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Metropolitan Futures Initiative releases new report

Relocating businesses move very small distances, report finds

Relocations of large business may capture the imaginations of politicians, draw splashy news headlines and bring a quick surge in city revenue, but they're actually quite rare. When businesses in Southern California move, they don't move far, according to the latest Metropolitan Futures Initiative report: only a third depart their original city.

"Rather than focusing on attracting businesses from elsewhere, it might be worthwhile for local policymakers to look at other ways of bolstering the tax base and the employment opportunities," says Professor John Hipp, who was the lead author on the report.

A webinar for planning and professionals, interested individuals and the general public is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 15.
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Global Service Scholars blog about their experiences

Students in Peru, Thailand and Ghana reflect on lessons learned abroad

What is Thai time? How many security checkpoints must a volunteer pass through to get inside the Peruvian prison? How are elephant vitamins made?

Nineteen UCI students are currently serving abroad, and are learning how American culture and daily life differs from that in other countries. The Global Service Scholars are sampling new cuisines, exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and gaining a deeper sense of empathy.
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Research links happiness and physical health

Sarah Pressman studies ties between emotional and physical well-being

By cultivating happiness and positive perceptions, individuals can improve their immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as the body’s ability to heal from injuries, Pressman found in her review study.

"In our review, we found that greater contentment, optimism, a sense of life purpose, low stress and other indicators of subjective well-being are tied to better health and longevity, including surviving serious diseases, and even avoiding acute illnesses," Pressman said.

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Candice Odgers

A research professor of neuroscience and psychology from Duke University is joining the Department of Psychology and Social Behavior. Odgers studies how social inequality and adversity influence children's health.
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Nancy Rodriguez

The former director of the National Institute of Justice is joining the Department of Criminology, Law and Society as a professor. Rodriguez was also a criminology professor at Arizona State University for nearly two decades.
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Stokols Social Ecology Graduate Fellowship

Nataly Garcia has been awarded the Dan and Jeanne Stokols Social Ecology Graduate Fellowship Award. Garcia is pursuing her Ph.D. in Social Ecology, and seeks to study the labor and environmental injustices faced by U.S. Latinos.


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Spit lab at UCI tests saliva of babies, zoo animals for painless diagnostics
Douglas Granger, The Orange County Register

False memories and false confessions: the psychology of imagined crimes
Elizabeth Loftus, Wired

2017's states with the most at-risk youth: advice for coping parents
Jessica Borelli, WalletHub
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