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Good morning,

I just came back from the Financial Times offices - where I participated in their FT Money Show and it just hit me… November. Vestpod is turning 2! and that also means this newsletter is number #99. And you can read #1 here! A lot of new super cool things happened this year, and sometimes it’s great to pause and celebrate. While it all seems amazing on social and in the press, it has been a lot of hard work, fear and trial and error. But Vestpod is growing, and that’s amazing but it’s only the beginning and there is so much to be done. I am committed more than even to deliver my mission to empower all of us financially!

Our biggest achievement so far at Vestpod is building an awesome community of kick-ass women. We’ve met you at events and workshops, you emailed us, talked to us on social media media - thank you for giving us the energy to continue this crazy journey and help us shape Vestpod to something better and bigger. We listen to your concerns and money fears and build a Vestpod that works for you.

We launched the workshops and events in March this year and more than 400 of you attended these, plus you are a few thousand following us via this newsletter and social media. Helena Morrissey came to Vestpod to share her story. Vestpod joined The Family and Natwest Fintech accelerator. I spoke at a lot of events, from FoundHer festival to BoringMoney conference. We have had some great exposure, without any PR help from BBC, the FT, Monocle podcast, Stylist and many more and it was always such a cool surprise. I wrote a chapter for the WealthTech book and Vestpod was a finalist in the Women in Finance Awards 2018...

What’s coming?
  • I have been writing the Vestpod bookYou’Re Not Broke, You’Re Pre-Rich” and you will be able to get if from your fav bookstore in May 2019 - on time for the summer break
  • We will re-launch the book club in 2019
  • More workshops, events, videos, webinars and content of course
  • But also some amazing surprises...
A big thank you: to Melissa who has been helping me write a LOT of content and is always here to edit my [French] English, to our community, and to all of you who support our mission.

Stay tuned.

Have a good day!

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