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Ok, so I really don't have an idea for what I want to call this... suggestions welcomed.

When you learn something new about reading.

This week, I used my Edmonton Public Library card to check out a book, electronically.  I was sent an audiobook.  I have discovered that I don't have the attention span to listen to an audiobook.  So, I gave up and bought the book at Chapters..... what I started reading is Tim Ferriss.  This might help me grow up and get a real job. 

OK - no laughing at this one

Many have heard that I am trying to dabble in meditation and yoga as part of my mental and physical health as I deal with cancer. 
What I have discovered that I really need, is an idiots guide to yoga, so that someone can learn the positions first.... trying to follow along with a TV show yogi, and I am head down - ass up and they state... "now shift to XXXXX position".  I lift my left arm and head to try and see the TV, and crash - faceplant.
Any recommendations on a yoga program for dummies?

What is really new and exciting.

Is what I mentioned last time, and have done since then.  I went for a float.... wow, it is a unique experience.  I can't wait to do it again.

I do have a favour to ask.

I am looking at building my audience for this, can you share my webpage and such, with people that you think would be interested.  If you would rather target a small number by email, instead of a social media blast - that is probably a good way.  I am looking for motorcycle enthusiasts to sign up for my motorcycle ride feedback newsletter that I will be starting up just in time for the new year, and I will be pushing more information about cancer stuff too.  You can forward this email using the link at the bottom.
or here is the link to sign up:

For my next newsletter, I will likely try and put a bit of reflection into the year in review, as it will come out just before christmas.
Suggestions and questions are welcomed.
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