim Cross Mountain Veloce
Emily Davenport Mountain Veloce
Stef Wilmert Mountain Veloce
Julie A Gazmararian Road Veloce
Diedra James Mountain Veloce
Barbora Stella Road Veloce
Ellen Caroll Mountain Veloce
Bianca Martin Road Veloce
Charity Newsome Road Allegro
Ali LeCraw Mountain Allegro
Dawn Hill Road Allegro
Katie Hamlin Road Allegro
Terry Latimer Mountain Allegro
Sarah Hoots Road Allegro
Susan Barrett Road Allegro
Kelly Gwinn Mountain Allegro

Race Report: Turning 60

Part Two

By Kim Nelson, Sorella Membership Director

After the U.S. Nationals and the California Death ride, I was looking forward to the World Masters Championships in Austria.The beauty of the Austria trip is, it begins with Bike Week in Hartberg-8 races in 9 days-ideal for honing ones racing skills. What a rush!

Masters Cycling is truly celebrated in these races, referred to as BIKE WEEK.  Each night all the competitors, along with their family and friends congregate in a pre-chosen Beer Hall for the Awards Ceremony (trophies 7-10 deep in 5 year age categories for the men, 10 year for the women), music, beverages, food and camaraderie.  Many languages are being spoken and friendships forged around the world.  It is truly an amazing experience.


2017 Club Membership Drive

Our roster includes 33 new members and 71 renewals 

Here are the name of members who joined our club roster as of November 26:

New Members :

Rhonda Cornelius, Hunter Sandifer, Barbora Stella, Dawn Hill, Linell Schultz, Olga Rodriguez, Ellen Carroll, Ashley Hamilton, Arietlle Scholz, Sandra Herrera, Ellie Rozier and Tricia Steele


Nina MacKellar, Aimee Murphy, Sarah Hoots, Terri Latimer, Julie Stewart, Sharon Andersson, Katie Hamlin, Rolanda Powell, Maggie Hudson, Kim Cross, Anne Ledbetter, Korey Gotoo and Mary Jo Falvey

Your $40 membership fee offers you access to exclusive Sorella events as well as discounts and promotions from our club sponsors.

Here's the link: RENEW NOW

Farm to Bike Snack Clinic

Get ready to try delicious homemade energy bars and drinks!

Join us on Sunday, February 5, from 3-5pm, to share & sample some alternatives to store-bought energy. You can catch up with your current Sorella friends, while meeting some new ones, all while taste-testing some delicious, healthy treats! Participants will receive recipes for making your favorite sampled snacks at home.

This event is being held at the home of Julie Gazmararian, 411 Landover Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30030. It is open exclusively to Sorella Cycling club members.  Please RSVP by 1/29 to either Kim Nelson or Julie Gazma  

We plan to compile the first “sorella farm to bike” cookbook based on your recipes – details to follow!

Photo Roundup

25 Sorellas participated in the Hincapie Gran Fondo on October 22.

Make plans to join us next year at the 2017 Gran Fondo Hincapie. Hincapie is a presenting sponsor for Sorella Cycling, and we help them out with registration the day before the race. Our gals weekend does it up right, with a pre ride on Thursday, the big ride on Saturday, and a recovery 'expresso' loop on Sunday morning. We enjoy fun, food, and friendship with our Sorella sisters.  Next year we're talking about renting 2 (or more) big houses near the start, so be on the lookout for information in the summer of 2017.

Mountain Bike Social Fun for All

sorella cycling mountain bike ride at fort yard state park

On November 20 Sorella Cycling Mountain Bikers hit the trails at Fort Yargo State Park, along with fellas, friends, and members of the Zombie Camels Mountain Bike Club. We had about 30 riders! Thank you Lara Jane Richards for organizing this event.

Another Great Day For Sorella Cycling at the GA Cyclocross Series

sorella cyclocross race team at the east point race
sorella womens cyclocross team at atlanta motor speedway

On November 20, the Sorella Cycling cyclocross race team rode a challenging course at a race sponsored by the East point track club. The challenges included very HIGH winds!!! Sorella placed well, with Jenna Downey taking the top spot in the women's elite race, while Brittany Hopson Montgomery took 3rd, Jean Patrice Miller grasping 4th, Cambrie Eppersontaking 9th and Trish Albert sealing 10th. Rounding out the sorella crew, 2017 race team member Ali LeCraw-Smith took 4th in the women's cat 4 race!

Helmets are required on all Sorella rides. Also as the days get shorter, be sure to have both front and rear lights on your bike for the evening group rides.

Wednesday Evening Stone Mountain Ride

Meets at: 6:30 pm
Open to: Sorellas and Friends 
Leaves From:  West Gate Parking Lot

This ride runs from October to March.  It is led weekly by Sorella Pilar Hernandez. Have rear and front lights. Lights are so that you can be seen not to see. (The park is well lit) The pace and number for loops will vary depending on participants. Roughly 20 miles with an average pace of 12-14 mph. Because the ride consists of loops, it's great for all levels of riders - plus there is no fear of getting lost!  Fellas are welcome with the understanding that it's a women's ride and allow the women to set the pace.

Sorella Beginner Road Ride at the Atlanta Winter Bike League

When: Every other Saturday, next ride is December 10
Ready to Ride @ 9:15 am
Open to: Everyone
Leave From: Uhaul on Peter's Street in Atlanta

By Amy Plumer
The first WBL ride of the season was a hit. Out of 120 riders, approximately 40 of them were in our C group. I gave a few tips to the riders as we rode at an average 11 mph pace and about 13 miles. I met a couple of new Sorella’s (Welcome!) and several new riders in my group.

Our next beginner session’s ride at the the Atlanta WBL will be Saturday December 3rd  and 17th. Please arrive and meet in front of the U-Haul at 9:10 am. Robert Wilhite, the WBL leader will have a pre ride briefing at 9:15 am. Once the briefing is over and we split into A, B, and C groups, please introduce yourself to me ( Sorella kit and orange helmet!). I will be happy to ride with you and go over road skills during the ride in the fun and social C group.

Contact Amy with questions

Atlanta Winter Bike League "A" and "B" Rides

When: Every other Saturday, next ride is December 10
Ready to Ride @ 9:15 am
Open to: Everyone
Leave From: Uhaul on Peter's Street in Atlanta

The Atlanta Winter Bike League is a great way to build endurance, strength, speed, bike handling skills and group riding etiquette. There is a pace group for everyone from beginner to elite.  Sorellas have several group leaders and many participants. Look for our kits and come say "hi". This event is sponsored by Robert Wilhite, owner of My Cycle Coach.  

Learn More Here

Looking for a Ride Near You?

Put the word out on our private club Facebook page. This is a great communication tool for impromptu rides.  (If you are not on this page, contact Kim Nelson to be added).

You can also visit Southeastern Cycling's Website to learn about rides and events throughout the southeast.  The site was founded (and is maintained by) club member Trish Albert.

Featured Sponsor:


Hincapie Sportswear, Sorella’s Presenting Sponsor, was created to meet the need for quality custom cycling clothing for teams and clubs. Cycling began in the Hincapie family when Ricardo Hincapie developed a passion for it while racing bicycles in his native Columbia. He introduced his sons, George and Rich to the sport he loved as soon as they were old enough to turn the pedals. All three Hincapie men continue to share a passion for cycling. The company owned factory in Medellin, Columbia is run by George and Rich’s aunt and uncle, Marie and Jorge Hincapie. Together they have over 30 years of apparel manufacturing experience. Hincapie produces custom garments for large and small teams and clubs, races and rides, corporations and charitable organizations. Additionally, they have created an extensive line of men’s and women’s premium retail apparel that is available through bicycle dealers and directly on Hincapie is confident that their products will help you maximize your performance in comfort and style.

We are grateful to Hincapie for their sponsorship of Sorella cycling.  

Register for Hincapie emails and receive 20% off your first order.

Calling All Sorellas

Help Spread the Word.  Our mission is to foster a supportive, open environment for women to ride for fitness, recreation and racing. Do you have a friend or acquaintance who may be interested in joining our club? We accept new members year round.  Forward this email to a cycling friend. And click here to join!
Did you know that the club has a members-only Facebook group? Be part of the lively discussions. Make new ride buddies and find rides in your area. Contact Kim Nelson to be added to the group.
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