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FOS General Meeting

Wednesday February 26th 7pm Frankfort Public Library

Our guest speaker is former FOS member Marianne Hahn. The title for her presentation is THE KANKAKEE SANDS-Preserving a Globally -endangered Ecosystem. Place is Frankfort Library, Start time 7 pm  with refreshments and program begins 7:30 and ends 8:30. Bring a snack to share and friends welcome.
questions contact Fern or call 708 747 7557
See you there!

Meeting Recap

January 22, 2020

We were lucky that the weather was a typical winter day; cold, but no ice, sleet,
snow or Polar Vortex (remember THAT last year??)
Eighteen members showed up at the Frankfort Public Library, which will be our
venue for the next few months. The first half our was devoted to mingling and
socializing, along with some snacks (thx for the donuts Dick!) and coffee & water.
Ron promptly brought the meeting to order at 7:30. He addressed the group
briefly, saying that things were moving along for Spring Fling. Additionally, he
mentioned that we are doing pretty good financially, with roughly over $5000 at
this point, which could change depending on the bill for Ride Illinois. He quickly
moved to the speaker/presenter portion of the meeting, and addressed Fern to
introduce the presenter for the evening. Given that a lot of members already
knew the speaker, she cheerfully told the everyone to “meet Gary.”
After his introduction, Gary Meyer smiled, and said hello. He expressed
enthusiasm for the Spring Fling, and he has agreed to have his business, Hickory
Creek Brewing, as the starting and endpoint of the ride. He cautioned that there
are several potholes near his brewery on Nelson Road! Even though many of the
group knew him as an avid cyclist, there’s a part of his life that many people aren’t
as familiar with. He was a 2 nd class Petty Officer going into the Navy when he
volunteered to train to work as mechanical operator on a nuclear submarine! But
before this, he was born in Michigan and then moved to in the Joliet area, & went
to Joliet Central High. His first line of work was as a carpenter and he joined forces
with his brothers. But the housing market declined, and so did the need for
carpenters. He then joined the Navy. After his 6-year tour of duty, he got out and
worked 28 ½ years at an oil refinery. After 2 years of retirement, he became
interested in opening a brewery.

Gary explained that the Navy has 3 types of submarines; attack, ballistic missile
(aka “Boomers”, and guided missile. Gary’s was an attack sub. During his service,
he volunteered & graduated from nuclear power school (which approximately
25% of the students fail). He was sent to the Navy’s submarine training facility in
Saratoga Springs, NY. Afterwards, he was assigned Holyoke, Scotland. The
submarine he was assigned to a route that took the sub close enough to hit Russia
if need be. The sub launches its missiles while the sub is submerged. His sub could
be submerged for up to 24 hours before it needs to emerge to charge its batteries.
He credited Hyman Rickover for championing the nuclear submarine; its biggest
advantage is nukes don’t need oxygen to run. Life on a submarine is not easy.
They had 18-hour days that were broken into 6 hour shifts. The schedule and the
fact they were confined in a sub resulted in not knowing if it was day or night, but
mealtime helped clue them into the time of day.
There were approximately 150 crew, and after a while, rank doesn’t matter so
much on a long tour of duty. Life on a sub means some mundane tasks are done
differently, such as discharging the toilets for sub. At the end of each day, the
toilets contents went to a pressurized tank to be pressurized to the point that it
gets pushed out. But when it is pushed out, it must be done so that they do not
cause a disturbance that could be picked up by enemy radar. Also, the process
involves each toilet, so the men could not use the toilet during this process! In the
dining area, tables must be bolted down. The tablecloths are specially treated to
be sticky so that dishes remain on the tablecloth. There was fresh fruits and
vegetables that are loaded at the beginning of the route, but usually lasted 2
weeks. 500 eggs may sound like a lot, but they too went quickly and the men had
to rely on powdered eggs after that. The practice of hot-bunking went on because
of the limited beds and the 18-hour schedule.

Gary could receive a telegram from his wife once a week, she had a 40-word limit!
If a crew member became sick, there wasn’t a doctor but there was a specially
trained Navy corpsman. If the crewmember was drastically ill, the sub would
emerge to have the crew member taken off the ship to a medical facility. If there
was an emergency but the sub was not allowed (or couldn’t) emerge, a “rescue
sub” was needed to be deployed; there are 2 rescue subs in the entire Navy…
Submarines themselves are incredibly expensive. A sub in 1964 cost 200 million;
nowadays they cost 2 billion or more! AT this point in the program, Ron realized
that it was time for the meeting to come to an end. Fern thanked Gary and
encouraged everyone to visit Gary’s establishment.Thank you, Gary, for revealing
a way of life that few of us has ever encountered, and thank you for your service.

2020 Socials

February 25, Tuesday, ART INSTITUTE in CHICAGO, meet 10:30 at 111 S Michigan-contact Andrea Edington if you have questions
Due to lack of interest we will not be participating in the TINLEY PARK IRISH PARADE this year which is scheduled for March 8th.
May 17, Sunday, PANCAKE BREAKFAST AT FERNS, 21117 Main Street, Matteson, 10 am to 2pm - Free juice, coffee, pancakes, sausages, eggs, and bacon.
Bike or drive-parking available at the Day Care Center next door. Rain or shine, we have had both with about the same amount of participation.
JULY 19th, Sunday, ANNUAL ICE CREAM SOCIAL, 11 am to 2 pm, free ice cream, from downtown Frankfort go east on the trail and the gazebo is by the playground.
September 20th, Sunday, ANNUAL PICNIC, Hickory Creek Preserves, LaPorte Road access, welcome earlier but food catered and served 1pm, free to members, guests welcome but pay.
October 25th, Sunday, END OF SEASON BIKE, HIKE, and POTLUCK, Goodenow Grove, Bring a dish to share, paper goods and drinks provided, family welcome and several other bike clubs invited. Food served 1pm.
November 19th, Thursday, ANNUAL PIZZA PARTY, Aurelios in Frankfort, doors open 6:30, eat 7, til 9pm
If anyone is interested in hosting a social or posting a meet up please feel free to do so.
Any questions contact Fern 708 747 7557 or
PROGRAMS FOR OUR GENERAL MEETINGS at the FRANKFORT LIBRARY, start time 7pm to visit and have refreshments, program 7:30-8:30,end 8:45
February 26, a WEDNESDAY, Former FOS member Marianne Hahn will be presenting THE KANKAKEE SANDS-Preserving a Globally-endangered Ecosystem.
March 25, a WEDNESDAY, Ben Hecke from Will County Forest Preserves will be presenting updates/current events
April 22, a WEDNESDAY, member Kathy McElligott will present a program on BIKING ACROSS COUNTRY with WOMEN TOURS. Her newest book is out and it is called 1638 E. Palace, a book based on a biking trip, and she will bring some copies for sale.
May - waiting for date confirmation from Frankfort Library-Barb Barnes and Roger Stoub - members-  will present RHONE RIVER CYCLE TRIP
June-waiting for date confirmation from Frankfort Library-Ira Davis Levy will present his program PEDAL4LIFE
July on are open, if anyone would like to do a presentation or knows of one to share please contact anyone of the board members to set it up.
Thank you to JoDell, Lee and Larry for arranging some of the above programs
Fern, Social Chair

2020 Spring Hike Schedule


Feb 23 10:00 AM Starved Rock Hike Meet at the lodge at 10AM outside the dining room and determine where we want to hike and go to lunch depending on the conditions. Hike Leader Jim Tomaszewski 708 331 0593


March 8 9:30 AM Bailly Chelborg Hike and the Maple Syrup Festival

Chellberg Farm 618 N. Mineral Springs Rd Porter Hike Leader TBA

Don't forget to change your clocks.

Support Our Club Sponsors!

Dan R. has done a great job in getting the club sponsors. Now
it’s up to us to patronize our sponsors and thank them for their
support. Please be sure to let them know when you stop by that
you’re a Folks on Spokes member. Their contributions enable
us to make significant annual contributions for bicycle advocacy
organizations in Chicagoland and help fund events.

You can find all of our sponsors on our website:

• Aurelio’s I Frankfort
• Benton Street Bakery Cafe I Crete
• Calumet Bakery I Lansing
• Gatto’s Restaurant I New Lenox, Orland Park, Tinley Park, Downers Grove
• Hienie’s McCarthy’s I Orland Park
• Silver Dollar I Elwood
• Trail’s Edge I Frankfort

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