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Patches - I now have patches.

I have been buying and giving away patches that say FUCK CANCER since I discovered them on a website that I occasionally do business with.  I asked them to make CANCER SUCKS in the same font, and they obliged.  That is the image in the header of my website and above.  I initially only bought a few at a time, and I was giving them to people that appreciate the sentiment.  They have even been added to caskets for burial, and cremation.  I know order 100 at a time.
The reason is - so many poeple that I talk to, have had their lives touched by Cancer. If you aren't running into me anytime soon, and want some.... check out  on biker page 9 if you wish to purchase them sooner than later.


No plan B.

Recently my friend Michelle,  made a comment on facebook about a podcast that she was listening to. I checked it out myself and was quite intrigued at the personal journey that was discussed in the interview with Dan Caldwell (UFC/MMA fans know him as TapouT) .  I think that I will likely include a blog post about it in the future as it did make me think.

As I have been working more on my though processess, and how I want to look towards goals, one topic he mentioned can be a little scary - no plan B.  So, if you take a leap without a net, you need to really nail the landing.
Go check out the interview - its a hour long, but really educational about personal tenacity.


Random tidbits.

1 - I find myself now listening to podcasts when I am alone in the car, or an oldies station. My enjoyment threshold for music is less and less.  Is music these days just that bad? Or am I just getting that old?

2 - Why would someone moderately successful, start at the bottom a network marketing gig? 

3 - I am 0 for 2 on the Tim Hortons roll up the rim contest..but I don't normally drink Tim Hortons.

4 - Mother nature is pretty mean... I can see grass in Edmonton in February.... but the shade on my street keeps lots of ice in front of my house.  I might be riding in March.  Planning rides is what keeps my happy right now - looking at maps etc.


Thanks for following along with my ramblings as I try to find the correct rut to be in.
Feedback, ideas and suggestions are always welcomed.
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