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Some may remember my "Dorky Dad" moment when I posted this on FB last year.  Growing up to take life seriously - SUCKS

Growing up.

So, I think that many people have heard me comment over the years that I would one day "Grow up and get a real job".  With the current unknown outlook of the military and my future career - this has been bouncing around my brain for awhile.
To put it really into perspective - in your mid 40s, what would you do if you had to change careers, completely away from what you used to do.  I am a Military Aviator by trade and training, that has no civilian counterpart. So, take something that you have done for 20 years, pretend that you can't do it anymore - find another industry or way different direction - what direction would you choose?  
Time for me to find out..... I think that making sure I have some options considered before reality hits, might be a good idea... I keep procrastinating about it - I need to stop that.


I recently listened to a couple podcasts, and it being the new year, it is a common topic to be discussed.  As I mentioned last week - I need to focus on how to approach them.

In the past couple of weeks, it made me realize that it isn't as easy as you think to define what the goals need to be in order to get to a destination that you don't know where it is.


The interesting part of going forward, is that I think I will need to re-adjust habits.  Now that we are into February, most people didn't stick with new years resolutions - and it is probably because they hadn't done enough work to form the habit..... so, I need to start with working on what habits to change.

Now for something completely different.

Trying to find different meditative music, here are some tunes, done with Harps.  
Camille and Kennerly

In the column of - "Thanks Captain Obvious".

You get what you pay for in FREE guided mediations.  
Trying to figure out if those are any good, and in the middle of a badly recorded session - the voice coughs, or switches to paid advertising.... yup, that makes sense.

Thanks for following along on this rambling journey - even if it is out of sheer curiousity about where we are going... because I don't know either.  Please share with anyone else you think would enjoy the ride.
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