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Anyone interested in optimizing their overall metabolic health (ideal levels of blood sugar, body composition, lipids, blood pressure – i.e., having every cell in the body functioning properly) should start taking a closer look at their metabolic flexibility – the body’s ability to shift easily between using fats or carbs for energy depending on which fuel is most available. Check out my latest post to learn more!

Latest Post

📊 How to Track and Optimize Your Metabolic Flexibility (Fat vs. Carbs for Fuel)
Tracking and Optimizing Metabolic Flexibility

Huge List of Current Deals

🛍 In addition to my Resources area, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the best health and wellness optimization and biohacking-related deals currently happening online by category. Current deals include Chili Technology (cooling sleep systems - 20% off), Viome and InsideTracker (health intelligence testing - $200-$350 off), Lumen (metabolism tracker - $75 off with code), Troscriptions (blue cannatine nootropic - 15% off), NuCalm (cutting-edge neurotech to induce stress relief), and The Phoenix (at-home acoustic wave therapy device - $100 off with code). Check it out!

Upcoming Events

🎟 While the past year has put a damper on in-person conferences, several have already announced plans to return later in 2021!

Virtual Biohacking Conference (online May 8, 2021)
Biohacker Summit (Amsterdam May 7-8 2021, Helsinki Oct 23-24 2021)
Health Optimisation Summit (London Sep 18-19, 2021)
Paleo f(x) (Austin, TX 2021 dates to be announced soon)

Something New I'm Working On...

🚀 My cofounder Jeremy and I are currently working on something very exciting over at Awesome Labs. I will share more soon, but in the meantime if you consider yourself a health enthusiast or health coach, sign up and be the first to get early access to our beta launch (and while you are there download our other free apps for guided breathing, meal tracking, and more!)


🙏 That's all for now! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover in the future, and as always feel free to connect with me on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Stay optimal,

- Bob

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