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Happy Thanksgiving
Teen Challenge Ukraine

1 Thess. 5:18
Give thanks in all circumstances...
Dear friends,
This year we are again grateful to God and each one of you, who is supporting our ministry.

    We are celebrating a Jubilee year of Teen Challenge Ukraine – 7 years of miracles, mercy and grace.
    During this time, lots of people have found hope in God and their lives have started to change for the better.
Thank you for being part of these miracles!
Director of TC Ukraine,
Sergey Glushko

Coffee House Ukraine- 7 years

    Coffee House ministry opened its doors in 2008.
    We were just a few people but with a big heart for those whose lives were controlled by addictions.
    We have visited TC Poland, in order to learn from them how to run this ministry. One of the local ministers had a prophetic vision for us: “I see you casting nets which are overflowing with people. And these nets simply can’t hold such a big number of saved people, as a result nets burst…”
    Upon arrival back to Kiev, we decided to launch this ministry. In the beginning we were gathering in a small room, just the team members.
    We visited the street children, the homeless at the train station and other places, where we could evangelize while continuing to do Coffee Houses. For nearly three months we didn’t have a single visitor to whom we could minister. It was hard to believe at a time, that the prophetic vision was truly for us.
    Yet God has started His ministry. In 3 months people started flowing in, one after another.
    As of today, Coffee House Ukraine team was able to bring the following fruit:
   - 6855 addicted people have heard the Gospel on the streets and in methadone clinics
   - 1198 people visited Coffee House
   - 285 were followed up in their decision to go to the rehabilitation program
    Also, by the grace of God, we were able to open 25 Coffee Houses in 16 different cities of Ukraine. Each of these Coffee Houses has its own fruit and statistics.
     God’s word does not return to us empty (it has great power). Still today we see the nets being cast and they are being filled with saved people.
     For all of this we are eternally grateful to our Lord and each one of you who is supporting us. Without your prayers, spiritual and financial support, it would not have been possible to bring this much fruit. Together with you we are continuing this ministry by God’s power.
Sergey Glushko
and TC Ukraine team

"Bertina House" Poltava

    In September this year, an event took place which moved every heart of the staff of the "Bertine" women’s centre from Donetsk city, as well as every staff and volunteer of Teen Challenge Ukraine ministry. 
     A new rehabilitation centre for women with children was opened in Poltava city – “Bertine House-2”. 
    We are incredibly grateful to our faithful partner and beloved brother Ernie for his generous contribution and sincere input into purchasing of the new "Bertine House” in Poltava. 
    Guests all the way from America, Norway and Ukraine attended the opening of the beautiful home in order to congratulate the staff and celebrate the new beginning. 
    Just like the first centre in Donetsk, this home will soon be filled with many moms and their children’s laughter and joy, and all who dwell in its walls will receive peace in their hearts. Women will be introduced to a completely different life here – the beautiful life with Jesus where they will find hope. 
    We, as staff, will try to do our best. Personal life examples, our actions, our decisions will make an affect on the rehabilitation of these women. We will try to reflect the love of Jesus through our eyes, through our words, through our care. 
    Pazyuk Alina took upon the responsibility of managing the house. Once she herself together with her three children went through a rehabilitation program in this same centre in Donetsk. Her life has changed drastically. She is a witness and an inspiration for many mothers with nursing babies who found themselves in crisis situations. 
    Now, we are in a process of admitting of our first student with her child to our rehabilitation program.
    Jesus lives in our hearts and therefore lives a desire to see these women restored! 
With love and gratitude,
“Bertine” Women's Centre 


  After a long and hard struggle that has claimed thousands of lives and that has displaced over a million people, a cease-fire has finally been agreed upon Ukraine. Unfortunately, this cease-fire has been repeatedly breached over the past few days, and soldiers are still being killed in the shelling.
    Recently were held local elections. One thing that became very clear is that people have different ideas of who should be leading them, but almost all agree that reforms need to take place as soon as possible.
   Economically, Ukraine has moved up a few steps on the ladder, but it has a long way to go. 
It successfully agreed on terms for debt restructuring, which allowed for a little breathing room, but the announced price hikes for heating have not been cancelled. Winter is coming and it remains to be seen if people can actually afford such steep increases.
    It is impossible to tell at this point whether the war truly has come to an end. What is evident, though, is that Ukraine has been torn apart and it will take generations for it to recover. The damage is severe, the wounds are deep and people that used to live together as brothers now consider each other enemies. Only a little spark is needed for this smoldering fire to be reignited.
    Please keep Ukraine in your prayers as it fights its way back to recovery and stability.  

Restoration Story

     From the very young age, I had an ordinary life. I met a girl, got married. God gave us three beautiful daughters. I thought that I was a happy man, a tough - the one who can do anything. As time went by, I was becoming more and more unbearable for people around me. I started drinking more heavily, cheat on my wife, leave home for long. I ended up among the homeless in Kiev, yet still failed to recognize my situation.
    Once I was sitting in the subway in a terrible state when the brothers from the rehab center were passing by and invited me to go with them. They were on the way to Coffee House. I saw there a completely different world – everyone was socializing without smoking or drinking. I was drawn to it. I listened to what they were saying around the discussion table. The topic was about “Being born again” and it truly triggered something in me. They offered me to change my life, to repent and I agreed to do it. Then I went to the rehab center, where I am still to this day.
    During this time I have learned many new things – how to forgive, to listen, be ready to help, to surrender and to humble myself. When I began to understand what Jesus has done for my salvation, I have noticed that I was becoming a different man to what I am now. I am slowly reconciling with my family, all relatives are happy for me and I know that this is because Christ now lives in me.
    I truly enjoy Coffee House ministry – God is bringing peace here and offers a chance for salvation to everyone. Praise be to Our Lord God!
Brother in Christ, Oleg
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