Though I cannot attend I invite you to 12.30 Mass at St George's
Cathedral and then process to IPPF HQ praying the Rosary 

(Started by the "Helpers of God's Precious Infants Germany
on 12th December 2012 / Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

Dear Warrior of the Rosary,

Please embrace and share this pledge 

1.  Pray daily for Heaven to end abortion and crush the culture of death
2.  P
romote the devotion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

3. Buy a Rosary each month have it blessed and give it to someone new with an invitation to undertake these promises.

Due to an accident, this month I cannot lead the prayer procession on Thursday to the IPPF HQ.  Please do not be put off by this since you can still go to mass and IPPF HQ in prayer.  Ihope does not depend on me it depends on faith; have faith and God bless you. 

All being well I'll lead the February vigil procession.

Is this year 2023, a year of great uncertainty?  We have lost a good pope, Pope Benedict XVI, war in Europe, though undeclared, is fast approaching its 2nd year and could lead to a world war, our lives and
freedoms are being threatened and lost in Europe and the west in general, our children are having their innocence stolen and even the definition of family has become meaningless as the term marriage is hollowed out.  The power source for these corruptions of Christian culture is abortion. Satan  and others gain confidence, arrogance and power through the destruction of the image and likeness of God in their innocence.  That is the mission of IPPF although disguised, it is their mission.  The Lord has allowed us to suffer these sorrows to wake us up from sleepwalking to the pending doom and destruction. His Mother has made so many visits warning of the spiritual dangers confronting us as She offers us a lifeline, namely the Rosary. With the Holy Eucharist and the Rosary we can be part of the triumph, in the victory consumed by love.

Alas when Catholics lose faith everyone suffers, when Catholics fail to pray everyone is in anguish, when Catholics succumb to the world, the flesh and the devil people die the Death.   
Yet we have the truth, which we can combine with our faith and hope; the future is actually bright, we just need to get there.  And how do we do that?  We do that through the Blessed Sacrament and from on our knees with our Rosaries and hearts full of love.  Church history has taught us much as have some of our life experiences. 
Make your New Year’s resolution before the Lord and keep it on your knees. The world needs you, the Church needs you, the unborn needs you to stand firm and be strong in your faith for 2023.
Please pray the Fatima prayer below in RED each day and bring others with you.

The diocese IPPF has chosen for its global HQ is Southwark, London, and we were given permission and the blessing of Archbishops Peter Smith and John Wilson of Southwark 10 years ago.   So we storm heaven with our sincere prayers that would stop IPPF dead in its tracks, this we know since Our Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.  We pray that IPPF be uprooted and planted in a sea of sulphur thus releasing its victims to become followers of Jesus Christ. How much easier could it be to remove this beast called IPPF from the face of the earth for we have all the weapons we need, we just need faith and the will?

Let us do this; wherever you are storm Heaven with Rosaries. In our witness and prayer we reach out to be the one that Our Lady uses to rescue them. This is the purpose of the iHope Mission so I ask you to join with us on the vital mission.

Download the CatholiSense App to see other Catholic events and even create your own prayer event to call others to engage in the fight for our lives, our children or faith. And if you feel so minded recite this prayer below.

Holy Mary, at Fatima, you made clear to us the dangers threatening us individually and our world collectively because of our hidden infidelities, our broken baptismal promises and our outright rebellion against the law of God.

In your maternal concern for our salvation, you offered, in your holy Rosary and in the devotion of the
Five First Saturdays, the means and promised help for us to return to a genuine love of God but these means we have neglected and even rejected.  We now see the errors of our ways and beg you, O Holy Virgin of Fatima and Mother of mercy, not to abandon us, your children, whom you received at the foot of the Cross of your Divine Son.
O Immaculate Heart of Mary, broken on Calvary for me a wretched sinner, obtain for me true contrition for my sins, a sincere desire to make reparation for them but above all a true, sincere and profound love for your Divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  That I may, in some way, be worthy of such a gift, I promise, with the help of your maternal intercession, O my most Sorrowful Mother, to reform my life, to pray, devoutly and daily, the holy Rosary, to observe the devotion of the Five First Saturdays  faithfully and to make reparation for the offences against your Immaculate Heart.
Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.  Amen.

The "iHope Devotion Mission" is to pray each month at the Global headquarters of  IPPF (an organisation created to promote and practice evil). And also to observe the promise which is a simple way to move hearts and save lives, to encourage family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers to engage in the daily struggle for the good.

iHope 11th Year starts 12th January 2023
Starts at Westminster Bridge at 12:00 (midday) then we process to mass praying the Rosary aloud with Our Lady at St George's Cathedral for 12:30 after which Rosaries will be given to new participants with the invite to the devotion to Our Lady.
We then pray in orderly procession through the streets of London to the world's biggest promoter and producer of the destruction of innocence the world has ever known.

We hold a vigil there inspired by the Holy Spirit praying, occasionally in silence or kneeling and even in tears at times for those affected by the horror of abortion and need rescuing.
I invite you to be a Warrior of the Rosary in this time and place.
However, as you may not be able to attend in person you can still partake in The iHope Devotion Mission promise which calls you to do 3 simple things to fulfill the pledges;
    1  Pray the rosary every day for Heaven to end the culture of death as defined by St John Paul II
    2  Observe the 1st Saturday Devotion as requested by Our Lady of Fatima
    3  Buy a Rosary and have it blessed and give it to a new person to make this pledge every month; this is not too much to ask!
 Rejoice for you have seen the splendor of truth, tasted the joy of its fruit, breathed the freedom of its wisdom, heard the symphony of its mission, felt the bliss of its peace and maybe imbibed the pure spirit of  Christ’s Church.  With these graces you are fully armed to proclaim the Truth and the Life. 
Download the CatholicSocial App on your phone and through it forward this invite to all whom you think loves the Immaculate heart of Mary and desires to make Her immaculate Heart known worldwide.
Yours in Christ
Joseph Clovis

Download the
CatholiSense App to see other Catholic events and even create your own!

Download the CatholicSense app to see other Catholic Events and even add your own event. 

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