November 2018
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Serving Chicago’s Southland November, 2018

2019 Easter Ride News

If you attended the pizza party Nov. 15 you would have heard that the Village of Frankfort gave the FOS permission to use the downtown square area to host the April 14, 2019 Easter Ride. Brett from the Plank Road Cyclery came to the Frankfort Board Meeting along with Prez Dan and I to support our club. Brett enthusiastically volunteered to host sign-ups from his bicycle shop (7:30-10:00 am). Brett working the Easter Ride before and being a voice in Frankfort will be a nice asset to the Easter Ride team in many ways.
The route planning is getting close to completion. Steve Geary came up with a couple of nice loop options in-and-out of the Monee Reservoir. The vison is to give options to a metric century (100 Kilometers) and offer a short trail route (13 miles) to those who prefer not to ride on the streets. As always the Easter Ride needs your help to make it successful. I will be leaning on group leaders to roundup the troops once again!
Once again the Easter Ride tradition will need your delicious, homemade cookies and helping hands. Thanks Jim T. for your creative shirt designs at the pizza party but the winner of the Easter Ride Logo contest this year went to my daughter Michelle. Thank you Andrea and Maria for organizing the pizza party. It was a nice night and a great way of bringing “Folks” closer together.
Less than five more months to go until the Easter Ride.

FOS Easter Ride Chair,                                                                                     
Chris Oldanie
815 320-3735

  Last year’s Easter Rider route inspectors             2019 Easter Ride Design

October General Meeting

By Sally

The FOS general/social club meeting was held Thursday October 25, 2018 with roughly 30 members attending. This meeting was the last one for 2018, and the mood was convivial, with talk of the upcoming Pot Luck and November’s Pizza Party. Finally, Dan had to raise his voice to be heard above the chatter to call the meeting to order . He began by introducing Larry Mysz, who presented another short but informative presentation on Bicycle Safety. Larry himself has almost gotten “clocked” while on his bike, in a church parking lot no less. It doesn’t matter where you are, always ride defensively. He then said, “your shadow is your friend”…..While the members pondered this, he advised the group about the fact that Fall is upon us and with it comes blinding sunshine in the morning, especially during sunrise. Then he went back to his “shadow” statement; when a rider casts a long shadow, this means that an oncoming automobile driver can not see you. Ride with caution when casting a long shadow!

Dan then took the floor to discuss the meeting that he & Chris O. had with key members of the Village of Frankfort about moving the Easter Ride from Park Forest. They met with the Police Chief, a Police Officer, the Village Planner, Maintenance, even the Mayor! They got a very welcoming and positive reception from them and went into discussions on where to have registration and what the route(s) might be. Some ideas for registration were using the Briedert Green stage and the Trolley Barn. Routes are still being worked on, with using loops to stay in Will County and possibly reducing the number of rest stops. The village of Frankfort might require FOS to pay for police to monitor the event, and Frankfort has caps on the number of participants. Trails Edge was suggested as a possibility for the after-party. White street Café was mentioned as a good place to put up sawhorses and park bicycles. They talked about the riders receiving Trails Edge coupons and perhaps have Joeys bring a food truck to the event. Dan mentioned that MaryAnne is no longer at Trails Edge and Nick is the new manager there. Remembering the fines that Cook County tried to impose on the Club, Chris then touched on the issue of how to mark the routes. He suggested special marking paint that fades quickly, Janae suggested using sticky arrows, and Lois mentioned using duct tape. Chris & Dan both spoke of the need for volunteers for the Easter Ride, Chris had at least 50 volunteers for 2018. Dan then informally polled the audience on moving the Easter Ride to Frankfort, with a majority in favor of the idea. Dan announced that Jim Tomaszewski will be the new membership chair and Ron E. will be the new Treasurer. The office of President is still vacant.

After a short break for snacks & drinks, Conrad B. and Janae H. from JBC began their presentation entitled “Portland to (Mokena) New Lenox”, which was a ride they organized this summer. Conrad became interested in road biking as an adult and soon started thinking seriously of doing overnight rides. One of the first he did was with Janae and Lee Chung, from Superior to Copper Harbor. They enjoyed it so much that they called themselves The Three Musketeers. This is fun, they decided, and they decided to do another ride, this time around Lake Michigan and Dom C. joined them. So, they had to change their name to The Core Four! After riding for a while, Conrad was hooked; his daughter even gave him a book entitled “Listening to a Continent Sing”, which was about the sounds of Birdsong while bicycling from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  That inspired Conrad to fix his sights on doing a ride from out west to all the way back to Illinois. Through work, he was familiar with the Portland area, so Portland it was. Janae began to organize the reservations & logistics; while it was challenging at times, all the details were ironed out.

Finally, the time came for their adventure. Conrad, Janae, Lee, Cynthia (who rode a recumbent bike), Dominic and Cov set out from Portland. Each day they notated their mileage, which ranged from 42 to 105, with one day being a rest day because of heavy rains. Janae put their power point to music, which included bicycle-related songs from a variety of artists from Queen to Mark Ronson of The Business Int’l. Janae had so many great pictures, she took about 90% of the photos, mostly with her phone. Conrad had so many humorous anecdotes and details about the trip, but one of the best ones was about just missing out on the “Testicle Festival” in MT. They only missed it by a few days, but the sign made for a great photo opportunity. And yes, it really was a festival dedicated to Bull testicles. Testicles that you eat….YUM…..anyway, on with the ride! They began with a good deal of tail wind in the beginning, but in Nevada a lot of crosswind prevailed. From Harrison to Wolf point, they were pretty much out in nature, and they had wonderful wildlife sightings, including moose. But they also had steep climbs, some as steep as 14% grade. Also, seeing the wildlife meant that bugs were plentiful too; Janae set the record with 25 mosquito bites in one day! They did have a respite from the wilderness, they spent a night at the Izaak Walton Inn.  Guests can sleep in railcars and dine in one also. Along the way, their friend Cov had to drop out, the 30+ pounds of gear and arduous 70-90 miles a day rides were too much. The gang pressed on; they had to work hard, because the previous tail winds gave way to strong headwinds. North Dakota brought more headwinds, and Dominic had a bad wheel which plagued him for a good part of the journey. All the gang sang the praises of Stans “no tubes”, a liquid sealant technology which saved them from many a flat. After Fargo, they had the opportunity to dine out with a friend of Bill Lang’s.  Later, other friends were to join them ; Chris O. rented a car to go join them in Minneapolis. Chris brought a unique 3-wheel bike to ride, which promptly jack-knifed on the first climb! Steve M. joined them for a day in Wabash.  Carol J. joined them for their last two days. At this point of the presentation, Janae chose a fitting song for the conclusion of the power point, “I just want to celebrate”.  Their epic journey came to an end in New Lenox with nice, cold beers at Gary Meyer’s place, Hickory Creek Brewing Company. Many riders and friends were there to greet them and welcome them home. After 2409 miles and a total of 69, 996 feet of climb, They did it!

Review on END OF SEASON event

By Fern

Sunday morning at 9:45 Jim shoved the last supplies into his car and off we went with the weather not looking so good. When we arrived at Goodenow I could not believe there were 3 riders ready to leave-Chris Oldanie, Jim Tomaszewski, and Jerry Dagenais. Off they went when April and Bruce Haffner and Cari and Roman Szczesniak, all who had offered to help set up, arrived and were ready to unload. Bernie was ready to lead the hike but took time to put up a tarp at the shelter as it was windy. Then Jeff and Allison and Dan and Lee grabbed supplies Before I knew it the supplies were in the shelter, and Bernie and his walkers headed out. Cari and Roman did a great job with the hot drinks and coleman stoves, Jim Barnish handled cooking on the grills, April and Bruce organized supplies, Guest Audrey got to meet everyone as she took Allisons
birthday card around to get signatures. Then more arrived and just everyone was helpful and appreciative and brought great food to share. The overall
attendance was a good 30 plus-what a great turnout for a cloudy and questionable weather day. 
Around 3 pm we packed it up with Tony and Lois and Merle pitching in as well  plus those remaining-sorry if I forgot anyone.
At the end of the day, I am tired, but I shake my head and smile and think what an amazing group of special people who are always so helpful and appreciative and it makes the effort all worth it.
Sincerely, and with respect

October Ride Calendar

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