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Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Happy Holidays to Everyone from the SMA! We hope everyone takes a moment to cherish and celebrate this time of year with your loved ones. This special newsletter includes our membership's favorite sustainable gifts. It includes suggestions and ideas to not only practice a sustainable holiday season but also to give the gift of sharing with others how a product can enhance a sustainable lifestyle. It is important to remember during this time of year to continue to think and act sustainably. Please take a moment this holiday to discuss and educate the people close to you about your personal sustainable practices and listen and learn about theirs.
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and we wish you a happy holiday season!

JeffHeuton, PMP, MPM, SMCP
Vice President of the Board of Directors
Sustainability Management Association

Sustainability Management Education

Learn how to manage for sustainability from strategically positioning your business right down to the project management to attain your goals. Get certified today and receive a 10% discount from the Sustainability Management Association. Education is power! Order now!


IKEA’s LED lights are an excellent way to reduce costs and use lighting that is non-toxic. New designs for your home or office create the look that's just right for you. Read more.

Blue Apron

Fresh locally sourced ingredients and no leftovers which reduce the amount of organics I used to throw away. 


Cangles are a super neat recycled aluminum-can bangle. They sent us a couple to try, and we love them! Based in Michigan they make unique, green, quality-made jewelry and gifts.


Reduce single use plastic bag waste & manufacturing by-waste.


The easiest and most trusted way to shop for products that are certified green and have caused no harm to people, planet or animals!


EcoDallas is committed to representing earth friendly alternatives for the food service industry, both residential and corporate. 

Just Wanna Melt

Just Wanna Melt, LLC manufactures an all-natural skin care products, formulated to promote healthy, well-balanced skin care. The products are clean, green, free from chemical irritants such as preservatives, fragrances and dyes. They use only recycled, biodegradable, compostable and environmentally-friendly packaging. Read more.
Just Wanna Melt, LLC

Klean Kanteen

At Klean, all of the products make – from bottles, tumblers and growlers to canisters and pints – are designed to be healthy, durable, affordable solutions that reduce waste and last a lifetime. Klean Design approach is responsible, and factors health, safety, versatility, functionality, beauty and end of life into each product solution.  Coupon Code is KLEANSMA, 25% off for SMA. Expires 12/15. 
Klean Kanteen

Kéan Coffee

Kéan Coffee, a coffeehouse leader in sustainability to address the paper cup recycling issue for Orange County, and as a model for the coffeehouse trade globally. Read more.
Kéan Coffee


Lexus continues to think green by working worldwide with engineers and scientists to fund fellowships and grants. Their environmental competition for secondary students, the Eco Challenge, is in its ninth successful year. Read more.

Fountain Pen

A customer can simply purchase a bottle of ink and refill it when necessary.  No purchasing of any pens, which ultimately will all end up in the landfill.


The first step in solving the paper cup recycling problem is to use paper cups made from materials that are valuable to the recycling industry. Read more.

Recycling Smart Box Kit

Experience how we can protect the Earth by recycling. Kids can use this practical science kit to create their own recycled paper, set up a water filtration system, learn about plastic recycling codes and obtain loads of useful ideas on how to practice recycling in their daily lives. Comes with illustrated instruction guide. 

Sun Oven

This oven cooks at 350 degrees and anything you would put in your electric or gas oven can be cooked straight from the sun. Never burns, never dries out, never need to take it out of the oven in time. Zero Energy lifesaver! 
Sun Oven

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Balance

The Boomer Generation Diet is a discovery journey of new foods, relationships, and play that enables sustainable lifestyle balance. 
Purchase on Amazon

Automatic Adapter

Automatic adapter helps you monitor your car’s performance.  The Automatic plugs into just about any car’s standard diagnostics (OBD-II) port. It unlocks the data in your car’s on-board computer and connects to the cloud.

Espresso Machine

Coupled with a reusable coffee cup, you save the paper cups and lids as well as fuel and emissions driving to any coffee shops.

To-Go Ware Utensil Set

These reusable utensils are made with beautiful, durable, and renewable bamboo and will make you say goodbye to single-use waste. Each set comes complete with a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, and a carrying case made from recycled PET. All sets are approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
To-Go Ware Classic Repeat Utensils


Lush is a transparent company with healthy cosmetic products, they believe that every ingredient we buy should have a positive impact on the community. Lush

Solar Power Systems

Give yourself a Holiday Gift you can enjoy all year round and watch your meter spin backward with solar energy. 
Solar Energy for Life

California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch wishes you a Happy Holiday! Gifts for your favorite chef in any size and choice flavors. 
California Olive Ranch

Sustainable Business Consult

Get your business assessed and start managing for sustainability with Transitioning to Green!

Give the gift of new publications in sustainability

The MIT Press is pleased to offer SMA and its members a standing discount on all MITP sustainability titles. Use digital discount code MSMA30 when prompted during checkout at to receive 30% off the list price. While applicable for use on the MIT Press website only, this code will not expire and can be used more than once, for multiple titles, and for both print and MIT Press e-editions where available. Happy reading from The MIT Press!
Sustainable Building Service

Residents and commercial business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receive discounts from KS Bureau Engineering Consultants throughout the month of December on green solutions. or email the Chairman / CEO, Dr. Khaled Sherbini at

Cheers to Celebration

Submit your best holiday photo for a chance to win two glasses from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.
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GreenTraks is proud to have partnered with Rotary International for its GreenTraks Light for Life Program.  Learn more.
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