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While I think all women are superheroes, we are not superhuman and we need each other’s support. We need to give each other grace when we fall short—and when society sets unrealistic expectations or our workplaces have antiquated rules. We must band together and fight for what’s fair.’ -- Serena Williams in her IWD op-ed for Fortune

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I wrote my first column for the FT last week on ‘What women can teach us about investing' and how the investment landscape is changing with women leading the way. I talk about women getting richer, the way they save and invest and why financial services should acknowledge this increasing female power. “But wealth is not just about money. It’s about the impact it can have on our families, society and our planet. Increasingly, women hold the power to change the world by leveraging their wealth. In the search for #BalanceforBetter the financial services companies need to recognise this.” You can read it here!

I also spoke to Hayley at British Vogue last week on how to negotiate your salary. The gender pay gap still stands at 18% so it’s crucial we ask and get more £££££. “While progress often feels excruciatingly slow, negotiating your own take-home pay is a good step in the right direction.” I answered all questions about how to get over the fear of being “difficult” - and get what you deserve in terms of remuneration. The article is here.

You may have seen on Instagram that we have been busy preparing our International Women’s Day campaign. I am super happy to announce that we will host an event at Huckletree Shoreditch to celebrate this day, on the morning of Friday 15th. As usual, it’s a breakfast with good vibes - TGIF 💛. You can book here, tickets are £15!

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