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"Courage allows the successful woman to fail and to learn powerful lessons from the failure so that in the end, she didn't fail at all." -- Maya Angelou ⚡

Hello ladies,
I couldn’t have done it all without you! The past week has been really overwhelming, in a good way - it felt a little bit like my wedding! On Thursday last week I sent you the newsletter with some extracts of the books and my little video, and then went to Huckletree to spend 2 hours decorating our room for the launch breakfast. No time to rest and the next morning, 130 of you came to talk about money, hear me present the book and meet some women part of the Vestpod community: Romilly, Bonnie, Claire, Lottie, Viv and Sarah. And that was….. AMAZING!!

Thank you so much for:
💛 Being here on Friday (PHOTOS here!) but also every Thursday for the past 3 years!
💛 Buying the book (£7.91 at the moment!) and sending me photos of you actually reading it
💛 Writing articles about it (hey Frankie!)
💛 Sending me emails and comments about it
💛 Reviewing it on Amazon or sharing with your network
💛 Helping me get the book to whole UK ranking #291 and getting A BESTSELLER TAG! Let’s keep pushing!
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Today we are talking about the motherhood pension penalty and new plans for the government to fight it. 

👀 PRESS PRESS PRESS There is an extract from the book about taking control of your debt in Refinery29 (thank you Jess Commons)! You may know that I worked in private equity a few years ago so it’s quite funny I have been featured in Private Equity News as a “financial guru”, thanks to fab journalist Emily Horton, long time Vestpod supporter. I was also invited by the wonderful Jo Good on BBC radio to discuss the book.
Thank you! Have a good day 💓!
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Many of you have asked, so… yes, you can now bring Vestpod into your office to lead workshops, present my book (You’re not broke, You’re pre-rich) or organise money talks to get more women financially empowered and provide value to employees. Reply to this email if you are interested.
17th June: Investing for Beginners with Emilie SOLD OUT
£2,000 Pension For New Mums!
Yes Please, At The Very Least
We’ve all heard of the gender pay gap (unfortunately) but let’s turn our attention to its evil twin, the gender pension gap. It stands to reason, really, that if women are earning less they’ll be saving less. And of course women tend to live longer so they need more in their pension pots. But recent research has pin-pointed just how unfair the current state of play is when it comes to saving for later life.
3 min read 🙋
On our minds this week:
👊 I am a feminist and I support Sadiq Khan - The Mayor of London addresses Donald Trump directly, publicly denouncing everything that the President stands for in a heartfelt call to arms, filmed for ELLE UK.

🌳 Impact investing (i.e. social and environmental outcomes + financial returns) - New independent institute (Impact Investing Institute) launched to make it easier for investors to have a positive social impact. GOV.UK

🙋 Noura Sakkijha is the founder of jewelry company Mejuri and just raised $23 million (while seven months pregnant). She wrote about her experience in Glamour.

📒 I wrote a book called “You’Re Not Broke You’Re Pre Rich” and tell you all about it on Medium but also on Youtube.

👀 Researchers at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania published a research on the mixed effects of online diversity training “Although we find evidence of attitude change and some limited behavior change as a result of our training, our results suggest that the one-off diversity trainings that are commonplace in organizations are not panaceas for remedying bias in the workplace”.

💛 Eat, Pray, Love, Lose, Write a Book, Repeat. A fabulous article in the New York Times on the evolution of Elizabeth Gilbert. By Penelope Green.

👶 In the US, Elizabeth Warren has plans to implement her universal child care plan and address the “untenable dilemma: Parents can't afford the price of child care for their young children, and care providers can't afford to live on the low wages that most people are paid" in Refinery29.
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Also available on Octopus Books, Amazon US, Amazon FR,...
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