Some personal optimization updates including 3-day water fasting, my new (free) breathing app, and latest wellness deals.
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Greetings and happy spring (if you happen to live in the northern hemisphere)! Here are a few quick updates you may find useful to integrate into your own personal optimization journeys!

Latest Personal Experiments

🍽️ Water Fasting: My 72-Hour (3-Day) Results
72-Hour Water Fast Results
Fasting can be a powerful tool in one’s wellness optimization kit to provide a nice metabolic reset. Over three days (72 hours) I consumed nothing but high-quality mineral and spring water – no coffee, juices, etc. – and took morning and evening blood glucose and ketone levels each day. Check out my results!

Download My New Breathing App (for free!)

Awesome Breathing app
I built a new app! Awesome Breathing is a simple breath pacer that guides your breathing with your choice of audio or visual cues. Use it daily to help your meditation, relaxation, or breathing practice, or to simply bring a few moments of calm to your day. Available on both iOS and Android, it's available for free for a limited time!

Resources and Deals!

🛍️ My new Resources area has everything you need to optimize yourself, from lab testing, to tracking your sleep, to improving your air and water quality. Here are just a few great deals being offered:

  • Ōura – Save $50 off their next-generation, ring-based sleep and activity tracker!
  • GembaRed – Save 10% off near infrared and red light panels as well as free shipping!
  • Four Sigmatic – Save 10% off mushroom-based teas, coffees, elixirs, and beauty products!
  • InsideTracker – Save 10% off blood biomarker analysis service!
  • Bulletproof – Lots of discounts including 20% off select collagen protein bars!
  • Viome – For a limited time, save 50% off of their next-gen metabolic and microbiome testing service!
  • KetoneAid – Deals on KE4, a performance enhancing sports drink featuring pure ketone monoesters!

New Podcasts

🤔I've had the pleasure of appearing on several podcasts recently, including Decoding Superhuman, How to Live to 200, and Extreme Health Radio, on which we discuss a wide range of biohacking-related topics, from the challenges of modern living in a big city (air and water quality, EMF, etc.), to tracking and optimizing our sleep, heart rate variability, and more.

🤓“Quantified Self” vs. “Biohacking” -  they are similar, but different! Here’s my short explanation, recorded at last year's Biohacker Summit in Helsinki.


That's all for now! Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this update (too much? too little?), or if there are any topics you would like to see me cover in the future.

👍 Feel free to connect with me on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hope your holidays are happy and safe!

Stay optimal,

- Bob

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