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What online content should Cancer patients read?

The internet is a treasure trove of information, some good, and some - not as much.  A key factor of dealing with Cancer, is knowing that you are not alone, and how you are dealing with it - isn't all bad.  But critical to this is the wisdom to know that not everything is accurate.

This newsletter will look at online blogs that I follow, why I follow them and what I think about them.  I have a full blog post in the planning/outline stages to talk specifically about mis-conceptions, some less than accurate sources out there, and what you can do about it.  It will get posted eventually.

Some good stuff.

I found a blog that I have read probably hundreds of posts - it is the most relevant blog that I can connect to me, and it is the entire journey of a Bladder Cancer patient from 2008...

A few that I enjoy because they make you pause and think
These 3 ladies are good writers that really hit the point about many facets of being a Cancer patient.

Also new in the Cancer Blogging world is another patient of my oncologist from the Northwest Territories.

How does that Mary Poppins song go?

"A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.........."

There are many websites that you really need to use caution when reading.  I have seen a number of websites that have great headlines, but the content needs to be read with rose colored glasses as the truth may be hidden under a thick layer of crud.  So, be careful which spoons you lick in this website.

Before people ask why I promote this website  - I am including this link if people feel so inclined to check it out, because there is a TON of good information there - people just need to spend a little time looking around in the propoganda, because everything you read there, you should take a grain of salt.

"A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.........."

This website also borders on my threshold of "clickbait", with almost too much information.

You heard it here first.

You have heard me talk about a podcast that my friend Steve Barnes( in Halifax) told me about - MFCEO - and I really enjoy these unfiltered views. Andy (the host) did a podcast about goal setting which I am taking to heart.
I will be launching a new YouTube channel tomorrow, and it will be about riding towards my goal of 20,000 kms covered on my bike this year.  That means I want my odometer to read 34,006 before it gets covered for the year... blog post coming out in the main page tomorrow.

Remember - newsletter heard about it first.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.. feel free to ask questions, or tell others about this newsletter which is something different than the website blog posts.
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