A few brief self-optimization updates including using ketones to improve cognition, building a DYI infrared sauna for under $150, and cool tools and books.
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Hi! If you happen to live in the northern hemisphere, happy summer solstice! Here is my latest roundup of self-optimization experiments and biohacking resources. Enjoy!

(The images above are of a new continuous glucose monitor patch I have been experimenting with called the FreeStyle Libre. It’s an amazing tool to see how my body responds to food, exercise, and sleep, 24/7!)

Latest personal experiments

🤓🚀 Increasing Cognitive Performance (and Reaching Deep Ketosis) Using Ketone Esters
Check out how I was able to instantly increase my cognitive performance across 5 categories by as much as 30% over my established baselines and achieve therapeutic ketone levels using ketone esters! (Bonus - watch the look on my face as I drink a bottle of pure ketone esters that would normally cost $20,000+ to produce in an independent lab). These have previously only been available to researchers, elite athletes (Tour de France cyclists), and the US Department of Defense.
☀️💦 How to Build a DIY Near Infrared Sauna for Under $150
I’m a huge fan of infrared saunas, and I’ve written previously about the detox and immune boosting benefits I’ve experienced from using them. I recently hacked together my own DIY near infrared sauna for home/personal use, and it was so easy and affordable that I wanted to share so you could build your own!

Cool tools

☀️ D Minder - one of my "must have” summer tracking tools! A comprehensive Vitamin D tracking app (iOS and Android) that uses your phone's GPS to calculate the angle of the sun throughout the day and how much Vitamin D your body has generated. It estimates and trends your vitamin D levels, and there’s even a smart alarm that will warn you when it’s time to get out of the sun!

Recent reads

📖 Fat for Fuel by Dr. Joseph Mercola - a deep dive into metabolic dysfunction as the source of disease and the importance of maintaining optimal mitochondrial function through a combination of diet and of other techniques.

📖 Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf - introduces the concept of "personalized" paleo, based on an individuals' glucose response to different types of carbohydrates. It walks readers through a carbohydrate tolerance self-experiment, and includes lots of great recipes.

📖 Head Strong by Dave Asprey - another actionable book about "minding your mitochondria". Includes numerous biohacks as well as a special 2-week eating/supplementation program to boost your mitochondria.

End note

That's all for now! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like to see me cover in the future.

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- Bob

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