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"When you understand that your self-worth is not determined by your net-worth, then you'll have financial freedom" -- Money guru Suze Orman

I hope you’re having a good week 🌞! On my side, I spoke at Refinery29 and Second Home and loved meeting so many of you. In this week’s newsletter, we’ll look at the main money news of the week (debt, Bitcoin and base rates), followed by our anonymous money story, book reviews and events

And what’s more... we are hosting a special, sun-drenched (hopefully) Vestpod summer event on Wednesday, July 17th at Huckletree in Shoreditch. What to expect? A kick-ass panel of women talking about “Know your worth: getting paid and negotiating”, followed by a Q&A and then drinks. Get your ticket and join us because this is our last event before the summer holidays!

Thank you Helena Morrissey for being such a great ambassador for Vestpod and financial education. This is what she said to Vogue: “There are a number of great books that have been published recently to help women with managing their finances. I personally love You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich by Emilie Bellet”. We are also in GurlsTalk. Gurls Talk is an online community for young women to discuss things like mental health, sex and social media, founded by the amazing Adwoa Aboah and I will be live streaming on their Instagram tomorrow afternoon answering your money questions, follow @vestpod and @gurlstalk!

Many of you have asked, so… yes, you can now bring Vestpod into your office to lead workshops, present my book or organise money talks to get more women financially empowered and provide value to employees. Reply to this email if you are interested.
Thank you! Have a good day 💓!
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1st July: Investing for Beginners with Emilie SOLD OUT
London Shoreditch

8th July: Financial empowerment – How women can be a driving force for future generations?

17th July: Vestpod Summer Event “Know Your Worth”
London Shoreditch

18th August: "Women & Money" at Edinburgh International Book Festival
A 'breathing space' for households with problem debt. Under the scheme, individuals falling into debt will get 2 months buffer against bailiffs and prosecution. Interest payments will basically be frozen to avoid spiraling… Those in mental health crisis will also get further protections while they receive treatment.

Bitcoin is back in the news. At about $13,000 Bitcoin soared to its highest since January 2018 - when the cryptocurrency became mainstream and its price went from $10,000 per Bitcoin to almost $20,000 in fewer than 20 days. It seems to come back but “will the bitcoin market be able to maintain this level or is it about to take another sharp plunge?” Forbes

Bank of England holds base rate at 0.75%. MPC is a committee of the Bank of England (BoE) that votes on what the ‘base rate’ of interest should be in order to deliver monetary and financial stability for the people of the UK. Hold on, what exactly is an interest rate again? An interest rate is what you earn on your money when you save it with a bank, and it’s also the cost of borrowing money. It’s a percentage of the total amount borrowed. The base rate helps manage inflation better. Changes in the base rate will impact both your savings and loans. A higher interest rate should (in theory) mean that you earn more interest (cash) on your savings and equally it should mean that you pay more interest on your loans. But it’s a bit more complicated since providers (banks, savings institutions, lenders, etc.) are not obliged to reflect the change in interest rates since their internal rates also take into account current market conditions. Bank Of England
On our minds this week:
👀 The biggest ways people waste money: They run the gamut, from the smallest things (coffee, anyone?) to the largest (do you really need that big house?). Chris Kornelis for WSJ

🌳 Can you make money and make a difference? Meet the female-led investment firms generating both financial returns and benefits for the community. Lydia Slater for Harpers Bazaar

👊 Young activists work hard to make a living. Personal campaigning can become a career, using social media and smart negotiation. Antonia Cundy for The Financial Times

📈 Woodford's gamble failed but does it pay to go private? We take a look at when unlisted companies are a good bet and how to invest more safely. Jayna Rana for This Is Money

🙋 US billionaires' group calls for wealth tax. BBC

💸 Your financial mid-life MOT: is it time for a tune-up? As the years roll by your priorities change — and so should your financial planning. Lucy Warwick-Ching for The Financial Times

😳 Why focusing on diversity numbers won't really make companies more inclusive. Fortune

Jessica Chastain: stars needn’t let studios decide which women are valuable. The New York Times
What On Earth
Are We Doing With Our Money?
You may already know Refinery29’s Money Diaries… this is our own version of it! We’ve put together a few questions to understand what women are doing with their money. Let’s break the taboo and talk more about finances!
It’s short, snappy, fun and anonymous.
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