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Things that made me ... hmmm....

I have recently wondered what it is that keeps me awake at night.  I was listening to a podcast that talked about the difference between "shallow work" and "deep work".  I think that it might have something to do with it.  It comes down to the challenge that your brain recieves.  After 20+ years of challenges - I am not challenged in my work anymore.  

Check it out

Something that really opened my eyes.

One of the key challenges that I have had recently is the concept that I might need to "grow up and get a real job".  I was recently trying to discuss future options with Sherry and the key question came up - "what do you want to do?" I had no reply.

The biggest thing I have tried to do recently is to keep every option open - no matter how unlikely.  But, now I think I need to start closing some doors so that I have a destination to work towards.


I have come to the realization that this will become a future blog post.  I have been reading/listening to many blogs/podcasts that talk about goals.  I need to set some, but what philosophy should I take?

The MFCEO project suggests that you make big, hairy, scary, and otherwise momentous goals so that you need to start doing something NOW in order to have a chance of success.
(Steve Barnes told me about the MFCEO podcast, I love it)

Or do I follow the mantra of small goals, that are easily achieved.

Yesterday (27 Jan) was Bell Lets Talk day, as a major fundraiser for mental Health initiatives.  With most of the funds going to Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).  My fundraising efforts with Cruise with a Cause helped raise over $23k for 6 different CMHA offices.

There are many other grass roots initiatives that I wish would get attention.
I am helping with a fundraiser for awareness for teen suicide prevention in Edmonton.
It will be something that I will likely blog about in June.
I am also a fan of other items, such as The Semi-colon project.  Here is a friends blog post about it.
Many of my MH friends know this author.

Hoping all goes well. 

I hope you enjoy these little snapshots of things that are bouncing around in my brain.  I have had some recent "revelantions" for lack of a better term, that I am a little excited about - even if I am not sure what they mean in the big picture yet.

Another Cystoscopy on monday - if you aren't sure what that is - here is my commentary about the last check for tumor growth.

thanks again for joining me.  Feel free to spread the word by emailing this newsletter around.

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